The Rogue in Me (Chapter 4 Pt 2) Peru

The Rogue in Me


 Chapter 4  pt. 2

(Flash Back)

During the 6 months that led up to February 28th 2013, I realized I was entering a wormhole into the unknown realms and territories hidden in the layers of time. Going into a world that existed beyond the rhymes, myths, legends and barriers created by mis-torians and religious liars from our past.

Chichon peaks east of Urabamba.

Chichon peaks east of Urabamba. The glaciers have broken and retreated which is revealing the rugged once ice blanketed peaks.

In the beginning, after the decision was made to get serious and work together, Anne Tittensor in Turkey and me in America, cyber-linked, we decided to combine our talents and research all the while realizing the importance of a research center that is globally connected twenty-four hours a day. A center that is designed to gather research and collectively put the pieces of our history together and create a better picture of what is and what was. All without getting caught up in sensationalism surrounding places like Puma Punku and Tiwanaku, Baalbek and Gobekli Tepe just to mention a few of the many places on earth twisted up in knot that sensationalism creates when left un-checked. Unfortunately there are still those, whose mission is to fog the window that allows us to see through these layers of time. It seems there are different motivations and agendas behind foggy layers also. Leaving that thought behind for the time being, what I find interesting is; Connecting the dots using present day understandings of the depths in our timeline is impossible when you see the evidence found globally that contradict, the accepted timeline.

In the past two and a half years alone, I and other researchers have found connections that can’t be denied. It seems that many trails lead into the layers up and down, in both directions, may be found in South America that are being left out of the equation that further links the Lost Continent of Mu and the ancient civilizations once thought of as myth and legend with reality. When searching through these past layers there have been records stored, lost, and undoubtedly destroyed which does hinder the linking of time and knowing our past. Fortunately there have been some of these records found, preserved and translated for us to dissect that are leading us down this trail.

Without translation these symbolic texts left by the ancients, are worthless without attempts to comprehend what is truly being conveyed. Due to a lack of comprehension of our depths of habitation, the symbolic texts seem meaningless, but they are there in front of our faces waiting to be deciphered, whether it is carved in stone or on clay tablets. These messages are found on metal plates made of gold, silver, copper, on architecture and even on the walls of caves and canyons.

Picture courtesy of David Wilkinson from a trip into the jungle via waterways.

Picture courtesy of David Wilkinson from a trip into the jungle via waterways.

are pecked into the surface of the stone with a stone hammer and chisel, others are so finally cut we cannot achieve their quality today. Cities cut into solid rock that could safely house tens of thousands of beings and their livestock. The evidence has been presented and grossly ignored by many mainstream academics. Is this due to blinders installed by Reductionistic Investigation Methods taught by conventional educational dogma used to educate the waves of “Experts”? Oh, what have the “Expurts” missed, ignored or just out and out lied about….?

What do I know? Well, I know what I see and what I’ve been told are two different worlds of understanding our past and I don’t need a PhD to see that! Maybe I know nothing at the end of the day when it comes to it, In my opinion, it is how I feel about that day and what I see that matters to me. I know what I see! I was happy to find there are a lot of others out there on this planet that share the same view out the windows of the past. This Global Connection is showing these same multitudes, “US”, a different view of the “What Is and What Was” case of amnesia we suffer from. The cure to our memory loss is picking up all the pieces possible and putting them together to create a better picture. I wonder if that is the agenda behind the Humpty Dumpty syndrome implanted in our psyche that keeps us from trying to make sense of the nonsense we have been conditioned “NOT” to see or question? I still scratch my head and ponder the possibilities with an open mind.

I believe was taught to think with reductionistic methods and now I am aware of them I have distanced myself from those that use Reductionistic Investigation Methods. How can we allow our past history to be controlled by people that thrive on embellished and sensationalized views designed to confuse and manipulate? I am amazed at how many that drink the Kool-Aid by the gallon. I remember when I thought Kool-Aid tasted “Great” myself.

The USOKS Team have only just begun to scratch the surface into understanding these new layers before us. First we have to dissect and comprehend what is abstracted from the images we see. Regardless of how it was done at this point in time we see layers of destruction on such an enormous scale, that it cannot be explained in the Illusionist Layers )The Illusionist layers are from present to est 13,500years ago). I find that chain of events links to the research and translations by James Churchward of the Nacaal tablets and the descriptions of Narayana, the seven headed serpent that represents the “Seven Periods of Time” of the Lands of Mu.

