The Writing on the Walls

right wall top

Hand sketch of a section of the Kariong Glypha with the Mysterious Anubis character. Widely known a Wile E. Coyote at this time, in some circles. Pic courtesy of S&E Strong.

As a child I read a gambit of the old mysteries, the old B&W movies and Science Fiction movies were the icing to the cake when it came to the scenarios arose there was a breakthrough in the plot line. The clues always pointed to the mysterious writing found on the wall. At that time the writing on the wall was something that stuck in the back of my mind as I grew up. I kept looking for it and in those years my dad was in the Army so most of it was guns and cannons and that kind of stuff. When we moved back to America in the mid 60s I did notice a change. Heck there was all kinds of writing on the wall. Amazing billboard ads and “Buy My Suntan Lotion” ( I must note that back then that little girl’s butt being exposed by the dog was not considered child porn) Lots of stuff on the walls, but not mysterious… Then as I grew up and started going into some places where the boys hung out I found the writing on the bathroom walls,,,, like Speed Kills,Kilroy was here and I found out there was no way he was in 7 places on the same day hundreds of miles apart. You see I traveled so much I started a journal tracking his journeys. I was quite disappointed to find there was a conspiracy behind Kilroy’s escapades to confuse his actual location. Very stealthy fella if you ask me.just kidding but he reminds me of some of the characters we meet and hear of in life. Jack the Ripper, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid come to mind instantly because they well, kinda vanished and rumors still persist surrounding them. They didn’t leave any writing on the wall that has been found yet, unfortunately those mysteries have never been solved, in my opinion.

Mu Series Australia Gosford zoom A

Kariong is nestled in a bay that has an excellent system of inlets and inland harbors. The access could be monitored and the terrain provides excellent defensive positions.

I need to backtrack about 8 years for all this to make sense, that is when I first heard of the Hieroglyphs found in the Bambarra Basin at Kariong, NSW Australia. Which is on the East Coast of the continent. In my search for more than one source of information that I could consider reliable I found many dead ends and disinformation. A little over 5 years in my search a video happened to drop in my lap by Steven and Evan Strong and Steven was presenting what he had found out about the glyphs through his research. I was gobsmacked to say the least.

Colin Hayter

A screenshot from Colins video explaining the connections between the Westcar Papyrus and the hieroglyphs found at Kariong. He seems to be happy the time has come to share his efforts with all that are interested. I am.

 Steven was the 1st person I had seen stand up and say something positive about the hieroglyphs and since I was interested to know more I contacted his son Evan via Facebook. After a few lengthy Skype sessions and them explaining their position and depth of their research, which they shared openly and honestly with me. These insights led me into deeper investigations that led to evidence of an apparent cover up that had happened to the site. I go into detail about the process in my book coming up for publication. Here is the link to this video Colin made that is very down to Earth and like the Rogue, himself:

My search that led me to researching Australia began while I was in the ancient Anasazi lands at Mesa Verde, Colorado in America. The symbology and their descendants showed me some very ancient people. Their migration and survival legend turned out to be closer to reality when I discovered while researching that in april 1909, G. E. Kincaid  made announcement of his discovery of a massive tunnel and cave system hidden in a wall in the Grand Canyon. The discovery was published in the Phoenix Arizona and soon was forgotten about because Kincaid couldn’t find the cave again or wouldn’t. Out of all the information I could find of his descriptions of what he saw, was the Writings on the walls of the tunnel system that led into various chambers that intrigued me. If anything was left of the artifacts the writing would still be there, I think. True or not it sent me on that search over 20 years ago to see if there might be more found on the planet. It seems Australia has some and they have a story to tell that has been put forth by a Colin Hayter. Colin is a Local Independent Researcher that has learned to read Proto Egyptian from his years of research into the “Egyptians” their mysterious Stories within the Westcar Papyrus. Which leads us to another character in history that seemed to have vanished without a trace. One that Colin points out, Khufu, the Egyptian Pharaoh that Vanished and was all but written out of history. SO, at the end of the day and a week later I say, give Colin a chance to lay out his story and present his case. I must say it has been a mind expander and one that might take the work done by the Strongs and the Rex Gilroys in Australia into consideration even more now.

Thanks for your time in reading this link to a possible world full of answers.
Regards, The Rogue Researcher

The Rogue Researcher - Garden of the Gods

The Rogue Researcher – Garden of the Gods Colorado kicking back and enjoying Natures air conditioning. Somebodies laid here for a long time. And some of them were pretty tall….


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Bob and Anne have been working together for the past 7 years connecting ancient cultures and their migratory paths around the planet. Time and research into these ancient connections have produced results that have connected the continents in times said to be impossible just a short time ago. Join them, US, as we continue to share what we find along the way. Anne Tittensor, an Independent Researcher, specialising in Global Connective Stonework, Global Connective Symbology and Ancient Quantum Physics. Originally from Scotland, I have travelled the world seeking evidence of a lost civilisation from Turkey to Peru, from Easter Island to America and beyond. visit @: The Rogue Researcher AKA Bob Newton, is an independent researcher that has been researching heavily for the past 8 years into the history behind the Mis-Story we have been taught. Specialising in the Lost Continent of MU, The Rogue Researcher investigates clues to our hidden past. Clues that are hidden in plain sight. visit @:
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3 Responses to The Writing on the Walls

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  2. Arthur Moore says:

    Hello there , a big fan of your work . Just been looking at Colin’s youtube posts. Not only does it not make sense but there is clearly no link with the west car papyrus.Where did he learn proto Egyptian?? More real effort into his research if he wants to impress the vast academic club. His Facebook posts on research has been written so poorly its difficult to put together most of the information he is selling ..I feel most of his work is fiction rather than research ,nothing adds up at all ..Having studied ancient Egypt myself for the last 40 years and spent many years there assisting in the wealth of knowledge being shared amongst the research community . I feel he shouldn’t quit his day job or start writing a fictional novel. His work is full of it .


    • usoksglobal says:

      Hello Arthur, thanks for your interest in my work, sounds like you have been digging into the layers for a while yourself. Back in the day when I wrote this article I was in a hopeful state of mind that his work was something to check out. But as I checked it out I found he wasn’t into the research for the reasons he projected and as I started seeing he had some mental issue. I challenged him a few times when he made claims and his response was, “I was a government agent sent in to discredit his work…. LOL. I believe the man needs to take a good look at himself in the mirror.


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