The Rogue in me (Chapter 2/Pt. 2) : De-Foresting the Forest of Confusion

The Rogue in me
Pt. 2
De-foresting the Forest of Confusion 

Off the path with Jesus Gamarra at Chinchero, Peru.

Off the path with Jesus Gamarra at Chinchero, Peru.

As I was being drawn deeper into the mysteries of the Ancient Archeology and World History again it seemed to me there had to be a reason for the spin in the History Game beyond the obvious religious distortions. The re-discovery of Troy alone had already upset the History books which led me to think that there had to be more of these non-myths out there. Henrich Schliemann found Troy by matching descriptions and abstracting clues from the books he had researched about Troy. When this find was announced that the site was being accepted as Troy I flashed back and remembered all the books on legend, myth and fable I had read as a young child. In a moment of reflection I wondered if it were possible that I had read something that could break another mystery or two. These thoughts brought me to a point where I had to ask myself about the pile of mis-directed questions that had stacked up in the corner of my mind. As I picked all the pieces of bull shit out that were deeply embedded, only to find the biggie was hidden at the bottom of the mess, the “Creation Myth”. I always felt there was more to this one and maybe this could be one of those myths that could be busted by following the clues. There seemed to be enough of them laying around.

The Creation”, I always found the biblical version of the Creation of Adam and Eve to be very comic book like. So in my pursuit of this knowledge available I started digging into the Dead Sea Scrolls and found my way to the translations of the Sumerian tablets found along the Red Sea, the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Annunaki and other creation myths of similar creation processes from around the globe. There was something familiar in all these myths that gave me a new meaning and understanding of the Elohim. The Sumerian version was one that actually started making sense after I weeded my way through the illusion and symbolism that suggest the Annunaki were Reptilian. Maybe they were reptilian but that is irrelevant at this time I believe because we are or would be the after product of such splicing and genetic manipulation the Sumerian texts suggest. Remember, “They” the Elohim, created us in their own image the biblical texts say, so when I abstract from the kaboodle of creation stories there are many that connect to that sugar coated version we are fed in Sunday School I find myself believing a different story. Just to mention one important item of confusing myth, the Egyptian myth of Horus is a prime example of this rewriting of history too. When I first read of Horus I saidWhat?, no way, not another myth about the “Son of God” being birthed by a Virgin. Excellent plot line that has withstood the sands of time, until the sands of time in that hour glass ran out!

In wading through the illusion symbolism creates, I was introduced to the possibility of Serpent People, but does that mean the Annunaki were reptilian or that humans had a symbolic connection to the serpent? This went against everything I was taught in my life as a Christian. Wow, even though I had closed the doors on the church, I still believed there was a Creator. God must be someone, something else? – that conclusion came later and personally I am now finding it to be true. There is a Creator and there is a God. “The Creator must be the real thing and this man created deity called God came later?”, I remember asking myself. The evidence pointed me to the question, “What am I missing in this Serpent representation?”. That led me back to my beliefs that we are missing something very important in our view of our origins without a doubt and it just isn’t a little history, it is a lot of history. I am sorry for falling back on that line however, it was these suspicions that drove me forward from and through one dead end after another.

These thoughts led me into researching the roots to some of the apparent cult representations in the past. I could see the trails through the layers as these cult hierarchies rose to power by using their cult status and then turning the cult into a religion. Being of Christian indoctrination since birth I was always taught the serpent was a symbol of evil, deception and cruelty and that Eve brought the curse of knowledge upon the man of clay. By eating an apple after being seduced by a snake? Okay, that worked for a while. We can see the truth was hidden for the Chosen Few and the New Testament is proof of that charge because of the way it is written and taught on so many different levels of understanding. How can one find the answers to something so cryptic? It isn’t easy but it is being done. 