Narayana the 7 headed Serpent that represented the 7 periods of time Mu was one. Nara means Divine and Yana means One. The Cosmic Serpent of the heavens. The seven periods varied in lengths of time and has a striking resemblance to the 7 days of creation the biblical text reference.

Narayana the 7 headed Serpent that represented the 7 periods of time Mu was one. Nara means Divine and Yana means One, Divine One. The Cosmic Serpent of the heavens. The seven periods varied in lengths of time and has a striking resemblance to the 7 days of creation the biblical text reference. (Pic from the 1931 printing of the “Lost continent of Mu” by Col. James Churchward)

This also relates to the biblical description of the seven days of creation, seemingly another story/myth/legend that has the same inner core message, only told in different ways. I am not comfortable following the biblical version of the condensation of periods of time into days it seems very reductionistic now. Are we to continue thinking along the path of ignoring the signs before us?

Stepping outside the box for a moment I ask why are we continuing to believe the Tower of Babel is in Iraq or any other country in the Middle East when the evidence now points it to being in Peru. When I first watched “The Cosmogony of the Three Worlds”, describing three different scenarios involving different orbits with different gravities and atmospheres, it was mind expanding. These different orbits are suggested to have different calendars due to the various mechanics involved passing around the sun. Smaller orbit, smaller planet, lesser gravity densities, larger beings on the surface led to smaller people, smaller mammals, larger planet and a longer calendar, uh, how did that happen? Unfortunately as the facts are compiled we have to reach the understanding that this planet and solar system has a way of being dis-harmonic within themselves and surrounding sister systems. It is obvious this changes the landscape with every visit from Random Selection and the Catastrophiers creating an event so big we didn’t know what hit us nor have figured out the damage yet.

Documentary by Jan Peter de Jong and Jesus Gamarra presenting the research of Alfredo Gamarra, archaeologist,

Documentary by Jan Peter de Jong and Jesus Gamarra presenting the research of Alfredo Gamarra, archaeologist,

After watching “The Cosmogony of the Three Worlds” over a dozen times trying to wrap my head around the Gamarra theories and reading Churchward’s research at least a dozen times each, I tried to wrap my head around this new concept of measuring time, in “Layers”. When weighing out the ideas and research presented the twentieth century by men like James Churchward, William Nevins, Immanuel Velikovsky, Charles Hapgood, Neal Adams and Alfredo Gamarra,  we have to lay it out in layers on a big table. So many of the layers can be visualized in various ways by utilizing various theories  based upon incomplete scientific data to create an image to work from, of the mechanics involved in the combination of all these theories. When aligned properly they will show a depth of “Inhabitation” on this planet that will be staggering. As much as I scream at the scientific community I have to admit without science we wouldn’t be able to prove this much less get any closed minded humans to understand it. Is there a reason we have run into a wall when it comes to getting a truthful answer from the ones we ask these questions? Better yet, one has to ask more questions like, why there is a wall there to begin with when it comes to sharing what they know in terms everyone can understand? Why does it always come back to having a translator for everything, having a secret handshake or signal to be allowed the “privilege” of seeing the information in the context it is meant to be seen? Or is it so well hidden in plain sight they assume we will get it? I surely doubt the latter of those!

We have to ask was it meant to be hidden in plain sight so as to blend in like the chameleon on a tree branch in the jungle? We can’t even see the jungle because of all the trees they have planted in the way, much less the chameleons on them.. I’ve asked myself many times why this forest of confusion we have is so deeply rooted in our psyche, an innate memory we continue to accept? Why do we accept this illusion over realistic views based on the combined research by dedicated men and women that spend lifetimes seeking the truth?

Alfredo Gamarra spent sixty years investigating the archaeology, myth and legend in Peru and South America.

Alfredo Gamarra Peruvian Archaeologist

Alfredo Gamarra
Peruvian Archaeologist

I have found his research has been ignored by the western world for some odd reason. It is quite evident that this had to be a deliberate act by the “Mis-torians” in the Western World to ignore many researchers from the whole of South America, due to arrogance based on a false premise of superior understanding and knowledge of the past. I am not saying I buy all his information 100% by any means but I do feel strongly his lead is something to follow and research the links he provides to follow

The Reductionists focus has been on the Middle East, Egypt, Iraq and Israel being at the top of the list of the Biblical connections and interpretations regarding ancient historical fact. From my point of view that is where they have us running in circles, the proverbialWild Goose Chase” looking for the ancient sites and cities that are written about in the New and Old Testaments. Nimrod and the famed Tower of Babel was one that I have had ill feelings about even from a young age. I have always felt there was something missing from the equation however, I now believe it wasn’t missing but a victim of embellishment and distortion by the Roman Catholic church, Islamic and Jewish faiths to control their worlds with their False Religions. (Religion seems to be a very effective population control device also.)

