The Rogue in me (chapter one)

The Rogue in me
Chapter 1

I had a dream I was swimming in the shallow layers in the seas of the Protos and I saw the tentacles from past worlds reaching up from the depths swaying around like the kelp in their beds, in tides, calling out, calling to find theWilling” that will take the dive into the depths of their reach. To show us what is between each layer of history that is submerged in the darkness below.

I followed that dream.

~The Rogue Researcher~

   DSC04396One day over a decade ago I was analyzing my view concerning the voids between what was and what is and I asked myself, “does one, an individual of open-mind and intelligence have to possess the Higher Educational System’s approval to rationalize this quagmire for themselves based on personal observation, research and quest?” Do I, as an Independent Researcher, need their approval to reach rational conclusions that contradict what I have been taught by them?” My answer was, “NO!”.

  My journey into this realm, started over forty-five years ago and along the way I started finding large gaps in the timeline, lost and or missing history in my distorted view of the world and its history. (Childhood Indoctrination and Brainwashing)
Myself, I am not a Papered One nor am I from the Old Guard. Not, that being either of the latter is a bad thing, however, it seems that many in the Old Guard and the Papered Ones need to be sorted into piles of good and bad. I am not one nor am I a sheep of any religion and I do not adhere to any one doctrine. I am an Earthling seeking answers to the mystery of life that surrounds me, us. The mysteries are abundant and they exist worldwide. I want to show why I believe these mysteries exist and to reveal the influences from outside entities, official denials and various forms of interference that are keeping it a mystery. I have heard it said many times, the answers are in Plain Sight. In my mind I felt there had to be clues still intertwined in plain sight also, that would lead me into envisioning the deeper layers of time. Clues that hadn’t been hidden, destroyed or relocated, but had gone unrecognized and missed by the destroyers, the Langoliers.

The answers to our questions are encrusted with discard, dust and neglect. Removing the dust and rust from these clues will help build the picture at the end of the wormhole where our answers lie. This wormhole opens up through the Walls of Illusion that surround us, walls that so many do not believe exist. Personally I have found beyond those walls a world that is best described as a mirage. It is there but, is it? When we put the evidence on the scales from around the globe, the evidence says, “yes, we were here”. To this day I see only a few have made it through to the other side of the wall and back to give us a better picture of the past that the rest of us need to see clearer. It seems we are in the age that puts Humpty Dumpty back together again. The pieces of the Cosmic Egg are scattered into the four winds and we are close to reconstructing Humpty Dumpty and knowing what that Nursery Rhyme is all about.

My personal view comes from outside the box. What I question is what “they” do not want to be questioned on. We know the old saying about opinions.. especially coming from a serious researcher to some but regarded an amateur by the others. Why do “they” underestimate the Independent Researcher’s ability to seek the answers to a very hard, often ignored set of questions that have been unanswered by them? Is it underestimation or the fear of being exposed for what “they” really are?

I utilize knowledge and insights passed down from many dead and living Researchers, Archeologists, Historians, Ancient and present Religious Liars and Governments to base my views on and the grounds on which I stand. I can see now, reflecting back over these past 12,000/13,000 years of history, “they” are the Key Holders to this layer I call the Illusionist Layer. It seems to me the doors to our not so Ancient History were secretly locked and slowly walked away from… As they have done to our very deep history. It also seems to me that this was when the curtains of Illusion were created to hide these doors from the ever prying eyes of the Man Kinds. A benefit for the Illusionists in the future, these doors were only accessible by a “Chosen Few” and what we have left today, as the story of our past, has been translated miserably.

I refer to Keys. These keys are the keys to the doors of our past life, existence and understandings of whom and what we are. We seem to be a very curious being and many people nowadays do not accept the history we have been told. If the history we have been taught was correct, then “THEY”, our teachers and leaders, would not feel the resistance they are getting today. They created a false past for us and we have been following it for thousands of years. We are lucky there were those that stood by their findings and did not buckle to the “Powers That Be” and were able to get their messages through to us in the future. Some of the Keepers of these keys were not bought and paid for but actually paid for their service to humanity with their lives. There have been tens of millions of souls within the last 13,000 years that have been culled by the savage barbarian man became after the last “Event” in his quest to rule it all. All this knowledge has led many like me into the world of the past and to become awakened, connecting with and seeking the truth behind our existence as Earthlings, to seek the answers to our “Origins”.