While surfing Facebook I found a few really good groups and started researching information dealing with blood types which was among my stack of unanswered questions. I am one with Rhesus Negative (Rh-Neg) blood, which once I found out what that meant I knew I had to follow up on that because Darwinism states we are all related to, you know, monkeys and apes. In my search for answers I ran into a researcher who had published some basic works on blood types and the migrations of the various Rh-neg blood lines over the past 36,000 years. That year mark is when the Rh-Neg. blood lines first started appearing in the human blood types, they claim. I knew this information had to apply somewhere as there are still big holes in the accepted knowledge we have of our timeline and our genetics. Tens of thousands, millions of years seem to have vanished from the records. Or did they? No, I do not believe so, the signs are right here, in plain sight under our noses.

The massive 40-kilometer diameter circular structure in the Sahara Desert of Mauritania is also known as the Richat Structure or the Eye of the Sahara.

The massive 40-kilometer diameter circular structure in the Sahara Desert of Mauritania is also known as the Richat Structure or the Eye of the Sahara. My first experience of absolute amazement after months of using GE was when I saw this. Until I found it on Google Earth I had never see not heard of it before. I wondered why.

When I discovered Google Earth in 2011, my research path widened and allowed me to study areas around the planet that connected to the information I was sifting through. With all the spin surrounding the mystery of Puma Punku and Tiwanaka I decided to check the area out. I posted a couple of Google Earth shots of Puma Punku, Bolivia on a Facebook wall because it was part of the discussion at the time. In one of the shots there were a couple of piles of dirt or a rock outcropping in the confines of the ruins. The piles are in the what they now call the Gate of the Sun. I asked if anyone knew what they were because Google Earth does have its limitations? The response was, they believed it was debris from a flood that had been responsible for the destruction of Puma Punku. I further researched as to the cause of such a massive flash flood, which was the image I saw in my mind as I studied the debris fields. I found some videos on Youtube where they presented there was a city buried under the south end of Lake Titicaca, named Wanaka. After identifying the debris field I came to a conclusion there had been more than one massive Tsunami style flash floods in the past that all but erased the previous culture that inhabited the Altaplano of Peru/Bolivia.

I had been using Google Earth to see these cool places they were talking about and was impressed by the new light being shed on the Tiawanaka / Puma Punku construction techniques. Via Google Earth, videos and pictures, Youtube and Facebook I knew I was seeing evidence in the topography of Peru and Bolivia of inland tsunamis that had taken on the guise of a series floods I felt the need to dig into some old books from Arthur Posnansky and Wendell C. Bennett’s work on the area and found out the piles of dirt were from excavations into the Akapana Pyramid at Puma Punku., In my opinion based on the findings of Arthur Posnansky’s in his research on Tiwanaka and Puma Punku it really is much older than ever imagined. I believe the layers under Tiwanaka and Puma Punku are very old, possibly in the region of thousands if not millions years older than previously thought. As time went on I saw many connective influences like the reed boat for one from around the world that now seemed to have spread into Peru/ Bolivia. Looking back in reflection I wonder about the direction this influence spread, in or out of Peru and Bolivia?

The Reed boats of the Uros at Lake Titicaca are found in many cultures around the planet. Construction techniques are almost identical The Uros culture live on islands made of mats of the totora reeds that float on the lake. (wiki commons)

The Reed boats of the Uros at Lake Titicaca have many Serpent figureheads that adorn them. The Uros culture live on islands made of woven mats of the totora reeds that float on the lake. Which I found very interesting when I connected that possibility to the Hopi Indians migration myth of the southwestern United States, they say they arrived on the leaves of the palm tree. Islands made of reeds?
(wiki commons)

So, getting back to the serpent representation, on the trail I have found the serpent symbology from the ancient street corners and temples of Peru to ancient sites across the globe. The Symbol of the Serpent is represented by almost every Ancient King of the Sea also – the Phoenicians, the Vikings, the Tahitians and the serpent is also represented on the reed boats on Lake Titicaca in Bolivia the Uros culture construct. How could there be so many similarities thousands of miles, oceans and continents apart? What did that symbol represent and was there a connection? The Serpent/Snake symbolism has to be a link through the layers in our so called unconnected history. I have since nick-named the Titicaca basin, “The Valley of the Serpents”, Tiawanaka and Puma Punku can be the heart and lungs and Lake Titicaca is the soul of a time gone past.