We know they built their churches and cathedrals on the top of sacred sites of their “Conquered Ones” on every continent they could conquer. It is very evident here in Cusco, Peru they did that for sure. Why else would there be nine Catholic churches in Cusco built within two square miles all built in the 15th and 16th centuries and in locations that are very suspect and selected. To hide the links to Cusco being the City/State of Babylonia la Grande? Not Babylon the Great in Iraq. The Original, the one and only, Babylonia la Grande of Mu is in the Sacred Valley of Arac in Peru?

When I look out the window and see these churches concentrated in the vicinity of known archaeological sites, I wonder, what is under them? There is a church sitting on top of what is known as the Korikancha. All that is left exposed of the ancient structure are walls of magnificent blocks of stone so finely constructed that even we today cannot achieve. This is just one example of something the Catholic church decided either not to destroy or to leave as a reminder to the people they conquered. We now know of the atrocities that have been committed in the name of the Spanish government and the Roman Catholic church. Here I sit five hundred years later looking out a window and I realized to this day, nothing has been done to rectify this. I believe Catholics should take a look at what their religion has done not only to the people of Peru and their heritage, but to the whole of humanity. Somewhere in all of this there are questions and deeds you and your religion need to answer for. I sadly looked out this same window and I saw these people that stand behind this religion for what they truly are and feel the atrocities it has committed in the name of their God.

Believe it or not I am not here to destroy your religions or remove your faith bases. I have said a thousand times, keep your religion where it belongs, not in my face because you are not the only “Truth” on the block. I went to Peru to find answers and links to a time before your religions were created and came into existence at the end of the sword. Religions used to control the world with the lies and deception that came with the birth of the church and with the creation of false gods. We have had to look a little further back in recent history to see and understand how this was first accomplished at the “First Council of Nicaea” in 325 AD. Constantine decided to follow the dream of Julius Caesar to control the world, with a weapon Caesar could not find or create, Religion was his answer. Especially once they realized how easy it was to manipulate the Christians to do their bidding.

We must take into account theWhy” behind the Romans desire to rule the world at all costs, only for the benefit of Romans, allies and slaves. We see systematic and intentional genocides throughout the Holy “Bloody” Roman Empire that were designed not only to eliminate resistance to this religion but to clear the fields to ensure the power Rome would yield for a further two thousand plus years we can attest to. There are many forms of genocide. One of the favorites of the Catholic church is Identity Genocide and is the one practice that has the longest lasting effect upon the people it is used against. Here in South America I found it to be very effective.

Some may ask why I have taken this stance and have the nerve to be so bold in my wording and my conviction to make aware the damage that can still be seen globally. These atrocities are accepted by the civilized nations and the Mis-storical version is still being taught to this day. How can we as human beings stand by and continue to let these religions get away with their past crimes and the ones they continue to commit in the name of this god. The evidence proves they created this god from parts of dead and decaying oral histories and false beliefs, as Dr. Frankenstein created Frankenstein from parts of dead cadavers. Somehow I don’t believe the Creator will like this very much.

The evidence is in front of us to prove that over the centuries of conquest, the Romans discovered similarities in the cultures as their armies conquered their lands. The Romans found these cultures had two thing in common, they all had false gods and each of these cultures carried forward secrets from the past based on their surviving symbolic and oral histories from the “time” before. The Romans could not have that history laying around un-checked and either destroyed the culture or “Coaxed” them into the fold to protect their new religion’s foundation. Coaxing usually required vast amounts of blood somewhere along the way.

We have to add into the equation that Constantine was a mama’s boy and the fact he was easily manipulated by her. The Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire was swayed and misled by his mother and her circle of power-hungry, greedy, murdering, Roman control freaks that were afraid the end was near for the Roman Empire. We also know now this was inevitable because of the weakness and disease that was falling upon the empire in the centuries before this “Conversion” to Christianity.

