A Time Un-explained

by: Bob Newton

The Rogue Researcher

  In my 62 years on this planet there is one thing I have found out over this short time span. When one chapter is done the new one begins, of course I am speaking of chapters in the book of our lives. The fine line between a new chapter and the last chapter in the book of life, is not as definitive as one in the written text which became evident to me along the trail. I reflect back over the last six years and I find myself the author of a few short chapters. The King Snake in me calls it, “shedding a skin” which does relieve the itch I have found also. Shedding the skin involves a few steps for it to come about and once done it is the end of a period of time, however short or long it was still a period. This time I find myself on a threshold, at a crossroads and I want to go all directions of course, however, I have seen the results of what happens when the two headed snake has different ideas on which direction to go. I saw that in the Frankfurt zoo back in 1961 poor fella had a bunch of stitches. If you catch my drift.

  When I first came to Peru two years ago my list was long, questions in particular to be answered or added to my list that I came here with. Reflecting back on that list, well-thought-out one I thought that at the time, LOL, well at least I was thinking, I thought. Now I find I didn’t even scratch the surface of what I would learn or come to question. One of the last things in the world I ever thought I would actually see is, a layer of time that I am finding it’s very hard to explain much less clarify. Alfredo Gamarra calls this layer the Hanan Pacha layer and in the Naacal tablets, James Churchward points to these layers as being one or more of Narayana’s heads represent the same periods of time.

Mu Series Ancient comparisons.

  I have been researching on the ground on two continents looking for layers of time that were deeper than the ones we have been deluded into believing were the beginning and the end, but this possibility opened a whole new can of worms so to speak. Let me begin with the with the picture I am trying to draw, at first I thought I was seeing things but the shear amount of what I’m seeing in natural rock, mountainsides and the ridges tell me a story that has a very deep beginning. Profiles and sculptures of faces, animals, serpents and reptilians are scattered throughout the Sacred Valley in Peru, in the Cusco department.

  Narayana is the seven headed serpent that has had a name change to Kali it seems, raises eyebrow on that change. Narayana depicts time as the seven headed cobra, that represents 7 different periods of time and their spans of “Time” we do not know. It is said that some were shorter than others and that some reached Higher Levels of intelligence and ability than others also. Alfredo Gamarra describes different periods of existence with his breakdown of the ancient Peruvian Cosmogony into the three Pachas. Two different references among the many that referred to times this planet has been inhabited however ignored and dismissed by present-day Mys-Storians. From the writing on the wall I see and sense the Mys-story is about to be solved to a point where the haze is lifted and a clear picture of our true past will be revealed as we continue the struggle in finding our true origins. It seems one of the biggest controlling factors the Mystorical Societies have at their advantage to distort and delude the facts surrounding these true roots is, time itself. I personally have found once I eliminated the linear timeline model and removed all the religious interjections mixed in the trail of breadcrumbs they have laid out for us to follow, it’s amazing how the picture cleared.

Let me step back a bit and reveal a little of the trail I have taken and how the first steps into this world of ancient imagery began. The first time I saw this phenomenon on a large scale was in a documentary I saw on Markawasi, Peru about 5 years ago, where they highlighted the images in the stone so the images were easier to see. The stone here in Peru is not picture friendly when taking pictures of images on them unless under the perfect lighting only available during certain times of the day or even limited to the season of the year. Sad to say I haven’t been there yet, but Markawasi is a site located on a plateau in northern Peru at about 14,000 feet in altitude in the Andes Mountains. This documentary made claims that the images on the rocks and formations are some fantastic reminders left to us by someone. Or should I say “somethang” in our very, very distant past? I was intrigued and I was reminded of thoughts I had in Colorado Springs, Colorado, when I visited the Garden of the Gods my 1st time in 1967, which over the years has become a special and sacred place to me.

In particular, the Garden is well known for a geological formation with an image that has been named the Kissing Camels that supposedly was formed by Garden oGods RG 3nature, raises eyebrow again. After seeing this documentary I knew I had to go back into the Garden and investigate it because I never thought they really looked like camels. So in the summer of 2011 and 2012 I made numerous trips and scoured the park for signs, signs of what I didn’t know for sure at first. I had my suspicions and have to admit again some of my ideas seemed pretty far out there at the time, but I walked the Garden and found images and was shown some that I could not explain. Garden oGods RG 6I use the word shown because some of the images were not pointed out to me by one of us but I was drawn to them like a nail to a magnet, I reflect back on all of these images on these pieces of stone on both continents I have been drawn to and the images on both have a very big story to tell. The Garden of the Gods and the Pitusuray are places filled with energies and vortexes I can’t explain either. Visit my Facebook page, The Rogue Researcher or the USOKS group USOKS Global Connections for more postings.

