Palestine- the Land Time Forgot

Research diary on Palestine

As described on Google; Palestine, A “territory” in the Middle East on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. In biblical times Palestine comprised the kingdoms of Lebanon, Israel and Judah. The land was controlled at various times by the Egyptian, Assyrian, Persian, Greek and Roman empires before being conquered by the Arabs in ad 634.
Personally, I find that a very shallow definition of a land who’s history goes much further into the historical records, much further as we are revealing the deeper layers of time with every unturned stone on our research paths.

In this series we wish to bring forth unspoken history that has been distorted and confused especially over the past 3,000 years by conspiracy by the church and the governmental practices of rewriting his-story. A conspiracy, I believe that has been repeated since the end of the original beginning, at the end of the 1st world, one of the original sins. The picture I have created exposes the root of the conflict going on between Israel and Palestine. This war has beginnings that we seem to have forgotten and have allowed to be distorted beyond recognition. I also ask, How can we stand by and allow our histories to be rewritten in front of our eyes and accept the one that has been sold to us? When the evidence before us proves we live a lie, because lies are what we have been told for thousands of years.
In the Biblical tales written by the Jews we are told the Jews carved out their “State of Israel” from the lands of Canaan, claiming their God commanded them by murder and mayhem to destroy the Canaanites. Nonetheless, following divine orders, the Israeli soldiers “destroyed with the sword every living thing in it—men and women, young and old, cattle, sheep and donkeys” (6:21). The book of Joshua presented me with a troubling question: “How can a God of love command his followers to destroy an entire nation of people”? Just for living and owning the land. The Canaanites had lived on their lands for centuries before Joshua and his people came to claim it for themselves. While some in Canaan fought against God’s people in defense they were destroyed as a result, others did not attempt armed aggression against Israel. The people of Jericho for instance, retreated inside their city walls and mounted no attack against the Jews. Who issued these orders and how can we stand back and believe their deception we call, controlled propaganda? The lands of Canaan belonged to the Phoenicians and if one studies history they would know the Phoenicians were the Sea Kings of the planet. Why would “God” want them gone? Truth be known, the Greeks under Alexander the Great, conquered Phoenicia in 334 BC.


In its time the lands of Phoenicia was known as Canaan and is the land referenced in the Hebrew Scriptures to which Moses led the Israelites from Egypt and which Joshua then conquered. (Now here is an interesting point this is all according to the biblical books of Exodus and Joshua, but uncorroborated by other ancient texts and unsupported by the physical evidence thus far excavated). According to the historian Richard Miles, the people of the land recognized “a shared ethnic identity as Can’nai, inhabitants of the land of Canaan yet, despite a common linguistic, cultural, and religious inheritance, the region was very rarely politically united, with each city operating as a sovereign state ruled over by a king”. The city-states of Phoenicia flourished through maritime trade between 1500-322 BCE when the major cities were conquered by Alexander the Great and, after his death (Alexander’s murder), the region became a battleground in the fight between his generals for succession and empire. Artifacts from the region have been found as far away as Britannia (The United Kingdom) and as close as Egypt. It is very clear that Phoenician luxury goods were highly prized by the cultures with whom they traded but the question rises, “Where did they get all their goods and how far did they really sail the seas to get them”? There is an Identical duplicate of the port of Tyre found in NSW Australia and it has been proven they mined copper from the Great Lakes region in North America also, which indicates they were more than qualified to be the Ancient Sea Kings.

So in order to flash forward leaving the false history behind we must remember the Romans conquered the lands of Phoenicia after the Greeks. Which further confuses the issues as to who the lands of Canaan truly belonged to.
I wish to move to a closer moment in time where it seems to get very confusing as to who, what, when and how this land ended back up in the Jewish hands. And ask what gives them the right to commit the Genocide we witness today in Palestine? That answer will come up as we go on and it isn’t pretty.
I have found nothing that will ever change my mind that the Jews “do not” own that land nor have the right to commit such an atrocity in this day and age, based on a pack of lies and distorted history. Let me start in the decades before WWll erupted when Hitler was looking for a Peaceful resolution to the Jewish problem in Germany. but first we need to take a look at a beginning of the movement and the time involved bringing this action at play. 

The Birth of Zionism:

Theodor Herzl (1860-1904)


Became the 1st President of the World Zionist Organization in 1897 established by the World Zionist Congress.

Our first objective is… The obtaining of sovereignty, assured by international law, over a portion of the globe sufficiently large to satisfy our requirements.”