We have an advantage from this point in time because there were those that carried forth the truth and were viciously hunted down and eliminated. Their message however, was carried forward for thousands of years as has the religion they were trying to stop. The people that stood up against the church faced fatal consequences and that included a number of colorful processes of elimination, being burned at the stake, boiled or skinned alive, gutted, drawn and quartered in the days of the Inquisitions, condoned by the Vatican and the Popes that were elected into this office by the selected few. Not only did the Spanish Inquisition eliminate resistance within Spain it also sent a message throughout this Holy Roman Empire the consequences of standing against the church, were fatal. It also sent the message they were going to rule the world at all costs, including the elimination of whole family blood lines and complete cultures. When I looked out the window in Cusco it saddened me to know they have hidden links not just to our past but to the future of the Man Kinds in the name of their god and their religions. The Creator ain’t gonna like that either.

Over three years ago Jan Peter de Jong mentioned to me that Alfredo Gamarra believed Cuzco, Peru was the ancient city of Babylon the Great and the Sacred Valley was the land of Babylonia (Babylon, the original). After 4 years or so of research into the possibilities it was, I now believe he was correct. In his theory, the Original Tower of Babel was in Sacsayhuaman which is above the city of Cusco. My friends Jan Peter de Jong and Jesus Gamarra have shown me things that years later make sense that I can’t deny anymore, especially after our, Anne’s and my deep research into these possibilities. When I see the layout of this area in Cusco and the Sacred Valley I try not to forget the surrounding archeological sites that show a type of destruction which I have never seen before, a type of destruction I can honestly say had nothing to do with the Roman Catholic church.

This is a typical pattern of one type of unexplained destruction that has been found in many sites in the Sacsayhuaman Archaeological park. What ever this force was that disintegrated the Blue/Gray Limestone named Etemenanki needs to be identified.

This is a typical pattern of one type of unexplained destruction that has been found in many sites in the Sacsayhuaman Archaeological park. What ever this force was that disintegrated the Blue/Gray Limestone named Etemenanki needs to be identified.

There is however an obvious and deliberate act by said church and there lies the probability that the Roman Catholic church has hidden the true location of the Tower of Babel from archaeologists, researchers and the like. Just as they have done with other information and indeed artifacts from around the globe. All historians and researchers are aware these days that the conquering Romans first port of call was to ensure the destruction of libraries and cultural history, vaults of treasures and scurry them off to Rome. Many researchers believe this knowledge and thousands of artifacts are still hidden deep within the vaults, tunnels and grottos underneath “The Seven Hills” the Vatican sits upon. An excellent example of this practice of cultural rape and one of the biggest cover-ups known to man today, is the destruction and burning of the Library of Alexandria. The Library of Alexandria, as most know, was a storehouse of ancient information collected from a world that existed before the “Egyptians” migrated to Egypt, remember the quote by John Anthony West “Egyptian Culture was not a development, it was a legacy”.

These actions of coverup and deception by the Roman Catholic church and the Crowns of Europe to retain their powers have destroyed and hidden ancient information and knowledge from us and all future generations.

Unless of course there are any volunteers ready to help me break into the Vatican for the evidence to prove it?

(To be continued in Pt. 3)

Kind Regards,
The Rogue Researcher

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The Rogue in Me (Chapter 4; Pt. 1) Peru

The Rogue in Me

Chapter 4  pt. 1

Inca Gold, they harvest the colors in the skies.

Inca Gold, they harvested the colors in the skies.

Peru is a fascinating piece of real estate encased with ever changing beauty at the turn of every corner especially in the Sacred Valley. Peru was the last place in the world I thought I would visit much less be researching ancient cultures, their people and the mysteries surrounding them and how this information connects globally. Those initial steps are now past tense and I have researched in Peru for almost two years now and planning the 3rd trip for next year.  When I came I was interested in the stonework, its age and purpose. Now I find I look for reasons behind its cover-up and destruction, also the evidence shows there is a saga to be written about this land that has been hidden by destruction, time, repair and dismantling. The recycling carried out by the Andean cultures over tens of thousands of years and by the rise of the Andes mountains themselves have changed the landscape in the Sacred Valley many times. The evidence of ancient floods and landslides have created valley floors that are teaming with growth and hillsides covered in grasses with the terraces of ages gone by. Earthquakes have moved large sections of the mountains into shapes that defy explanation as they reach into the sky. 

This cliff face is proof there was sculptures in very ancient time.

This cliff face is proof there was sculptures in very ancient time.

