The Rogue in Me (Chapter 4 Pt 2) Peru

The Rogue in Me


 Chapter 4  pt. 2

(Flash Back)

During the 6 months that led up to February 28th 2013, I realized I was entering a wormhole into the unknown realms and territories hidden in the layers of time. Going into a world that existed beyond the rhymes, myths, legends and barriers created by mis-torians and religious liars from our past.

Chichon peaks east of Urabamba.

Chichon peaks east of Urabamba. The glaciers have broken and retreated which is revealing the rugged once ice blanketed peaks.

In the beginning, after the decision was made to get serious and work together, Anne Tittensor in Turkey and me in America, cyber-linked, we decided to combine our talents and research all the while realizing the importance of a research center that is globally connected twenty-four hours a day. A center that is designed to gather research and collectively put the pieces of our history together and create a better picture of what is and what was. All without getting caught up in sensationalism surrounding places like Puma Punku and Tiwanaku, Baalbek and Gobekli Tepe just to mention a few of the many places on earth twisted up in knot that sensationalism creates when left un-checked. Unfortunately there are still those, whose mission is to fog the window that allows us to see through these layers of time. It seems there are different motivations and agendas behind foggy layers also. Leaving that thought behind for the time being, what I find interesting is; Connecting the dots using present day understandings of the depths in our timeline is impossible when you see the evidence found globally that contradict, the accepted timeline.

In the past two and a half years alone, I and other researchers have found connections that can’t be denied. It seems that many trails lead into the layers up and down, in both directions, may be found in South America that are being left out of the equation that further links the Lost Continent of Mu and the ancient civilizations once thought of as myth and legend with reality. When searching through these past layers there have been records stored, lost, and undoubtedly destroyed which does hinder the linking of time and knowing our past. Fortunately there have been some of these records found, preserved and translated for us to dissect that are leading us down this trail.

Without translation these symbolic texts left by the ancients, are worthless without attempts to comprehend what is truly being conveyed. Due to a lack of comprehension of our depths of habitation, the symbolic texts seem meaningless, but they are there in front of our faces waiting to be deciphered, whether it is carved in stone or on clay tablets. These messages are found on metal plates made of gold, silver, copper, on architecture and even on the walls of caves and canyons.

Picture courtesy of David Wilkinson from a trip into the jungle via waterways.

Picture courtesy of David Wilkinson from a trip into the jungle via waterways.

are pecked into the surface of the stone with a stone hammer and chisel, others are so finally cut we cannot achieve their quality today. Cities cut into solid rock that could safely house tens of thousands of beings and their livestock. The evidence has been presented and grossly ignored by many mainstream academics. Is this due to blinders installed by Reductionistic Investigation Methods taught by conventional educational dogma used to educate the waves of “Experts”? Oh, what have the “Expurts” missed, ignored or just out and out lied about….?

What do I know? Well, I know what I see and what I’ve been told are two different worlds of understanding our past and I don’t need a PhD to see that! Maybe I know nothing at the end of the day when it comes to it, In my opinion, it is how I feel about that day and what I see that matters to me. I know what I see! I was happy to find there are a lot of others out there on this planet that share the same view out the windows of the past. This Global Connection is showing these same multitudes, “US”, a different view of the “What Is and What Was” case of amnesia we suffer from. The cure to our memory loss is picking up all the pieces possible and putting them together to create a better picture. I wonder if that is the agenda behind the Humpty Dumpty syndrome implanted in our psyche that keeps us from trying to make sense of the nonsense we have been conditioned “NOT” to see or question? I still scratch my head and ponder the possibilities with an open mind.

I believe was taught to think with reductionistic methods and now I am aware of them I have distanced myself from those that use Reductionistic Investigation Methods. How can we allow our past history to be controlled by people that thrive on embellished and sensationalized views designed to confuse and manipulate? I am amazed at how many that drink the Kool-Aid by the gallon. I remember when I thought Kool-Aid tasted “Great” myself.