Let sovereignty be granted us over a portion of the Earth’s surface large enough to satisfy our rightful requirements as a nation. The rest we shall manage for ourselves.”

  Nahum Sokolow (1859-1936)

nahum-sokolow-zionistIn 1906 he became the secretary general of the World Zionist Congress founded in 1897 by Zionist founder Theoodor Herzl. Sokolow was a leading advocate of the Balfour Declaration presented in 1917. I don’t want to leave a void between the Balfour Declaration in connecting the events between then and the pact Hitler made with the Zionist that gave them the foothold in Palestine. Not that the events are unimportant I believe is the end result of that seed flowering. So let us flash forward to a couple decades later. I borrowed this from the because it covers a bunch of ground and is quite accurate.


Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in January 1933 and on the 7th August 1933 he entered into a Pact with representatives of the World Jewish Agency, the future Leaders of Israel. The Pact was called the ‘Haavara’ Agreement. ‘Haavara in Hebrew means much like, ‘Moving house’.

Hitler considered the Haavara Agreement to be a top priority for his administration and by November of 1933 it was in full swing and it kept functioning until at least 1942.

The German Interior Ministry was made responsible for the logistics of the scheme and the Reichsbank and the German Treasury were responsible for financing the mass emigration.

According to the Jewish Author Tom Segev, the Haavara Agreement saved the World Jewish Agency from bankruptcy.

While Jewish students were being evicted from German schools the Jewish Agency set up schools in Germany for Jewish students. Jewish Teachers were bought to Germany from Palestine and everything was paid for by the Nazis. Not only were these Schools and teachers paid for by the Nazis but there was absolutely no interference from the Nazis as to the teaching curriculum.

As well as Jewish Schools the Nazis set up Adult training programs to prepare the Jewish youth for life in Palestine. The first Kibbutz farm was set up in Germany.


The Jewish Youth Organisation in Germany was called the ‘BETAR’, (aka. Bethar) they wore brown uniforms and the Nazis allowed them to hold Meetings, Seminars, Summer Camps, Sports meetings, Go Sailing, Go Tramping in the countryside and hand out Patriotic leaflets about Zionism. The Betar was the Jewish/ Zionist Version of the HJ (Hitler Jugend).

One day a small group of SS men attacked a Betar Summer Camp and the Camp Leader complained to the local Gestapo. A few days later the Gestapo called the Betar Camp Leader to inform him that the offending SS Men had been punished and would he (the Betar Camp Leader) please inform the Gestapo what would be an acceptable payment for damages.

Sounds incredible doesn’t it, that the Gestapo punished the SS for damaging Jewish property, and then paying for the damage.


Dr Werner Feilchenfeld who was General Manager for the Haavara Trust from 1936 until 1942 gives the pure monetary costs at 139.6 Million Reichsmark and this did not include the mass of material and equipment also sent to Palestine, this material included Coal, Iron and Metal products and machines for Desalinating Sea water. From 1933 – 1941 around 100 Jewish settlements were built in West Galilea.

Since the end of the war many Jews have called the Haavara Agreement a Pact with the Devil, but Nahum Goldman described the Agreement as being quote; ‘an indispensable factor in the creation of the state of Palestine.’

The Arabs however were so concerned, by the close co-operation between the Nazis and the Zionists that they became convinced that Hitler must be a Jew who was just trying to establish a Jewish State throughout the Middle East.



 Translation: “A Nazi travels to Palestine

In 1933 and 1934 The SS Untersturmführer Leopold Itz von Mildenstein from the SS Office for Jewish Affairs, traveled to Palestine on fact finding missions and he was accompanied on these tours by a number of Zionist officials. Although his first tour was planned for five months, v Mildenstein stayed over 6 months. He became a welcome guest at many Kibbutz Farms.

His PRO-Zionist report, later printed in the Reichspropaganda Ministry Official magazine ‘ANGRIFF’ with the title ‘A Nazi travels to Palestine’ (Ein Nazi fährt nach Palästina ‘) was so filled with praise and compliments about the work being done by the German Jewish settlers in Palestine that Goebbels had a special coin minted in honor of the Co-operation. The coin had a Star of David on one side and a Swastika on the other side. In recognition of this coin, Palestine’s largest fruit growing firm decorated its Placard Advertising signs for Jaffa Oranges, with a huge portrait of King David flanked by Swastika flags.