According to the evidence we see on the walls throughout the Sacred Valley, many of the ancient sites were in disrepair until the Inca and earlier civilizations in Peru attempted to repair large sections of the walls that had succumbed to time, events and the elements. We saw where the Ukun Pacha was painstakingly hammered and chiseled into polygonal shapes and fitted together in an attempt to replicate the stonework they found at the end of the Inka migrations. Ukun Pacha is the last layer of the stonework which is very easily identified because the attempt to replicate the quality the ancients achieved and was a failure in that sense. Yet, in the process the early cultures for example, The Wari and the many other pre Inka cultures learned how to make magnificent works of stone terraces, walls, canal systems and a variety of landscapes that still to this day are amazing sights to see. The evidence points to it being highly probable that some of terraces and the canal systems were in place and they repaired and added to them. Who knows what the landscape would look like if the Conquistadors had lost their quest to conquer the Inca? We can only imagine this now because what it boils down to are some very simple human faults, jealousy and greed. The end started in the years of 1531/32 when an explorer, affectionately called the “Pig Farmer” in Peru gained financing to explore the west coast of South America. Francisco Pizarro was to be the curse of nations and came from the bowels of the Earth. His story is one that must be told to understand Peru and the Cultures that walked this land since possibly, the beginning of time as we know it.

Francisco Pizarro

(The Pig Farmer)

Born: Trujillo, Spain: 1474/1541

forensic reconstruction of Francisco Pizarro's face  This is a forensic reconstruction of the face of Francisco Pizarro (c. 1471 or 1476 – 26 June 1541), the Spanish conquistador who defeated the Incan empire in modern day Peru. It was created by an American forensic scientist from the University of Florida, using measurements taken from Pizarro's skull which was discovered in Lima Cathedral, Peru.   The bust is in the Museo de la Coria in Trujillo, Extremadura, Spain. (Pic courtesy of dOgwalker/flicker photos, Google search)

forensic reconstruction of Francisco Pizarro’s face
This is a forensic reconstruction of the face of Francisco Pizarro (c. 1471 or 1476 – 26 June 1541), the Spanish conquistador who defeated the Incan empire in modern day Peru. It was created by an American forensic scientist from the University of Florida, using measurements taken from Pizarro’s skull which was discovered in Lima Cathedral, Peru.
The bust is in the Museo de la Coria in Trujillo, Extremadura, Spain.
(Pic courtesy of dOgwalker/flicker photos, Google search)

Francisco Pizarrio’s was born in Trujillo, Spain and his actual birth date is in question, some say he was born in 1471 and some say 1475. Francisco was born the illegitimate son of Gonzalo Pizarro Aguilar Sr. to an impoverished woman. Gonzalo Pizarro Aguilar Sr., was a Colonel in the infantry that fought in the Italian campaigns and had established the rank of Nobel man within Spanish society. He had many sons from different mothers, oddly with the same names. Francisco Pizarro was the second cousin of Hernan Cortez, the Conquer of the Aztec Empire.

Pizarro the Soldier:

At the age of thirty nine, Pizarro served under Vasco Balboa on the 1513 expedition which ended with the discovery of the Pacific Ocean. After that, Pizarro became a close associate of the Governor of Mexico, Pedrarias Davila and was appointed a position over natives and cattle. He was later instructed by Pedrarias Davila to arrest Balboa and bring him to trial, which Pizarro did willingly, even after Balboa had come to his rescue in Colombia and helped him re-establish an almost failed colony/city. Balboa was arrested and taken to trial and was found guilty. Balboa was beheaded in January of 1519. Pizarro was rewarded for his loyalty to the devious and calculating Davila and was bestowed the position of the Mayor and Magistrate of Panama from 1519 to 1523. Pizarro wasn’t satisfied with being just a soldier because he wanted to make his own fortunes and discoveries. Unlike most of the Conquistadors and Governors of the time that were men of status and rank, Pizarro was determined he was not going to let his social standing stop him as he clawed his way to the top. After all he was only a pig farmer’s son.

The First Expedition:  Upon returning to Spain from his journey with Balboa, Pizarro entered a partnership with a soldier, Diego de Almargo and a wealthy and unscrupulous Priest, Hernando de Lugue. They agreed to go south and conquer the Inca and share  the rewards equally among them. After a failed attempt to invade Colombia where Almargo lost an eye from an arrow they returned to Panama. They quickly started another attempt to go south but ran into resistance from Pedrarias Davila who after some time gave in to their requests. At the same time there was a change in the office of the Governor and Pedro de los Rios, in July 1526, approved the expeditions willingly.
The first expedition ended in failure due to bad weather, lack of food, and the skirmishes with hostile natives where they were defeated.

