The Rogue in Me: ~The Protos Layers~ Chapter 5

The Rouge in Me

~The Protos-layers~

Chapter 5 

*Note from Chapter 1: I have broken down the timeline into three layers.

The Illusionists- These are the layers from the thirteen thousand five hundred year marker to present. The days of the Illusion.

The Protos: The middle layers that are simply guessed at and ignored by the religious and the mainstream archaeologist due to the implications that would dismantle all modern religion and throw the planet into chaos. (I think I got that correct.)

The Muvian: These are the deepest layers of time. This layer is where the origins of the Man Kinds came from as does most of the mythology of the ancient gods from the lands of Olympus, Asgard and Babylon the Great. (just to name a few)

When I look back through the “layers” at the multitude of civilizations that we have had in our historical past on this planet we now call Earth, I question even more. The picture that has emerged of an ancient past has revealed to me an image that eventually led to the conclusion that “almost everything” we have been told is wrong. I knew things were twisted from a very young age, however I was in for a shock as I dug into the research myself. The distorted and confusing misinformation we were taught surfaced like seaweed on the beach. I found that the little bit we had been taught was just a drop in the ocean of knowledge, understanding and wisdom. It would be ludicrous to think everything we had been taught was completely wrong, however the evidence before us today points to this fact. In 2015, I am finding large and growing circles of people researching into areas of the past we didn’t do with such vigor until the internet became the tool of choice for seeking the truth hidden within the banks of knowledge that may lead us to the answers we seek of our true origins and purpose.

My personal epiphany came with the discovery of the cocaine mummies in the 1970’s. I knew cocaine came from only one continent on the planet and that continent was South America. This information provided proof of global travel and trade between the continents, a fact that we had been told was impossible. I believe we need to take a deeper look into more of these ancient seafaring cultures like, for example, the Phoenicians. The importance of Phoenician culture has been downplayed in the Illusionist layers, however, proof of their seafaring abilities can be found rooted deep into the Protos-layers. We have to ask were the proto-Phoenicians the “Sea Kings”?

The Phoenician Trireme was very capable of sailing the open seas and oceans .

The Phoenician Trireme was very capable of sailing the open seas and oceans.  (pic via wiki)

There were questions I asked myself as I was idling along in the currents on the long mental journey whilst connecting these possibilities that had stacked up over time. I had plenty of questions and as I was digging through them I found a number of them being answered with the addition of the Phoenicians into the overall picture and their shipbuilding and seafaring abilities. Did my answers lie in a land that I had been attracted to since the first time I had read about it? We call it Lebanon, in these present times. The ancient land of the Phoenician Culture and the forests of the Lebanon Cedar which makes for excellent shipbuilding, a craft the Phoenicians are credited with and mastered. Research proves they had ships that were capable of circumnavigating the globe, long before the seafarers were called Phoenician. I knew I needed to investigate further into the deeper layers to seek the connections beyond what we “were” being taught in the Illusionist layers of distorted history.

Information has surfaced over the past five to ten years of archaeological finds which are defined as “Phoenician” in structure and style. They have been found in places as far away as Oklahoma, USA to Queensland, Australia. The Phoenician port discovered in Australia is found at the Freshwater Point site along the east coast. The investigators say it is almost an exact copy of the port in Tyre, of Alexandrian and Phoenician legend. In the region surrounding Freshwater Point there are mining deposits and mountains of ore slags strewn around, a trait the Phoenicians were known for leaving in every place they mined. Not only do we have these multiple ports, mines and maps the Phoenicians left us of Australia, North America and British Isles, they also left us evidence of their presence which is scattered across the seas and deep into continents. We see this in their architecture, trade and in precious goods that were transported globally in the ships the Phoenicians built and sailed. We also see the void in the historical records of the Phoenicians being in these places and was commonly denied until the last decade. Where did that knowledge go?

The evidence that the Phoenicians traded for copper with North American natives from as far inland as Michigan, the Great Lakes region, has been linked through samples of copper found in the Mediterranean Sea Basin. One of the most overlooked connections to the Motherland of Man in North America besides the Phoenicians, is the Iroquois Confederacy that now consists of 6 different Nations, of course this is just my opinion.

I have found these symbols from many places on the planet. Petroglyphs abound.