In 1935 Germany introduced strict race laws, regulating who was considered to be a German and who not.

Instead of being upset by these laws, the head of the German Jewish Community and Head of Germany’s Zionist Movement Mr Georg Kareski gave an interview to the SS magazine ‘ANGRIFF’ printed on the 23 December 1935 in which he said he had been trying for years to find a method to keep the two races (Germans & Jews) separate, and he considered the race laws from the 15th Sept 1935 supported the Jewish desires. The Jews had been struggling against assimilation for nearly 2000 years and they needed such laws to support them in their struggle.


Dr Feilchenfeld managed to get six further European countries to sign up to the Haavara Agreement but Gestapo Reports from 16th January 1937 reveal there was an enormous amount of growing opposition to the Haavara Agreement coming from powerful Jewish circles in the USA who were concerned that their own sphere of influence was dwindling with every Jew that emigrated or was deported from Europe. In other words American Jewish Power in Europe was dependent on having as many Jews in Europe as they could possibly have.

As well as the American Jews, not all Jews were Zionists and many of these had been doing well financially living in Europe and didn’t want to leave. Many of these Jews were extremely rich and powerful and they had started to use their influence to sabotage the Haavara Agreement. They set up armed resistance and agitator groups to fight against Hitlers idea. They also spread fabricated ‘atrocity’ propaganda about how badly Jews were being treated in Germany. This propaganda was designed to swing world opinion against Hitlers Haavara Pact.

From 1936 many thousands of German / Jewish men actually went to Spain to fight for the Bolsheviks against Gen Franco and found themselves facing members of Germany’s Condor Legion…the first time Germans and Jews had been in direct armed conflict.

Another source of resistance was coming from Hitler himself who was also having second thoughts about setting up a Jewish Nation State. He realized that by helping setup a Jewish Nation State, and sending thousands of Jews to that State, he was actually giving all those Jewish forces who were gathering themselves against him, Money, Manpower and a central gathering point.

Although the Haavara Agreement continued right on into WW2, most of the Jews that were later allowed to leave Germany were not of military age.

Hitler had already made other plans for the Jews, and they were to;

a) Make young and healthy Jews work for their food and lodgings in factories and

b) Resettle all other Jews in Western Russia south of Minsk until after the war finished.

In 1942 there was another change in policy when the Grand Mufti of Palestine enters the picture. He had been around for decades but there was an unlikely marriage between Hitler, Jerusalem, Palestine and the launching of the Nazi Jihad in the Middle East. Amin al-Husseni and Hitler met on November 28th, 1941.

Adolf And Husseini

Hitler and the Grand Mufti, Amin al-Husseini in 1941. source wiki

This meeting blossomed into the assassination squads that plagued the supporters of the Jewish migration into Palestine initiated by Hitler in the early 1930’s. Amin al-Husseini was forced to flee from Palestine and headed to Germany where he started working directly with Himmler after his initial meeting with Hitler. The Mufti started broadcasting on Nazi radio out of Berlin and was cast all throughout the Middle East spreading the anti Jewish message that led to the rise of Hamas and the PLO, Palestine Liberation Organization. Which Arafat was the Grand Mufti’s nephew and both organizations are based off of the anti-Jew rhetoric the Grand Mufti started via his broadcasts from Berlin. He had the best on the planet behind his Psychological Propaganda that was spread around the Middle East. Amin al-Husseni wanted to administer the “Final Solution” in the Middle East delivered by portable gas chambers mounted on large trucks which never came to fruition, however the seeds he planted via the Broadcasts from Berlin are still growing today.
When the Grand Mufti returned to Palestine he was greeted as a hero.

Here is a little bit more information I found while I was digging I found very interesting about others and their concern for this Zionist movement. That seems to have been ignored and pushed aside for reasons not fully understood at this time. We do know that an agenda was put in motion in 1897 that has been a mulch-generational struggle to gain control of that reasonable section of the Globe that they plan on managing the rest.