The Second Expedition:  By August 1526 they were ready to go again and left Panama with two ships and with an estimated force of one hundred and sixty men and horses, which was two times the size of the initial expedition of eighty men, forty horses and one ship.

Most of the second expedition’s horses became sick and were lost to the colic. Almagro was ready to travel back to Panama to get more horses, but Pizarro was able to talk him out of this action and they continued on down the coast. Pizarro stopped at a place they called the San Juan River. Pizarro embarked onshore and Pizarro’s main pilot, Bartolome Ruiz continued south and after crossing the equator, found and captured a raft of natives from Tumpis. To everyone’s surprise the rafts carried a load of textiles, ceramics objects, and some much desired pieces of gold, silver, and emeralds, making Ruizs’s new findings the central focus of the second expedition. This only served the conquistadors’ interest for more gold and land.

Some of the natives were also taken aboard Ruiz’s ship to serve as interpreters. He then set sail north for the San Juan River, arriving to find Pizarro and his men exhausted from their explorations of the lands around the river. The findings and excellent news from Ruiz ignited Pizarro and his men with new vigor. They decided to head south again to the waters where Ruiz made his find. It was a difficult voyage with strong winds and currents however, they eventually reached the Ecuadorian coast. There they found a very large population of natives recently brought under Qhitjva rule. Pizarro refused to return to Panama this time even when the supplies dwindled and his followers abandoned the quest. His party was down to thirteen men and four horses meaning a loss of 47 men from the original 60.

Pizarro further explored the inland where he found elaborate gold and silver jewelry from the coastal tribes. He was also supplied with more information as to where the Inca lands were. He had amassed a small fortune that was big enough for him to take back to Spain and bypass all the local authorities in Panama. He went to Spain and asked for help directly from Charles V, however, even with the Kings backing it was still far from being secured.

The Third Expedition:  Pizarro, his three half-brothers and Almagro and Lugue, his partners, sailed from Spain to Panama and onto Peru. Going against the Humboldt currents, it took them two years to reach the coast of Peru.

In the fall of 1531 Pizarro entered the northern city of Cajamarca, Peru and took the Inca Emperor, Atahualpa, hostage and held him for ransom with very little resistance. All just three weeks after Atahuallpa won the Battle of Caxamalca, that ended the civil war between Atahualpa and his half brother, Huascar. The Inca were fierce mighty warriors and were caught off guard, tired and battle worn and they fostered the belief that the Spaniards were Gods of Immortality and sadly were not seen as an enemy until it was too late.The Inca were conquered by a small handful of Spaniards as were the Aztecs by Cortez in Mexico. Holding the Inca Emperor Atahualpa hostage resulted in a very large ransom that Pizarro wasn’t happy with so he sent a party of three men to Cusco, Peru to collect more gold and to claim the city for Spain.

Maya warriors weaponry was far more lethal than history tells us and the warriors were fierce fighters. If the Maya and Inca had of had firearms I believe the outcome would be much different.

The Maya and Inka warrior’s weaponry were far more lethal than we realize and the warriors themselves were fierce fighters. I believe if the Maya and Inca had of had firearms the outcome of these conquests would be much different. (pic via google images.)


According to records he sent two illiterate sailors and a Basque notary to Cusco, six-hundred miles from Cajamarca into the Andes. They were carried in Royal Inca Litters through territory never seen by any Europeans before and they were the first Europeans to enter Cusco, the Inca Capital. Immediately they were we struck and they compared Cusco to places like Rome, Venice and many places in Spain. Venice? One of the first things the trio noticed were the Stone Walls in Cusco that were constructed better and finer than any place in the known world and although they compared them to the colossal works by the Romans, including structures attributed to Hercules, the walls in Cusco were far superior. It is evident the Spanish dismantled and buried as much of the evidence as they could. I mean, how could they let a culture of uncivilized barbarians they felt inferior to them, the Spanish, have something that was more magnificent than theirs? I ask how could there be something on the planet more magnificent than the works of the Greeks, Romans, Spanish and Venetians and not be known?

The Notary, Captain Geronimo de Aliaga, drew up the papers and claimed the City in the name of Spain, while the two illiterate sailors and the Inca’s looked on. None other than the notary realized what was happening.