Over the years since I have studied Vicki’s and other pictures from probes Anne and I did, zooming in and out collecting up all the different angle shots from the various trips into the folds in my brain and that video clip was complete it has revealed the wear of time in the erosion on the so named camels and other sculptures in the garden. I am sure the paper ones will brush off anything I had to say because I don’t have the papers, my answer to them is geology is not rocket science. There is a clear path in the images that show the age, subject matter of the sculptors that is leading me to believe in the possibility the “Sculptures” had knowledge from other points around the globe and different layers of time. Also, I don’t believe we will ever find a date in time we can put a number on but we need to accept it was thousands if not millions of years older than the Biblical illusion.

I am only going to show the images of the camels right now because the rest belongs in another book. The experience in the Garden has led me to look at the view outside my window with a completely different eye. It’s called the Apu Pitusuray. The Pitusuray is tucked away in the Andes here in the Sacred Valley between Pisac and Urabamba and has taken on complete new significance, not just my research, but in my life. If half of what I see between Pisac and the next community over from where I live in, Huran, about the halfway mark between the two, is not an illusion then we have something very sacred, mystifying and frightening to many including most locals. Just to mention, all this I am speaking of at this time in Peru can be seen on this 12 to 14 mile stretch of Highway on the Sacred Valley floor and I am hearing reports from all over Peru to be factual. I have found speaking to the locals it does frighten others not just outsiders but the locals too. I have to say it doesn’t frighten me and in so many ways it’s very calming for me to see something that is so old and sacred, speak to me. I’m not sure if the Earth Art can ever be dated in time the way we measure it but there is one thing I do sense, it is from the near beginning of life on this planet.

When I started looking around for possible contributors to this Earth Art, for the lack of a better description at this time, I’ll use that one. Who could possibly do this Earth Art on such a large scale? So large most can’t accept that it is shaped because of the size alone. I fall back on Anne’s line, “We are just to small to see it”. I can thank Google Earth for being the Equalizer in a facet of this work. Using Google Earth for 5 years has produced some very fascinating images that can only be seen from the sky, in the altitudes where I can focus on shape without size being the factor in not recognizing the obvious.

This is where I started thinking I was seeing things because I was, you know, uh seeing things. I have to add there are a bunch of people think I am under the influence and in an Altered State but I assure you, I am not. I had to fall back on our year and a half’s worth of observations and conclusions Anne and I reached while studying the Hanan Pacha layers stonework cut into the stone. The Pachas represent time also, however they also do not have a length of time attached to the heights in the steps of the pyramidal representation. Nor do we have any correlating evidence that the science community will accept due to their attachment to the linear timescale.

Our research indicated there were small people and Very Large ones living here in Peru at the same time, side by side and for a very long time according to the evidence in the stonework we were seeing. The evidence is in the stonework and stone outcrops all over the places I have been studying in the valley. Stairs, Chairs and Thrones cut next to each other in ways that suggest they were seats in a natural open-air arena and the space shared equally. I never in a million years thought I would be seeing, evidence of Giants and on a scale so large I am still having a hard time wrapping my head around it but, I will stick my neck out again and say that is what I am seeing. Who else could have done this Art and this Megalithica on such a scale? Aliens, I am sure is most people’s answer. It just had to be, right?

Why can’t we open our minds to the possibilities there was a very long time span where the giants lived and existed on the planet and not this embellished version we have been fed in the religious teachings? Fellow USOKS researcher Cecilia Hall has been doing extensive charting of giants around the planet. And we are seeing from her labors that the Giants were on every continent and they came in many shapes, sizes with seemingly a wide spectrum of intelligence levels. We have reference and records that come from many cultures from the so called Four Corners of the planet of giants, big ones, especially here in South America, and giving credits to our hard-working Cecilia for the map she made and picture she provides reinforces my inner feelings about what I see. The picture I get from the erosion I see on these formations reveals to me they’re from a time, before time that we are either failing to see or someone just doesn’t want us to. I honestly cannot see the indigenous people in Peru carving these images and shaping these mountainsides, that belief comes from the sheer size and number of these and their locations. The Quechua, Wari/Inca cultures did mimic some of the Earth Art and some is even being created today however, it is very noticeable in its scale comparison when compared to the ancient Megalithica works. Some of these monuments are so old they’re barely recognizable but the image is still there hidden but revealed by the different lighting throughout the day, however, some cannot be denied as worked landscape or being sculpted into solid rock, in my opinion. The ancient lore that is well known and accepted among the indigenous people here in this valley, they know about the Giants and have many myths to explain to themselves the existence of these large sculptures, of course the myth will have some truth to them once fully understood. I have found something that was much to my surprise, the locals I have managed to speak with agreed with me that it is highly possible the 1st three Sapa Inca’s were Giants. Manco Capac, Sinchi Roq’a and Lloque Yupanqui and possibly the fourth one, Maita Capac.

(I came to that opinion after studying the Inca Mythology that it was a possibility because, the Inca migration story is less than 200 miles from point of origin to finish. Well, that isn’t the only clue there is in the myths. We also have another emergence myth that doesn’t have a submergence one to explain the length of time they spent underground. We have to start accepting the fact that there was a global phenomenon where humans, used that description lightly, moved into the crust of the planet for various reasons mostly due to some form of catastrophe that was global.)