The USOKS Team have only just begun to scratch the surface into understanding these new layers before us. First we have to dissect and comprehend what is abstracted from the images we see. Regardless of how it was done at this point in time we see layers of destruction on such an enormous scale, that it cannot be explained in the Illusionist Layers )The Illusionist layers are from present to est 13,500years ago). I find that chain of events links to the research and translations by James Churchward of the Nacaal tablets and the descriptions of Narayana, the seven headed serpent that represents the “Seven Periods of Time” of the Lands of Mu.

Narayana the 7 headed Serpent that represented the 7 periods of time Mu was one. Nara means Divine and Yana means One. The Cosmic Serpent of the heavens. The seven periods varied in lengths of time and has a striking resemblance to the 7 days of creation the biblical text reference.

Narayana the 7 headed Serpent that represented the 7 periods of time Mu was one. Nara means Divine and Yana means One, Divine One. The Cosmic Serpent of the heavens. The seven periods varied in lengths of time and has a striking resemblance to the 7 days of creation the biblical text reference. (Pic from the 1931 printing of the “Lost continent of Mu” by Col. James Churchward)

This also relates to the biblical description of the seven days of creation, seemingly another story/myth/legend that has the same inner core message, only told in different ways. I am not comfortable following the biblical version of the condensation of periods of time into days it seems very reductionistic now. Are we to continue thinking along the path of ignoring the signs before us?

Stepping outside the box for a moment I ask why are we continuing to believe the Tower of Babel is in Iraq or any other country in the Middle East when the evidence now points it to being in Peru. When I first watched “The Cosmogony of the Three Worlds”, describing three different scenarios involving different orbits with different gravities and atmospheres, it was mind expanding. These different orbits are suggested to have different calendars due to the various mechanics involved passing around the sun. Smaller orbit, smaller planet, lesser gravity densities, larger beings on the surface led to smaller people, smaller mammals, larger planet and a longer calendar, uh, how did that happen? Unfortunately as the facts are compiled we have to reach the understanding that this planet and solar system has a way of being dis-harmonic within themselves and surrounding sister systems. It is obvious this changes the landscape with every visit from Random Selection and the Catastrophiers creating an event so big we didn’t know what hit us nor have figured out the damage yet.

Documentary by Jan Peter de Jong and Jesus Gamarra presenting the research of Alfredo Gamarra, archaeologist,

Documentary by Jan Peter de Jong and Jesus Gamarra presenting the research of Alfredo Gamarra, archaeologist,

After watching “The Cosmogony of the Three Worlds” over a dozen times trying to wrap my head around the Gamarra theories and reading Churchward’s research at least a dozen times each, I tried to wrap my head around this new concept of measuring time, in “Layers”. When weighing out the ideas and research presented the twentieth century by men like James Churchward, William Nevins, Immanuel Velikovsky, Charles Hapgood, Neal Adams and Alfredo Gamarra,  we have to lay it out in layers on a big table. So many of the layers can be visualized in various ways by utilizing various theories  based upon incomplete scientific data to create an image to work from, of the mechanics involved in the combination of all these theories. When aligned properly they will show a depth of “Inhabitation” on this planet that will be staggering. As much as I scream at the scientific community I have to admit without science we wouldn’t be able to prove this much less get any closed minded humans to understand it. Is there a reason we have run into a wall when it comes to getting a truthful answer from the ones we ask these questions? Better yet, one has to ask more questions like, why there is a wall there to begin with when it comes to sharing what they know in terms everyone can understand? Why does it always come back to having a translator for everything, having a secret handshake or signal to be allowed the “privilege” of seeing the information in the context it is meant to be seen? Or is it so well hidden in plain sight they assume we will get it? I surely doubt the latter of those!

We have to ask was it meant to be hidden in plain sight so as to blend in like the chameleon on a tree branch in the jungle? We can’t even see the jungle because of all the trees they have planted in the way, much less the chameleons on them.. I’ve asked myself many times why this forest of confusion we have is so deeply rooted in our psyche, an innate memory we continue to accept? Why do we accept this illusion over realistic views based on the combined research by dedicated men and women that spend lifetimes seeking the truth?

Alfredo Gamarra spent sixty years investigating the archaeology, myth and legend in Peru and South America.