The Valley of the Serpents

The Valley of the Serpents

Lake Titicaca truly is a living soul, sea horses and sea shells and big frogs? There has to be more to it than sea horses and sea shells. There is! Water and evidence there was a lot more water in the past. There is a ton of evidence staring us in the face and more questions emerge. If the evidence is there then where did the water go? This history is very old and is of major significance to our understanding of the past we share.

I started using Google Earth with a different eye and went digging deeper into the Puma Punku and Tiwanaka Flood Mystery from a mile up. Of course, this is just a theory and to present this without on sight inspections by me at the time was not possible. This fact didn’t hinder me.

As with the serpent representation, we are lost in the mis-representations of symbolic language genericly, why? Symbolism is the first language according to many sources, two sources of which stood out at the onset of my research into symbolic language were, the translations of the Naacal Tablets, discovered hidden in a dark corner of a temple in India by the explorer, Col. James Churchward along with the more than 2,500 stone tablets found by geologist, William Nivens in Mexico at the turn of the twentieth century. I have asked myself a hundred times, why was the first language symbols? The New Testament says we shouldn’t have symbols, idols or false images before us, how can this be if symbology was our 1st universal language?

Our lost history whatever it is, is being found under dirt and dust, in stone, metal plates, cliff walls, in caves under and above the seas that are overshadowed by the mountains of artifacts hidden away in the vaults of “the Sacred”,“Historical Institutions” and “Private Collections”. We have seen by the translations of the Sumerian, Naacal and Nivens tablets of carved stone and clay there is an ancient story to tell in deciphering Symbology. A story so magnificent we all should know it from birth in a manner we can all understand. The reason the ancients inscribed their symbols on stone and metal plates made of gold and alloyed metals was to insure it would last forever or as long as possible. At least that was an intention, I believe to show the future generations they were here and not to forget them. Time has shown us that things have been forgotten, lost or destroyed and we should as inhabitants of this planet, make an honest attempt to know and understand the meaning and learn from the messages that have been left for all of us, by the very Ancient Ones. Seemingly just voices and dust blowing in the wind, just seemingly.

One of my many moments of digestion and reflection of what I am seeing but not grasping. It is in plain sight or in this instance,,,, Just under the surface.

One of my many moments of digestion and reflection of what I am seeing but not grasping. It is in plain sight or in this instance,,,, Just under the surface.

The Researcher in me, has taken me to many places within my mind I never knew existed.  I seem to be grasping an understanding emerging from the history and information presented before us I didn’t have before and I can see the reality before me. I am not the one that painstakingly worked with the masters to translate these texts that James Churchward, William Nivens, Zecharia Sitchin and John Allegro did, just to name a few that have translated these ancient texts, I learned from their work and toil. I also have the work and research I consider reliable information and direction that comes from people like; Klaus Dona, James and Jack Churchward, Alfredo and Jesus Gamarra, Jan Peter de Jong, Steven and Evan Strong and some select others that I allow into my database. I am not saying any one of these researchers are absolutely correct about it all, however, each one in my opinion hold and have presented valuable pieces of information, knowledge and new possibilities to the overall picture contrary to the resistance their research has received. There are many more Men and Women dedicated to this cause. Many have taken their wounds, inflicted by the sentinels surrounding the truth and live to fight another day. Again I thank them all for their friendships and support so, out with the bad and in with the good. Welcome to the world of Cyber Space and its far reaching abilities. We are in good company, now.

I am saluting with the USOKS Salute. David Wilkinson and I are on our way to Huchuycusco. A very interesting site and one for a future blog.

I am saluting with the USOKS Salute. David Wilkinson and I are on our way to Huchuycusco. A very interesting site and one for a future blog.

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(to be continued in pt.#4: The USOKS)


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