The Skulls remain the same; Julio Tello vs Brien Foerster

It has been over 50 years since I first heard of the Paracas people in 5th grade history class in Germany. It seems we were taught from books that were confiscated from the Nazis after the war that amazingly enough were in English. I had long forgotten that segment of education until about 5 years ago when I saw this image again. The flashback was very interesting and has led me into a loss for words many times.Paracas Burial I noticed many differences in the way I was educated from 1st through 6th grade compared to my counters in America. Upon returning to America I had a very hard time adjusting to the teaching methods and the contexts of information shared in class but,,,, eventually it overwrote what I was taught in the schools on our Army base in Aschaffenburg, Germany. When I saw this picture again there was an addition to the scene. There were skulls in those mysterious sacks we made fun of in class that the hand drawn sketches didn’t show. I mean we were sayin’ What? they didn’t use coffins and buried themselves in a pit wrapped in cocoon made of sewn ropes…. Oh well what do 5th graders know right? Reflecting back I wonder if American 5th graders of my time were taught about Julio Tello and his groundbreaking research into the Paracas people. I have yet to find any so far and that puzzled me, why were they teaching their children in Germany about the Paracas people and in english no less? Anyway that question has been answered for me but the one about the origins of these people has not and will not be for some time. First we must work our way through the cover-up by the History Mafia as to why these people have not been added to the species list and next to dispel all this spin going on surrounding them at present.

julio-tello Julio Tello 1880-1947 the father of Peruvian Archaeology was born in the humble surrounding in the deep Andean mountain culture the Quechua. He showed great signs in his studies and convinced the Peruvian Government to further his education and went on to create his own University. Julio was awarded a full scholarship to Harvard University where he learned his English and Masters Degree in Anthropology. He then went on to Europe to study Archaeology. Point being this man was a dedicated researcher and invested years of his life into his education. Which brings me to the point I am writing this blog. It was brought up again in the past few weeks through a couple blog articles about the misconduct by an Independent Researcher based in Peru, Brien Foerster concerning the handling , acquisition and transportation of organic-decomposing bone, flesh and hair among other things to DNA labs and “Others” in the United States, illegally.
There is more to this than the ones he has admitted to.

The Rogue Researcher - Garden of the Gods

The Rogue Researcher – Garden of the Gods

I have to step forward here and say I believe it was me that started this Fiasco rather innocently when I suggested we get a donation drive to get the skulls tested on one of the radio broadcasts the USOKS hosted Brien on one of our journeys Outside the Margins some 4 years ago.(All episodes have been removed from Youtube, supposedly for copyright infringement. We know differently as to the “Why” and I still have all my copies provided by the station so no worries there)

We didn’t know then what we soon learned, confirmed that is. At that point in time I terminated all contact with him and started speaking out against  and the USOKS paid the price for that exposure, but those were the early stages of what has grown into a movement to expose this guy for what he is. His fraudulent claims of being an Expert in the field of Anthropology and to have acquired a degree in this field are catching up to him. (We cannot find any University or College that has issued him a diploma nor has he ever produced one. We know he has a Bachelors degree in Marine Biology)  This farce has to stop and the “Audience” is speaking up more it seems and the assembly is starting to take on a tune with background singers.
Birdie ChoirIt took a couple years for the list of victims to start adding up and the game got better… When people really started challenging Mr Foerster on his Facebook page and in his many groups that he is behind, secretly of course. It was fun to watch as he deleted one after another and the same in the other groups, Especially in Megalithomania, Hugh Newman’s group where there is a No Truth allowed line in the fine print when joining that group. They don’t have a sense of humor either. I was enthralled at the qualified and papered ones he was removing because of a polite question, jaw drops. It seems they were questions he just didn’t want to answer. This led to a confrontation between a Jason Colavito to which he wrote this blog that went Viral.
It seems that there is a threat to sue everytime someone brings up damaging evidence against him or to confront him. Holy shades of the “Threatening Goddess” (inside joke) For some reason I don’t fear a lawsuit threat from him. A knife in the back would be more like it.

The main reason I am writing this blog is this second one posted by a Monte Aldone, it says edited by, however… He took a thread from the USOKS Global Connections Facebook Group I founded and used it without permission. Not that he need to because Global Connections is an Open group, the point is, I did not pass that onto him.
(That song, “Somebody’s watchin you” comes to mind)
It was a heated thread and drew out some very knowledgeable individuals in the know and to me shows the victims of the Ancient Aliens and Foerster connection continue to stack up and how gullible some of them are. This duo of errors have created a world of suspicion surrounding the honest and dedicated Independent Researchers assembling around the globe that are making a stand against this nonsense and these people. Here is the link to the original post that started this Second new wave of standing up for truth by the Audience. The reason I use the word Audience is, In my last conversation with Foerster, I told him his “Audience” would hold him accountable someday… He Laughed….
(Please note this is the full thread that was copied and the Author has taken it upon themselves to transliterate it and twist it out of context somewhat. Lets try to be fair here)

I will prove there is more behind the Skull fiasco because I have 150 pictures provided to me by Lainie Liberti, the photographer of the Paracas skulls which we see posted on the internet by Foerster and others. I have studied these photos for over 6 months and have come to my own conclusions based on my observations.  One is, They are holding back valuable insights into these people and their ancient links to the Peruvian landscape. They are hiding a path of evolution that is being ignored by them and the mainstream. I once made a suggestion in the name of humanity which has been bastardized and I will right it. Because we have the right to know and this Man and his cohorts are damaging our reputations by allowing this fraud to continue.
Stay Tuned, I’m off to watermark some pictures I own. Lainie Liberti provided these pictures to me in lieu of payment for my two days work with her Project Un-school. A job Mr Foerster turned down…… Thanks Lainie and Kids for an Interesting and Educational outing. I was an experience I’ll never forget.DSC01445
Thanks for your time in reading this blog. I will be adding more as time goes on because this is a project that has fallen into my lap not one I looked for. I had actually laid this to rest in many ways. I’m not out to make this an attack but to show how gullible we can be in our pursuit for the truth. That we included me also..

Chau, from Calca, Peru
Bob Newtonthe rogue
Global Connections King Snake Rogue Researcher

PS, here is the last Blog sent to me, this fella don’t know his skulls but he is trying to expose the game.
E for effort.


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Bob and Anne have been working together for the past 7 years connecting ancient cultures and their migratory paths around the planet. Time and research into these ancient connections have produced results that have connected the continents in times said to be impossible just a short time ago. Join them, US, as we continue to share what we find along the way. Anne Tittensor, an Independent Researcher, specialising in Global Connective Stonework, Global Connective Symbology and Ancient Quantum Physics. Originally from Scotland, I have travelled the world seeking evidence of a lost civilisation from Turkey to Peru, from Easter Island to America and beyond. visit @: The Rogue Researcher AKA Bob Newton, is an independent researcher that has been researching heavily for the past 8 years into the history behind the Mis-Story we have been taught. Specialising in the Lost Continent of MU, The Rogue Researcher investigates clues to our hidden past. Clues that are hidden in plain sight. visit @:
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