Alfredo Gamarra Peruvian Archaeologist

Alfredo Gamarra
Peruvian Archaeologist

I have found his research has been ignored by the western world for some odd reason. It is quite evident that this had to be a deliberate act by the “Mis-torians” in the Western World to ignore many researchers from the whole of South America, due to arrogance based on a false premise of superior understanding and knowledge of the past. I am not saying I buy all his information 100% by any means but I do feel strongly his lead is something to follow and research the links he provides to follow

The Reductionists focus has been on the Middle East, Egypt, Iraq and Israel being at the top of the list of the Biblical connections and interpretations regarding ancient historical fact. From my point of view that is where they have us running in circles, the proverbialWild Goose Chase” looking for the ancient sites and cities that are written about in the New and Old Testaments. Nimrod and the famed Tower of Babel was one that I have had ill feelings about even from a young age. I have always felt there was something missing from the equation however, I now believe it wasn’t missing but a victim of embellishment and distortion by the Roman Catholic church, Islamic and Jewish faiths to control their worlds with their False Religions. (Religion seems to be a very effective population control device also.)

We know they built their churches and cathedrals on the top of sacred sites of their “Conquered Ones” on every continent they could conquer. It is very evident here in Cusco, Peru they did that for sure. Why else would there be nine Catholic churches in Cusco built within two square miles all built in the 15th and 16th centuries and in locations that are very suspect and selected. To hide the links to Cusco being the City/State of Babylonia la Grande? Not Babylon the Great in Iraq. The Original, the one and only, Babylonia la Grande of Mu is in the Sacred Valley of Arac in Peru?

When I look out the window and see these churches concentrated in the vicinity of known archaeological sites, I wonder, what is under them? There is a church sitting on top of what is known as the Korikancha. All that is left exposed of the ancient structure are walls of magnificent blocks of stone so finely constructed that even we today cannot achieve. This is just one example of something the Catholic church decided either not to destroy or to leave as a reminder to the people they conquered. We now know of the atrocities that have been committed in the name of the Spanish government and the Roman Catholic church. Here I sit five hundred years later looking out a window and I realized to this day, nothing has been done to rectify this. I believe Catholics should take a look at what their religion has done not only to the people of Peru and their heritage, but to the whole of humanity. Somewhere in all of this there are questions and deeds you and your religion need to answer for. I sadly looked out this same window and I saw these people that stand behind this religion for what they truly are and feel the atrocities it has committed in the name of their God.

Believe it or not I am not here to destroy your religions or remove your faith bases. I have said a thousand times, keep your religion where it belongs, not in my face because you are not the only “Truth” on the block. I went to Peru to find answers and links to a time before your religions were created and came into existence at the end of the sword. Religions used to control the world with the lies and deception that came with the birth of the church and with the creation of false gods. We have had to look a little further back in recent history to see and understand how this was first accomplished at the “First Council of Nicaea” in 325 AD. Constantine decided to follow the dream of Julius Caesar to control the world, with a weapon Caesar could not find or create, Religion was his answer. Especially once they realized how easy it was to manipulate the Christians to do their bidding.

We must take into account theWhy” behind the Romans desire to rule the world at all costs, only for the benefit of Romans, allies and slaves. We see systematic and intentional genocides throughout the Holy “Bloody” Roman Empire that were designed not only to eliminate resistance to this religion but to clear the fields to ensure the power Rome would yield for a further two thousand plus years we can attest to. There are many forms of genocide. One of the favorites of the Catholic church is Identity Genocide and is the one practice that has the longest lasting effect upon the people it is used against. Here in South America I found it to be very effective.

Some may ask why I have taken this stance and have the nerve to be so bold in my wording and my conviction to make aware the damage that can still be seen globally. These atrocities are accepted by the civilized nations and the Mis-storical version is still being taught to this day. How can we as human beings stand by and continue to let these religions get away with their past crimes and the ones they continue to commit in the name of this god. The evidence proves they created this god from parts of dead and decaying oral histories and false beliefs, as Dr. Frankenstein created Frankenstein from parts of dead cadavers. Somehow I don’t believe the Creator will like this very much.