I have found these symbols from many places on the planet. Petroglyphs abound. Under the incorporations columns in column “C” the 8th one down, I found on a cliff wall in the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

After study and comparing Iroquois symbology to Muvian symbology, I found the majority of their symbology comes directly from the Muvian layers with little variation. It is also known that their DNA is distinctly different from all surrounding Native Nations. This is all based on the research I have at hand that the Iroquois are a root race that survived the Ice Age and the event that triggered the Younger Dryas.

Muvian Symbology is found around the Globe. When did Planet Mu vanish and the Earth begin?

Muvian Symbology is found around the Globe. When did Planet Mu vanish and the Earth we know begin? We find these symbols from Kariong New South Wales Australia on through the deserts and canyons of the American Southwest All the way to Egypt.

The Iroquois Confederacy surrounds the Great Lakes and it is just simple logic that they are an important link to the ancient past. Are the Iroquois, proto-Phoenicians?, the Phoenicians that were cut off when the catastrophe struck in the thirteen thousand five hundred year window that is being commonly accepted nowWe have the evidence in DNA that links cultures across continents and oceans. As of yet we have not found the roots of the Man Kinds.  I like to fall back on a quote from Jesus Gamarra when I feel like banging my head against the wall.

“Science to this day, in the 3 millennium can’t satisfactorily address, much less explain, our Human Origins.” 

Are these answers hidden in the Protos Layers of time? To answer that we must find the roots of each race of Man Kind in the forest to identify the layers the races of Man Kinds evolved in. I find this scenario, in an off hand way, very similar to a hot poker game in a wild west saloon that ended with blood dripping off the table and bodies on the floor. As Independent Research Investigators we need to find and identify the players at the table to enable us to work out how the game was played. The surviving players are the ones dealing the cards in the present. I have a very good idea of who the survivors of that game were, but the faces and names have been changed to protect the guilty. Is all this confusion a deliberate act perpetrated by the ones that wish to blend in with the Man Kinds? These are the kind of questions we need to ask when we get into the Protos Layers and there are many to be answered..Are we playing this game with a stacked deck?

From all the dots that have been connected over the globe in the last five years I sense the proto cultures and civilizations had a common understanding of their individual purpose based on their abilities. In these ancient layers the proto cultures were able to communicate wherever they might be on the planet, symbolically and verbally. Personally, I do not find it hard to believe every continent had their own dialects and forms of verbal communication. It would be absurd to think that the Man Kinds did not have the use of vocal language and that all communication was symbols or telepathic. In some fashion or form they had verbal communication. It is said in many ancient texts there were beings that didn’t speak with voice, they spoke with their minds. When you think of it, don’t we speak with our minds? Sadly it is obvious some don’t speak through their mind, they speak through their @#$%&*s instead. Another genetic modification the Man Kinds must have acquired along the way.

In the modern world we give the Phoenicians, Greeks and Etruscans, Etruscans meaning “Scattered ones”, credit for giving us the format that evolved into the Western worlds twenty six letter alphabet. It became evident as I researched that it was the ancient Sea Kings who must have carried forward the “symbols and syllables” they collected along their global sea routes and brought them home. When I take into consideration the ages of the other two influences, Greek and Etruscan and after analyzing their early seafaring and shipbuilding skills, I do not feel that they were the Ancient Sea Kings. I believe that out of the three choices the Proto Phoenicians were the ones. There is more to that old saying “the cream rises to the top” than we give it credit for. Is there some odd reason other than just beating the odds, that “Phonetics” is the proverbial cream that has risen globally within verbal and written language, post Symbology? We have seen complete languages, Turkish for one that have been converted into the phonetic spellings utilizing the twenty six letter alphabet slowly over the past few centuries. Turkey’s written language was changed almost overnight under the leadership of Ataturk. Are we witnessing an emergence of a common language returning to the planet? Maybe not in its original form, but eventually I predict it will be global.

The other day Jesus Gamarra and I were having a conversation about language structures being a linguistic link to the root languages. We both agree we can’t define the Original Root Language at this time because of the confusion we have within the structures of language itself, written or verbal.

Jesus Gamarra, the son of Alfredo Gamarra and I having a discussion on the borderline between the Hanan and Uran Pacha layers at the Zone-X. Jesus named this site in 1968 after years of exploring the above ground and below ground enigmas of the zone. The large stone in front of me has drawn me back many times to analyze it because I know there is something to this one that makes it different in its own way. Do you believe in Giants?