Cusco was the Royal Hub (Navel) of the Inca Empire and the elite lived within gated walls that surrounded the city of Cusco at the time. Cusco means “Navel” in the Inca language. The Ruling Emperor and the lesser rulers were tucked away at 11,300 feet above sea level in a fortress made for the Ruling Class. The Four Suyu (Quechua) were the four divisions of the Inca Empire and the group of the four is called Tawantinsuyu. The regions/valleys of the Tawantinsuyu were connected by a spider web road system radiating out of Cusco into a network that extended into the far reaches of the Empire. (I must note that according to the theory of Alfredo Gamarra the Sacred Valley was the navel of the world, not just the Inca Empire.)

The Navel aspects applied to Cusco because the workers (Peasants) were the workhorses for the elite and kept the city supplied with everything available in the Empire. The road system extended to the edge of the Empire and is said to have been twenty-five thousand miles of spider webbed roads and trails. When the trio, sent by Pizarro wandered about the city they found warehouses full to the ceilings with the goods that millions of Incas labored to keep full.

After the news reached Pizarro that gold had not been found in Cusco, Atahuallpa was tied to a chair in the treasure room. Pizarro came up from behind and garroted him while he sat helpless in the chair, killed in the same fashion used with a wire to slaughter pigs. Unfortunately Atahuallpa had drawn a line on the wall to show Pizarro how much gold would be paid for his ransom. Sadly for Atahuallpa the Inca had a practice of making thin gold overlays that were placed on walls and when stacked up like paper they didn’t reach the line. Truth be told, many places did not send all the gold they had and that also led to the shortfall. Even though it was a mass fortune, Pizarro, being the greedy sort he was, killed Atahuallpa, in one of the cruelest manners possible for a Proud King to die.

Even though Almagro had served as an equal partner for eight years with Pizarro when it came to dividing loot, Pizarro’s brothers, who had only served for two years were given bigger pieces of the divisions. This betrayal eventually led to a civil war fought in Cusco where Almagro was killed. This was the downfall of the Pizarro brothers. Juan, one of Pizarro’s brothers was killed in the revolution in Cusco and eventually Pizarro was murdered in his home by a band of Almagro supporters in 1741. The other brother, Gonzalo was beheaded for treachery after his army abandoned him on the field against the governor that replaced Pizarro. It seems most of the conquistadors met ill-fated ends. But none were more deserving than Pizarro and his brothers.

To this day the name Pizarro is followed by the moniker “Pig Farmer” in Peru and as I look out my window I see a city he helped dismantle along with the Roman Catholic Church’s assistance. They have disassembled walls and have scattered them throughout the city using pieces and parts for building their cathedrals and churches. forever destroying the great city of Cusco, the City of Kings, the Naval of the Inca Empire as it was in its grandeur.

In my opinion, they were attempting to destroy something that was greater than anything in Rome, Spain and Egypt combined! There is still time for us to piece together what was and what it should be. This can only happen if, on a global level, the people were to stand up and demand the Roman Catholic Church release and show us what they have hidden underneath the nine Roman Catholic churches and cathedrals within a two square mile area in old Historical Cusco. They need to explain to us why every tunnel found in Cusco in the past and present has been sealed without exploration by outside investigators, without bias to any religion or government. The gold and riches that were stolen from these people and shipped to Spain and Rome should be returned so this culture can restore itself. Let’s give it back!!! It is said that the economy of the whole of Europe’s economy was changed for 350 years from the gold that the Spanish brought back to Spain from Peru. And giving it back is out of the question because Spain itself is on the verge of bankruptcy these days.

I am finding the deeper we dig the more we connect to times unimaginable a few decades ago. Just five hundred years ago the wealth in precious metals possessed by the Inca was discovered, then pillaged and plundered by Spanish conquistadors. The booty they shipped back to Spain changed the totality of the European economic system for hundreds of years in the wake of Pizarro, the Pig Farmer, the explorer that left a highly developed civilization in tatters. A culture with a single government that controlled many diverse tribes, many of which were scattered throughout the Andes in the remotest of areas.

The Inca & Beyond

The Inca Empire was and still is a mystery to me in so many ways. According to mainstream numbers the Inca Empire lasted less than one hundred years, from ca.1438 AD to 1532 AD, an estimated total of ninety-four years. Researchers seem to agree that there were thirteen Inca Rulers and were known by various titles, including “Sapa Inca,” “Capac Apu”, “Intip Cori”, “Capac-Cuna”, meaning, Great Ones” or “Glorious Ones” or simply as “The Inka”. In the Quechua language the “Inka” was the title of the Emperor, as in “The Inka”, the King. As the Spanish gained more control, the name Inca was passed onto Inca subjects that the Empire included.