The keys to the doors of the past and the knowledge behind them offer different elements to the spectrum of the ancient worlds we see and will see. Along the way I have asked myself, “who and what have the powers and knowledge to hold the keys to our being?”. Why would they refuse to unlock the doors of Truth? I ask myself over and over, why they continue to do so? After years of debating this issue internally, I pondered the question, “Why was the world flat?”. Have you ever wondered why they thought the world was flat? (Hold that thought)

I find there are many key holders that hold keys to doors that either open the mind or close it. The newly opened door can create a clear vision or one that is designed to confuse and distort what we see, thus creating the unbalanced frequencies within the receptors that turns the picture into a daze, in other words “to confuse us by creating the “Wild Goose chase” through the Herring schools scenario. All this is designed to short circuit and close our minds. We are either lost in space or have a very bad case of amnesia and for some reason I don’t think the latter applies anymore, the words now have to be “Cover-up”.

There are those (us) that have found the balance is off” and are seeking to find why this is so. Then there are those that are maintaining that “off” balance. Who could “THEY” possibly be, I ask?

  It is evident there are those that still suffer from amnesia and sadly are not aware of the affliction or they just accept it. They have been led down a path that has erased the connections to a deep past by hiding this past and naming it myth and legend. It is a vast undertaking to understand this past world we are finding pieces of all over the planet, especially if you were sent down the wrong path at a young age as I was. The guidance and wisdom that is being shared by the Great Independent Researchers in the world of our “ancients and their history”, has allowed us to step forward into this world that supposedly never existed. I wish I could personally thank the men and women that have dedicated their lives and energies reaching out to us giving us the proof and showing us the trails to “understanding time’s depths” over the last 13,000 years. They have brought forth three things…

The Blue Herring, the Red Herring and the Truth. Two of these three choices have a tendency of really causing a stink when left unattended. I commend the latter of the three, Truth. I am out to make my quest a Battle for the Truth and an understanding of what we have lost and or buried in our past. These words had an impact on me as a child, “Seek and Ye shall find” I say Hey, “look what I found……”.

  I realized my search for answers was being hindered by the powers that be at a young age. Free thinking was not allowed, it interfered with the brainwashing. Between family, religious and military influences I had as a child, I was a mess and forced into a shell. For years I read everything I could get my hands on as a method of escape, including encyclopedias, myths, legends, science fiction and an assortment of fictions one might say. As time went by, I started hearing riddles in my mind which were being created by the thousands of questions I had accumulated over the 5 years I spent in Germany as a young child. I had so many questions and no answers. Then one day I started solving these riddles and actually many started solving themselves as time went on. It seemed that history and what we were being told it was had many riddles needing to be solved. And of course I kept them to myself. I am finding one of the first nursery rhymes we are taught to be one that may have one of the most complex mechanisms and series of events behind the meaning and researching it, that once understood, please tell me if you had a sit down moment.

  To give a full view of my position and how I draw my conclusions, I guess you would have to go to as many schools as I did to know what I mean and how I came to this state of mind. I found every school I attended had a different story to tell and a different way to teach it. One of the few benefits of being an Army Brat was that I learned something that wasn’t taught in the schools of my day. I learned there is a world out there and it is in 3D and color! As the schools stacked up something didn’t jibe between the books and what I was seeing. That was the key for my first door to be opened. Every religious denomination I also explored shared a connection with the many schools I attended. They all told the same or similar story but from a different and sometimes slanted perspective. The education I received came from a wide variety of sources. Many of these sources were included in the curriculum at the School of Hard Knocks and Dead Ends over at Knuckle Junction. I excelled in many classes and still am waiting for my PhD. They keep saying it is in the mail.

  I make up my own words sometimes, “descriptive terminology” I call it, in an attempt to keep the message simple and I do say this step has its challenges. How to explain my view in a way that creates the picture for you, that reveals an understanding of the depths in our collective past and their layers within time. The connectivity between the ages of time when spread out on a linear scale can’t be done without great difficulty. I believe I see we are spanning voids of unaccounted for ages lost in time and woven into the fabric most historical and religious texts are written on. I also have found when viewed upon in the layer method it reveals the voids I speak of. Because there is no way, according to the evidence these pieces fit together the way it is presented.

Without deliberately stepping on anyone’s toes, I present my case. Please remove feet from the aisles, I walk around when I talk.

*Note: I have broken the timeline into three layers.