  One of the reasons I extended my stay in Peru was to go back up into the Pitusuray and verify my earlier findings from the previous trip I took up via the Calca side of the mountain. In reflection I believe if my hair wasn’t already grayed it would’ve been by the time I came down that slope. Some of these images just can’t be explained, how can you have an image of a Gorilla, when I say Gorilla I mean plural high in the Andes Mountains and not just the images of a gorilla either.

DSC02924Some of these images just can’t be explained, how can you have an image of a Gorilla, when I say Gorilla I mean plural high in the Andes Mountains and not just the images of a gorilla either.

How can you have dragon, gorilla, crocodilian, reptilian heads, elongated skulls with faces fully featured with chins, noses, eyes and even brow ridges? Yes, I do admit some of it is very eroded, I feel though if you have the Eye for art and understand that was a different time a different world, you will see it. DSC02072 Pitusuray old manAnd I do admit right up front some of this is natural, however, as a matter of fact it’s all natural except for what has been added or shaped into the stone outcroppings we see in the Pitusuray and the Garden of the Gods. Oh, don’t let me forget a pachyderm type elephant profile complete with trunk and eye, cheek lines and other images carved into the stone face up there. At this time I will not provide any pictures of this information to protect its location until documented properly and that is something we hope to achieve very soon.
Stay Tuned.

Kind Regards; the Rogue Researcher

The Rogue Researcher - Garden of the Gods

The Rogue Researcher – Garden of the Gods



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Bob and Anne have been working together for the past 7 years connecting ancient cultures and their migratory paths around the planet. Time and research into these ancient connections have produced results that have connected the continents in times said to be impossible just a short time ago. Join them, US, as we continue to share what we find along the way. Anne Tittensor, an Independent Researcher, specialising in Global Connective Stonework, Global Connective Symbology and Ancient Quantum Physics. Originally from Scotland, I have travelled the world seeking evidence of a lost civilisation from Turkey to Peru, from Easter Island to America and beyond. visit @: https://annetittensor.wordpress.com/ The Rogue Researcher AKA Bob Newton, is an independent researcher that has been researching heavily for the past 8 years into the history behind the Mis-Story we have been taught. Specialising in the Lost Continent of MU, The Rogue Researcher investigates clues to our hidden past. Clues that are hidden in plain sight. visit @: https://therogueresearcher.wordpress.com/
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6 Responses to A Time Un-explained

  1. Francis.R. says:

    Perhaps a more precise equivalent of Nagayana is our Amaru, a kind of dragon that can reverse the order of thinks like the relation earth/sky.
    Pacha in Aymara has the dual meaning of space-time and it’s a quite important concept about how the language is structured.
    About the part where you say “honestly cannot see the indigenous people in Peru carving these images and shaping these mountainsides” perhaps you are considering that in this age where our country is underdeveloped, but if you focus in the timeline before Spaniards actually we were a society with knowledge and investigation. For example we had knowledge of topography and modalism to make models of the roads and constructions so the figures you see in the sky aren’t something particularly extraordinary, but in any case a professional labor.

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    • usoksglobal says:

      Hello Francis, That is very interesting you mention Amaru and its possible connection to Narayana. I get the felling though what you make point of relates more to the other representation of the 7 Heads and that would be Kali, the Destroyer. I have found a representation of a Dragon like Crocodilian all over the mountains between Cusco and Huayoccari so far. I can tell by your response you have done your homework so to the next point you mentioned. The reason I said that I do not believe the Indigenous people did this work is based on a few observations and conclusions I have drawn. If you watch this video of mine I put together you will see some of the images I have found from above the surface using Google Earth. I think you will like it especially the last Image I toy with. I found this head not to be the head of the “Puma”, is not a Puma.

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      • Francis.R. says:

        Thanks for the interesting video. Usually is said that Cusco has the shape of a puma but that’s based more in traditions than in documented data (everything was destroyed when Spaniards came). I see your point about the head in Sacsayhuaman. The head has the perfil of a croc (as we have in Tumbes) although, and sorry if I sound repetitive, it also could be an amaru. I photographed one from the colonial times here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/12149353@N03/16041472754/in/photolist-rmjsCf-qrx1eN-qrwJYs/lightbox/ it has a llama head with volutes around its head due to the fire it’s expulsing from its mouth. The volutes of energy could be the shape in Sacsayhuaman.
        The representation is more or less faithful because it’s in the main frontispiece of a church because Catholics wanted us to go to their buildings.
        Kind regards.

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  2. cahwp00 says:

    well said, thanks for including a reference to my maps, who is Vicki, btw?


  3. usoksglobal says:

    I now believe the head is Amaru. And thanks for sharing that bit of info. I may have something to add to it and when I find it I will share it with you.


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