Voices in the Winds – Part 2

Dating the Ages of time through Global Connective Stonework, Legend and Myth  

Part two



The tower Museum/Statue of Pachacutec, the 9th Sapa Inka on record, emerging out of the morning mist in Cusco, Peru. In the background the sun is cresting the Divine Apus (Divine Peaks) of the Central Andes representing a beginning point of humanoid existence, out there somewhere in the far distance.                                                                                                                                                              (Photo credit; the Rogue Researcher)

  As researchers, I believe we have to look back as far into the darkness of time as possible to comprehend the importance of placing the ages of planetary humanoid existence in their correct order.  Only by doing this, can we understand the depths of planetary history. Most researchers know stonework can’t be dated at this present time with accuracy. The reliance on the pot shard theory (PST) by the academics, just doesn’t hold water when it comes to dating and placing these enigmas in their proper order utilizing the PST method. By studying the megalithic sites in Cusco, Peru-the Sacred Valley and comparing them with other works in stone globally, I believe that’s similar global connective stonework can be tentatively placed into  their different layers in time or ages, thus  leading us to revealing and accepting the enormous voids in our current historical timeline, that are not accepted nor seen by most. How can this be done? It seems to be a big question and a task academics has yet to clarify or classify correctly. The methodology behind the president methods of clarification is very reductionistic  and  designed to bore people to death. Compartmentalization will be the death of the academic arena, in my not so humble opinion.


The view from the Independent Research side of the arena, we find  most academics to be surrounded by walls of stone, in stone compartments that restricts cross disciplinary bridging of the disciplines, that at present, control history and how and when it is released to the public. I am reminded constantly of when I received my copy of Project Bluebook in 1971 and opened it up for the first time. If you have ever opened one up you would know what I mean.               (Photo credit Annie Newton @ Tambomachay)

  One of the benefits of me being an amateur, I do not have to fear for my job nor my position in any academic establishment and therefore can present my views based on my personal research into the myriad of arenas. I believe most Independent Researchers  hope to achieve clarification and contextual expertise with the ad-hoc assistance from the varying sciences, disciplines and of course other independent researchers. As they say, “the devil is in the details” and as a researcher, one must pay attention to the sometimes elusive details. Everyday is a learning experience and I am proud to say that I have learned from some of the best fellow researchers and academics around today and I love it. I have come to the conclusion, Freedom of Choice over whom you learned from has its advantages in the long run.


Paying attention to details sometimes has to be done in abstract and disassociated manner. Some call it Pareidolia and I agree some is, however, when there’s so much of it concentrated in one region we must continue looking for more pieces.                                                                                (Photo credit: The Rogue Researcher @ Tambomachay)

If I said I never missed a detail in my personal research and indeed my everyday job, I’d be lying to be quite honest, because I have missed details that were right in front of me, “hidden in plain sight” so to speak. To enable a true and rounded picture one must rely on a team of people from all backgrounds and disciplines. If one of the team missed a detail, the other has your back and from the contextual research perspective, when studying details and data, whether it be an independent archaeological geological etc. assembling a team of disciplines amateur or papered to research and assess a particular site or artifact is of the utmost importance. This multidisciplined, contextual analysis is in my opinion, the only way forward in which we can truly discover the truth within the historical layers of time.

Tambomachay 2A

The outstretched hand at Tambomachay, just over the hill from Sacsaywaman, hidden in plain sight for almost 2 years before the hand revealed itself to us and that was after numerous visits to Tambomachay. So this is proof it pays  to review one’s research because one or two passes is never enough to reveal what is hidden in plain sight. because what is hidden in plain sight might be pointing to something we have been missing and I plan on looking for.                                    (Photo credit: Annie Newton)

  As regards to the importance of  global connective stonework, there are indicators arriving from various disciplines revealing to us, a very ancient global “Civilization-X” on a very different sized planet Earth, with varying gravitational densities and atmospheric conditions! Whether they, the academics realize it or not, that combined information is very important in the overall picture and remains obscured for the most part due to compartmentalization among the disciplines. This place is so deep in time, in the deepest and distant past, so deep that we can’t and never will fathom its tale. Uh, or can we piece some of this picture together for future researchers to explore beyond the frontiers of reductionistic research methods and acceptance standing in our way today. Do we have evidence of a time, a time in a deep and distant past when living stone was available in a semi-soft state in layers of time that were from before and during Pangea’s great Reign? When the Man-Kinds walked the planet with the dinosaurs?

I believe someday we will have those missing links revealed to us as the cream rises to the top of this new batch of information that has been gathered lately.


The Colina Suchuna at Sacsaywaman is a Diorite magma  extrusion, that was forced up through a very thick layer of limestone, full of grottoes and cave-tunnel systems below the massive mound it deposited on the surface.                                                                                                                                  (Photo credit: Bob Newton, the Rogue Researcher)


Within each vast layer of time we have many layers stacked on top of the other  and compressed so tightly together, we believe it is one era in time until we start peeling the layers  apart.    (Photo credit: the Rogue Researcher in the Apu Pitusuray)

   There are three layers of time in my opinion that is worthy of defining in this day and age in a time when most people are flocking to that 12,000 to 13,000 year marker of the Younger Dryas impact and global flooding event. That year marker is where I draw the line between the Protos Ages and the Illusionist Layers. There are two ages before the Illusionist Layers. Remember I do not go past the Mt. Toba explosion at this time and will not delude myself by believing that before the event there wasn’t a great civilization that existed for 7 Periods of Time. From my stand on the beach, the Mt. Toba eruption was the final fate of the Muvian Empires and from the ashes rose…… The Atlantes , maybe?