Jesus Gamarra, the son of Alfredo Gamarra and I having a discussion on the borderline between the Hanan and Uran Pacha layers at the Zone-X. Jesus named this site in 1968 after years of exploring the aboveground and belowground enigmas of the zone.  I found that there is much to be added by the Gamarra theories to the overall picture and as I suspected it is a very deep history we have under our feet.

He shared with me research he had found connecting the structure of the English language to the Quechua language spoken in Peru. It did sound a bit odd at first because along the way, Anne and I have found the Quechua speaking people are of deep oriental descent. The Quechua Inca’s obvious psychical structure and appearance is oriental and their music rings of ancient Oriental tones, rhythms and modes. I believe that the Pythagorean Theory applies when connecting these ancient cultures on this global scale without a doubt: music, math and mode will reveal migration paths and ancient connections that the Mainstream Society is ignoring in the search for our ancient origins. The Quechua language is one of the many connections we have found that suggest very ancient links between the mainlands of Asia, China, North America and South America and is one that the Peruvians recognize fully. Jesus brought up the fact we now have a connection to the other side of the planet connected by the structure of the English language. Linguistics, music, symbology, psychical structure and features all play an important role in this Big Picture and they do not lie. 

The connections between these continents and large islands are there and it is well known in some circles how deep the connections go. From my point of view based on my research, the Phoenicians are without a doubt from the Protos-layers. I do not know how many times I have asked what did the Greeks and Romans destroy when they conquered the last outpost of the Phoenicians and what did they pillage? The Phoenicians were some sneaky individuals I do believe and had hordes of treasures and knowledge stashed away. We know that Alexander the Great found Phoenician maps when he conquered Phoenicia in 333 BC. I believe the knowledge of these maps is the reason why the Romans conquered Phoenicia in 164 BC in a slow manner after conquering Greece. The Romans found the maps the Greeks took when they conquered Phoenicia which in turn the Romans found when they conquered Greece and discovered where the maps had been made. The Romans took their time gaining control of Phoenicia to make sure they collected as much information of the world before they could gather. Remembering that “He that controls the past controls the future”

Piri Reis map of 1546 made from ancient and existing maps.

Piri Reis map of 1546 made from ancient and existing maps.

The Romans had not seen maps like this before and their scholars were at a loss in the beginning days of their study. More than once I have pondered this question of reasoning. Was this the reasoning behind the scholars of the time believing the world was flat? I envision them opening up the charts and maps used to create the Piri Ries map for the first time. I see them spreading the charts and maps out on a table and saying “Yes!!! the world is Flat”, especially with all the unknown territories, continents and oceans being exposed to them for the first time. While entertaining this thought remember we are dealing with a time where time itself has been warped and folded to present a picture of a false history and we must not forget the timeline they have provided us is absolutely incorrect.

Who were the Phoenicians in these early Protos layers. Were the proto-Phoenicians direct descendents from the Muvian layers? I have also asked myself were the Phoenicians the Maya also? We now know the Egyptians migrated from the “Lands of Mu” and as I researched deeper I found that the name Maya, was what a traveler of Mu was called. That question led me to another one, was this mythological continent the capital of the world? James Churchward’s translations call the proto Egyptians, Mayax. Valmiki wrote in the Ramayana, “The Mayas were mighty navigators whose ships traveled from the Western to the Eastern oceans and from the Southern to the Northern seas in ages so remote the sun had not risen above the horizon”.

After careful study we see the migration paths the Egyptians took and the distances they had to cover which very well could have taken thousands of years after the destruction of the Muvian civilization. (Mu being the world as they knew it. The global structure collapsed with the destruction of the global communication device, which we believe was the Original Tower of Babel. Not only did they lose the leadership they lost their direction as a global unit as a direct result of losing the established hierarchy within the Muvian Global Civilization. They were a one world government from what the evidence is revealing to me.)

Now that I think about it I have never seen a record of how long it took them to migrate to Egypt from either direction whether it was via Burma or Atlantis. I believe we need to ask where they are myself knowing we will never get that answer. In my research I have come to seriously question the chain of events we have in our historical timeline concerning the “Proto” Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Armenians, Magyars, Persians, Phoenicians, Maya and Uyghurs. We know the historical facts are written by the victor and his-story has been changed and twisted by all involved including the newly formed religions.