The evidence is in front of us to prove that over the centuries of conquest, the Romans discovered similarities in the cultures as their armies conquered their lands. The Romans found these cultures had two thing in common, they all had false gods and each of these cultures carried forward secrets from the past based on their surviving symbolic and oral histories from the “time” before. The Romans could not have that history laying around un-checked and either destroyed the culture or “Coaxed” them into the fold to protect their new religion’s foundation. Coaxing usually required vast amounts of blood somewhere along the way.

We have to add into the equation that Constantine was a mama’s boy and the fact he was easily manipulated by her. The Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire was swayed and misled by his mother and her circle of power-hungry, greedy, murdering, Roman control freaks that were afraid the end was near for the Roman Empire. We also know now this was inevitable because of the weakness and disease that was falling upon the empire in the centuries before this “Conversion” to Christianity.

We have an advantage from this point in time because there were those that carried forth the truth and were viciously hunted down and eliminated. Their message however, was carried forward for thousands of years as has the religion they were trying to stop. The people that stood up against the church faced fatal consequences and that included a number of colorful processes of elimination, being burned at the stake, boiled or skinned alive, gutted, drawn and quartered in the days of the Inquisitions, condoned by the Vatican and the Popes that were elected into this office by the selected few. Not only did the Spanish Inquisition eliminate resistance within Spain it also sent a message throughout this Holy Roman Empire the consequences of standing against the church, were fatal. It also sent the message they were going to rule the world at all costs, including the elimination of whole family blood lines and complete cultures. When I looked out the window in Cusco it saddened me to know they have hidden links not just to our past but to the future of the Man Kinds in the name of their god and their religions. The Creator ain’t gonna like that either.

Over three years ago Jan Peter de Jong mentioned to me that Alfredo Gamarra believed Cuzco, Peru was the ancient city of Babylon the Great and the Sacred Valley was the land of Babylonia (Babylon, the original). After 4 years or so of research into the possibilities it was, I now believe he was correct. In his theory, the Original Tower of Babel was in Sacsayhuaman which is above the city of Cusco. My friends Jan Peter de Jong and Jesus Gamarra have shown me things that years later make sense that I can’t deny anymore, especially after our, Anne’s and my deep research into these possibilities. When I see the layout of this area in Cusco and the Sacred Valley I try not to forget the surrounding archeological sites that show a type of destruction which I have never seen before, a type of destruction I can honestly say had nothing to do with the Roman Catholic church.

This is a typical pattern of one type of unexplained destruction that has been found in many sites in the Sacsayhuaman Archaeological park. What ever this force was that disintegrated the Blue/Gray Limestone named Etemenanki needs to be identified.

This is a typical pattern of one type of unexplained destruction that has been found in many sites in the Sacsayhuaman Archaeological park. What ever this force was that disintegrated the Blue/Gray Limestone named Etemenanki needs to be identified.

There is however an obvious and deliberate act by said church and there lies the probability that the Roman Catholic church has hidden the true location of the Tower of Babel from archaeologists, researchers and the like. Just as they have done with other information and indeed artifacts from around the globe. All historians and researchers are aware these days that the conquering Romans first port of call was to ensure the destruction of libraries and cultural history, vaults of treasures and scurry them off to Rome. Many researchers believe this knowledge and thousands of artifacts are still hidden deep within the vaults, tunnels and grottos underneath “The Seven Hills” the Vatican sits upon. An excellent example of this practice of cultural rape and one of the biggest cover-ups known to man today, is the destruction and burning of the Library of Alexandria. The Library of Alexandria, as most know, was a storehouse of ancient information collected from a world that existed before the “Egyptians” migrated to Egypt, remember the quote by John Anthony West “Egyptian Culture was not a development, it was a legacy”.

These actions of coverup and deception by the Roman Catholic church and the Crowns of Europe to retain their powers have destroyed and hidden ancient information and knowledge from us and all future generations.

Unless of course there are any volunteers ready to help me break into the Vatican for the evidence to prove it?

(To be continued in Pt. 3)

Kind Regards,
The Rogue Researcher

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