New Palestine Party. Visit of Menachen Begin and Aims of Political Movement Discussed. A letter to The New York Times. Saturday December 4, 1948 by Albert Einstein, Hannah Arendt, Sidney Hook,

New Palestine Party. Visit of Menachen Begin and Aims of Political Movement Discussed. A letter to The New York Times, published in the “Books” section (Page 12) of Saturday December 4, 1948

by Albert Einstein, Hannah Arendt, Sidney Hook,

Source: Text from original microfilm

Among the most disturbing political phenomena of our times is the emergence in the newly created state of Israel of the “Freedom Party” (Tnuat Haherut), a political party closely akin in its organization, methods, political philosophy and social appeal to the Nazi and Fascist parties. It was formed out of the membership and following of the former Irgun Zvai Leumi, a terrorist, right-wing, chauvinist organization in Palestine.
The current visit of Menachem Begin, leader of this party, to the United States is obviously calculated to give the impression of American support for his party in the coming Israeli elections, and to cement political ties with conservative Zionist elements in the United States. Several Americans of national repute have lent their names to welcome his visit. It is inconceivable that those who oppose fascism throughout the world, if correctly informed as to Mr. Begin’s political record and perspectives, could add their names and support to the movement he represents.
Before irreparable damage is done by way of financial contributions, public manifestations in Begin’s behalf, and the creation in Palestine of the impression that a large segment of America supports Fascist elements in Israel, the American public must be informed as to the record and objectives of Mr. Begin and his movement.
The public avowals of Begin’s party are no guide whatever to its actual character. Today they speak of freedom, democracy and anti-imperialism, whereas until recently they openly preached the doctrine of the Fascist state. It is in its actions that the terrorist party betrays its real character; from its past actions we can judge what it may be expected to do in the future.

Attack on Arab Village
A shocking example was their behavior in the Arab village of Deir Yassin. This village, off the main roads and surrounded by Jewish lands, had taken no part in the war, and had even fought off Arab bands who wanted to use the village as their base. On April 9 (THE NEW YORK TIMES), terrorist bands attacked this peaceful village, which was not a military objective in the fighting, killed most of its inhabitants (240 men, women, and children) and kept a few of them alive to parade as captives through the streets of Jerusalem. Most of the Jewish community was horrified at the deed, and the Jewish Agency sent a telegram of apology to King Abdullah of Trans-Jordan. But the terrorists, far from being ashamed of their act, were proud of this massacre, publicized it widely, and invited all the foreign correspondents present in the country to view the heaped corpses and the general havoc at Deir Yassin.
The Deir Yassin incident exemplifies the character and actions of the Freedom Party.
Within the Jewish community they have preached an admixture of ultra-nationalism, religious mysticism, and racial superiority. Like other Fascist parties they have been used to break strikes, and have themselves pressed for the destruction of free trade unions. In their stead they have proposed corporate unions on the Italian Fascist model.
During the last years of sporadic anti-British violence, the IZL and Stern groups inaugurated a reign of terror in the Palestine Jewish community. Teachers were beaten up for speaking against them, adults were shot for not letting their children join them. By gangster methods, beatings, window-smashing, and wide-spread robberies, the terrorists intimidated the population and exacted a heavy tribute.
The people of the Freedom Party have had no part in the constructive achievements in Palestine. They have reclaimed no land, built no settlements, and only detracted from the Jewish defense activity. Their much-publicized immigration endeavors were minute, and devoted mainly to bringing in Fascist compatriots.

Discrepancies Seen
The discrepancies between the bold claims now being made by Begin and his party, and their record of past performance in Palestine bear the imprint of no ordinary political party. This is the unmistakable stamp of a Fascist party for whom terrorism (against Jews, Arabs, and British alike), and misrepresentation are means, and a “Leader State” is the goal.
In the light of the foregoing considerations, it is imperative that the truth about Mr. Begin and his movement be made known in this country. It is all the more tragic that the top leadership of American Zionism has refused to campaign against Begin’s efforts, or even to expose to its own constituents the dangers to Israel from support to Begin.

The undersigned therefore take this means of publicly presenting a few salient facts concerning Begin and his party; and of urging all concerned not to support this latest manifestation of fascism.

New York, Dec. 2, 1948

This work is assumed to be released into the public domain as a public manifesto or open letter which is not known to be licensed.

  I take no sides, I put forward the arguments and the historical facts provided by both sides of the coin. I feel that the facts speak for themselves in this case and that we have been duped beyond recognition since the beginning of this particular layer of time. We have and still are infiltrated on a daily basis. However, the agenda is a long term one – a VERY long term agenda indeed – these people have learnt the knack of sitting back and drip feeding through generations if not eons! – Beware the person sitting next to you – some of the “nicest” and “progressive” seemingly unattached people are in fact part of the agenda. Remember, His-story is always written by the victors – think about that for a second or two if you have the time.
Kind Regards,

The Rogue Researcher, Bob Newton

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