The Muvian;  

Mt Etna 2015

The first world was destroyed by fire, soot, ash  and acid rains that lasted for decades.  This is a view of the volcanic eruption at Mount Etna’s Vorgaine crater on December 03, 2015 in Sicily, Italy. Can you imagine an eruption 100 times the size  of this small one?                                      (Photo Credit: Marco Restivo- http://www.barcroftindia.com)

The Protos;


The second world-The Protos Layers; these layers are obscured by the illusionist that have rewritten our history globally to ensure that control the future by hiding our past. In the Protos Layers we have evidence mounting that they are the ones myth and legend are written about. (Photo credit; Annie Newton, Victoria Peak, Ollantaytambo Peru)

The Illusionist;

Castles made of sand (2)

The Third World-created by comet and flood: the Illusionist Layers;   When one studies the ancient past,  within any series of layers, we see the ruling classes of many ancient and modern societies  have slowly removed the connections to ancient times from our historical records. This is the layer we live in now, an amnesiac layer brought on by consequence and deliberate alteration. Through deliberate manipulation of our history  in the name of religion and government as well as both terrestrial and non-terrestrial catastrophic events, we in the third world, the Illusionist layers, have forgotten our origins.                                                                                And so castles made from Sand, fall in the sea, eventually. Jimi Hendrix                                             (Photo credit: Wiki)

  I have found by using these three basic layers as a tentative starting point, one can then ensure that information, data, artifacts etc-are movable objects which can be slotted into the varying layers of time or indeed moved between the layers as new research, scientific findings and of course as new data is provided. A true researcher must ensure flexibility of theory and be willing to update and versify as this new information reaches the public. One also must take into consideration and extrapolate data from one of the thousands of myths and legends which are still with us today, even though their meanings have been exaggerated and/or bastardize over the year’s. Coupled with the now obvious and accepted out of place artifacts that keep popping up over the years, connections are being, if not actually solved by both the mainstream academics and Independent Researchers.

 The Hopi fourth and fifth world prophecies fit within these three core layers,  from the ending of the first to present and we have seen most of the prophecies come true, just a note. To briefly and initially described how the Hopi five world prophecies fit within this three layer model I have chosen to use the Hopi mythology and prophecy in my scenario, as their teachings and descriptive text outline the model fairly well. According to the Hopi, their first world was destroyed by fire, the second by ice and the third by flood. It is amazing how the mythological and Hopi oral historical events have in fact aligned with many accepted and some not yet accepted chronicled catastrophic events.


The rising Phoenix ( artists unknown photo from Internet)

Just like the Phoenix, the Hopi have risen from the fires of catastrophic destruction as many other man-kind’s have done, however, I have yet to find alignments like the Hopi present. In the Hopi’s first world, the demise of mankind refers to an event in which “clouds of ash  and acid rains covered the globe for six years before they started breaking up”. There was an explosion so tremendous, so resounding the experience, that in fact, the explosion was heard around the globe. I believe I have enough evidence that this Hopi legend aligns the so-called Mt. Toba eruption. The Mt Toba event was a terrestrial catastrophic event that affected the whole planet at the time. This event has tentatively been dated at around 70,000 to 85,000 years ago. Was this when life on earth rebooted and rebounded into the age of Atlantis? The Hopi go on to describe further catastrophic global events, “Temperatures plummeted and triggered a round of ice that just ended somewhere around 13,000 years ago”. Both of these events would explain the Hopi submergence myths and indeed could explain the myriad of underground dwellings that are being brought to the forefront thanks to independent researchers, GPR and satellite technology.

If indeed the Hopi are survivors of the big event, as were others globally which we can now slot into the equation e.g. Gobleki Tepe, Derinkuyu, the Ant-People of the Hopi (The Annunaki, meaning Ant Friend) we must therefore surmise that the second world, the Protos-layers commence around the 75,000 year mark. Post catastrophism, we as a species were plunged into a post-traumatic scenario that wasn’t something to witness. the post traumatic scenario created the void  that allowed humanity to slip into a state of deep amnesia. The surviving humanoids were left to start all over again in their hidden away pockets that allowed survivors, within the Protos-layers, layers that have been all but forgotten, however, they left us messages and left us their signs they were here and here and here and over there also. Those messages were written in stones, can’t you hear them speaking? so for my own personal sanity when it comes to measuring time I have tried to keep it simple. The linear standardized timeline and all its related time periods become more and more confusing as new information, data and indeed artifacts, space new artifacts come to the forefront. To imagine engage historical global events requires a more nontraditional and flexible approach. Layers-layers of time. Utilizing the layers technique allows for anomalies, as a place artifacts to stand out and find their place which gives us the ability to see, space if all but briefly behind the smokescreen. Remember, history and historical facts are always written by the victor and what we hear is His-Story.

Thank you for reading, see you next time.

Kind regards, Bob Newton, the Rogue Researcher 

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Bob and Anne have been working together for the past 7 years connecting ancient cultures and their migratory paths around the planet. Time and research into these ancient connections have produced results that have connected the continents in times said to be impossible just a short time ago. Join them, US, as we continue to share what we find along the way. Anne Tittensor, an Independent Researcher, specialising in Global Connective Stonework, Global Connective Symbology and Ancient Quantum Physics. Originally from Scotland, I have travelled the world seeking evidence of a lost civilisation from Turkey to Peru, from Easter Island to America and beyond. visit @: https://annetittensor.wordpress.com/ The Rogue Researcher AKA Bob Newton, is an independent researcher that has been researching heavily for the past 8 years into the history behind the Mis-Story we have been taught. Specialising in the Lost Continent of MU, The Rogue Researcher investigates clues to our hidden past. Clues that are hidden in plain sight. visit @: https://therogueresearcher.wordpress.com/
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