To see into the Protos-Layers we must look at them as layers of panes of glass, stacked like the skin of an onion on top of each other. We must also stand back and look at the image we see from a distant point, like zooming out on Google Earth checking out an object on the ground. We must look at this stack of onion skins from all sides, bottom and top. Using this method of observation reveals things to us that have been hidden by intentional destruction, time or by catastrophe.

Let’s take a brief look at another sub-category in the catastrophe folder. Let’s take a look at the scars left on humanity created by Identity Genocide, which is a stronger descriptive term than the old saying “the Victor writes His-story”.

We have a case of identity genocide emerging into view from the days the global civilization failed and plummeted the survivors into a world of mayhem, war, murder and cannibalism. During this time there were decisions made by the survivors to hide these facts from the future generations. The reason behind this, as explained to me by members of the clergy was; “The decision makers felt that the human mind was too weak to handle the knowledge that such destruction could happen at any given moment without warning and would undermine that civilization’s evolution and regrowth.” Did humanity sink so low the masses agreed to this or were they forced into acceptance by eliminating the voices that spoke against this decision?

There were Cultures who deliberately, over long periods of time, wrote out and eliminated the history of the Mu civilization. I can’t honestly say who was first to do this, however, I believe ancient India and ancient China were the first intact surviving cultures from Mu to do so. Based on my research into Identity Genocide, from my position I have to say I think ancient India was first. I have since found as many discrepancies in the definitions and meanings of India’s symbology as I have found in the tales we find surrounding Adam and Eve and its sugar coated version of the creation. But alas, that is another issue to be brought up later.

Churchward map of Mu and its migratory routes. He shows established routes in ages denied by present day teachings. The Amazon basin is an Inland sea.

Churchward map of Mu and its migratory routes. He shows established routes in ages denied by present day teachings. The Amazon basin is an Inland sea. I believe he has exaggerated the size of Mu and Atlantis in this map to emphasize their importance and reach. I am finding a few variables missing from the equation that should be added. For one, the Expanding Earth theory because it makes way too much sense.

While we are on the subject of discrepancies, I would like to bring up a few possible points of view. In researching these connections I spoke of earlier that I was following the connections between Mu and the West Coast of the United States and South America, I found possible connections to many ancient myths based in the Mediterranean Sea Basin in Jesus Gamarra‘s book titled “Paraywaso”. I have only read portions of the book as I cannot read Spanish, however, with help we had some of it translated and in its rough translation there was enough information to extract the Peruvian angle and evidence that these Ancient Cultures came to Peru by the sea with access from both sides of the Continent. Was the Sacred Valley the City of Kings as Gamarra presents? 

 Deciphering the hidden and metaphoric messages incorporated into the story within these myths will lead us to a better understanding of the layers of time they cover. It is autocratically assumed when we hear a Greek or Roman myth, the myth or legend has a Roman or Greek face and the ships they sailed were the same. Why is that? Because His-Story has told us so? How much of “His-”Story” was really his? Weighing in on the smaller details hidden within Myth and Legend will reveal connections to a reality that seem to be impossible at first.

 Kind Regards, Bob NewThe Rogue Researcher

The pink granite stones stand in the "Temple del Sol" or "The sun Temple" at the Ollantaytambo Archaeological site. Gamarra believed these stones came from the world he calls the Hanan Pacha Layers. Myself due to my research path I call these layers Muvian. Which I believe we are seeing stones as Gamarra says, from the book of Genesis. Remembering also that the book of Genesis was written eons after the fact.

The pink granite stones stand in the “Temple del Sol” or “The Sun Temple” at the Ollantaytambo Archaeological site. Gamarra believed these stones came from the world he calls the Hanan Pacha Layers based on the methods of extracting and utilizing the evidence before him. Myself, due to my research path I call these layers Muvian. Which I believe we are seeing stones as Gamarra says, from the book of Genesis and the dawn of the Man Kinds. Remembering also that the book of Genesis was written eons after the fact.

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2 Responses to The Rogue in Me: ~The Protos Layers~ Chapter 5

  1. Hey Bob,
    That’s a whole lot to take in and even though I knew there were many things that are half truths, outright lies and fabrications we’re taught, I still have to sit back and try to digest all you’ve put forward here. It makes so much more sense than what I thought I knew and it just feels right. Many more questions are answered and the time line fits much better.
    Thank you for sharing your work so generously, Bob!

    Bob Graminal


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