The Illusionists- These are the layers from the thirteen thousand five hundred year marker to present. The days of the Illusion.

The Protos: The middle layers that are simply guessed at and ignored by the religious and the mainstream archaeologist due to the implications that would dismantle all modern religion and throw the planet into chaos.

The Muvian: These are the deepest layers of time. Where the origins of the Man Kinds came from and most of the mythology of the ancient gods from the lands of Olympus, Asgard and Babylon the Great. (just to name a few)


About usoksglobal

Bob and Anne have been working together for the past 7 years connecting ancient cultures and their migratory paths around the planet. Time and research into these ancient connections have produced results that have connected the continents in times said to be impossible just a short time ago. Join them, US, as we continue to share what we find along the way. Anne Tittensor, an Independent Researcher, specialising in Global Connective Stonework, Global Connective Symbology and Ancient Quantum Physics. Originally from Scotland, I have travelled the world seeking evidence of a lost civilisation from Turkey to Peru, from Easter Island to America and beyond. visit @: The Rogue Researcher AKA Bob Newton, is an independent researcher that has been researching heavily for the past 8 years into the history behind the Mis-Story we have been taught. Specialising in the Lost Continent of MU, The Rogue Researcher investigates clues to our hidden past. Clues that are hidden in plain sight. visit @:
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11 Responses to The Rogue in me (chapter one)

  1. Leanne Verrier says:

    I really enjoyed reading this article, thanks.


  2. in 2008 or 9 i had a very powerful dream that told me that THEY had keys to doors that did not belong to them…..I WAS STILL IN LA LA LA LAND ….

    the keys…….yes…it is ALL about earth and sky….the wealth is from this…these ones that are at the twisted helm of the space ship earth …care not of its inhabitants…….or her life force……they are mind over matter…..but matter is mind……….i love what you have written great peace and love to you!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Steve Sims says:

    Very well stated. I enjoyed that very much, and agree whole-heartedly. Isn’t amazing that ignorance is still dominant in this day and age?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. AW Skelly says:

    I really liked this-well written too

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Simone Barbou says:

    I started researching about five years ago and I understand what you are saying! Einstein’s definition for insanity haunted me to the point of inspiring to me to take another approach to get another result and as painful as it has been, it was impossible to believe all those lies , so to others it appears I forsook family, friends, religion, education and country! It really doesn’t feel much different from the world I was raised in and those who professed to love me no matter what happens! I’m more comfortable in my own mind endeavoring to sort out the truths and lies and will probably add to the layers of history peeling away the skins of liars! It’s comforting to know I will find others doing the same.

    Liked by 1 person

    • usoksglobal says:

      The old saying goes “I am one, We are many” and I believe that to be true. And yes it is comforting to know others are joining in. Thanks for the kind words and if you wish to join one of the USOKS Groups on Facebook please do, USOKS in the search bar should bring the groups up on the search.


  6. Weylen says:

    Well I’m excited to find out what you have learned but I must say I hope it is a little more focused on the tangibles and not the ranting about the archaeological system or liars or whatever other adjective you may have used to explain your disdain for men who are attempting to find the truth but are locked in the system. Ok I get it the system has our researchers locked in the box, you are outside the box. Great, let’s see what you got and try and be a little more professional and leave your feelings behind. If that was chapter one it was pointless. 🙂 but like I said I am excited to see what you have learned.


    • usoksglobal says:

      Weylen thanks for your feedback however this was written years ago and if you feel it was pointless that is your opinion. There are so many people that are not aware of these practices and still follow what ever is told to them by the Papered Ones. As time goes forward I believe you will either have to put up with the beginning days of my writing and see the progress in motion. Also just for your info. This is not edited for book reading. I released it as a blog to get the ice broken and introduce myself as an Amateur not as a professional idiot with papers… Someone has to slap them upside the head and it seems you lack that energy to do so, I’ll do it for you 😉 If this is the only one one of my “Blogs”you have read it seems you are also quick to judge without digging into the whole before you offer suggestions and advice. I left the Chapter designations so people could see the progress in motion and follow my trail of understanding what I see that may connect to something they have been researching. I do hope this answers your questions fully. Oh, one more thing, My writing style is Grass Roots Research and I’m not in for the fluff and flair most wannabees desire the most that wets their whistle. Around here you wet your own whistle. Keep reading 😉

      Kind Regards, The Rogue Researcher.


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