Here is a list of the thirteen Inka Emperors I consider the Sapa Inka, they died off , the last being Atahualpa.

1. Manco Capac– The Sun God

2. Sinchi Roca

3. Lloque Yupanqui

4. Maita Capac

5. Capac Yupanqui

6. Inca Roca

7. Yahuar Huacac

8. Inca Viracocha

9. Pachacuti-Inka-Yupanqui 1438–1471

The Inca ruler Pachacuti, the ninth Inca Emperor, and his army began conquering lands surrounding the Inca heartland of Cuzco somewhere around 1350 ADThis was a time of rapid expansion for the Incas.

10. Topa Inka Yupanqui 1471–1493

11. Huayna Capac 1493–1527

12. Huascar 1527–1532

13. Atahualpa 1532–1533

Post-Spanish assassination of Atahuallpa Sapa Inca

14.Tupac Huallpa 1533

15. Manco Inca Yupanqui 1533–1544

16. Paullu Inca 1536–1549

17. Sayri Tupac 1544–1560

18. Titu Cusi 1563–1571

19.Tupac Amaru 1571–1572

The Spanish Conquistadors under the direction of Pizarro and the Roman Catholic Church, changed the course of the Inca forever. History says that the Inca lived in the Cusco Valley for a long time but it was never discovered where they came from or how long they lived in the Valley until they expanded. It is in the Myth they emerged from three caves somewhere near Lake Titicaca as a fully intact culture.

The Inca named their Empire, in Quechua,Tahuantinsuyu” or Tawantinsuyu” in Spanish. Meanings, depending on the translation, “Four parts together”, “The Four Lands together”, “Four United Provinces” and the Apex was Cusco. As it is said, Cusco was the “Navel” of the Inca Empire. The Inka Origin story is very similar to the Maya and the Hopi myths of living and emerging from the underground, which seems to be a theme in many past layers and locations globally.

The Banner of the Tawantinsuyu: Made and uploaded by Huhsunqu. - Own work. This file is not intended to depict an exact copy of the Inca's banner, since there isn't any remaing banner of that times. This reconstruction is based on f. Bernabé Cobo's description in Historia del Nuevo Mundo (1609), in which he claims the general standard of the incas was the depiction of their "coat of arms" in a squared plain banner. For the Cobo's narration and the drawing of Inca Garcilaso de la Vega's coat of arms made in the first print of Comentarios reales de los Incas (see page 411, Fondo de Cultura Económica, 2005, Mexico).

The Banner of the Tawantinsuyu:
Made and uploaded by Huhsunqu. – Own work. This file is not intended to depict an exact copy of the Inca’s banner, since there isn’t any remaing banner of that times. This reconstruction is based on f. Bernabé Cobo’s description in Historia del Nuevo Mundo (1609), in which he claims the general standard of the incas was the depiction of their “coat of arms” in a squared plain banner. For the Cobo’s narration and the drawing of Inca Garcilaso de la Vega’s coat of arms made in the first print of Comentarios reales de los Incas (see page 411, Fondo de Cultura Económica, 2005, Mexico).

Underground cities are found globally and South America has more than its share of myth regarding underground cities and tunnels that connect through the interior and coasts of South AmericaPiatti and Akakor myth and legend speaks of vast tunnel systems and underground cities, as do the legends from Mexico and the pyramids at Teotihuacan having tunnels that go to the gulf coast. Why is it so hard to believe the myths found globally regarding the emergence from the underground without being overshadowed by mystique and confusion, without knowing the history that surrounds that myth. We are doing it today around the world with the construction of the D.U.M.B.S. (Deep Underground Military Bases). At the end of the day who knows what they are doing underground these days or have done in the past?

As I peeled away the layers here in Peru, I found voids that indicated times of lost knowledge and a blending of ancient history similar to the Old Testament. This pattern of “written” history seems to be global.

I found the same process and style in the Original Translation of the Black book of Carmarthen by Sir Tomas Malory in 1420. The translations of the Arthurian legends and myth we believe today to be the story of King Arthur and Excalibur. One Legend tells the tale of the historical Arthur as one figure, when in actuality it was a string of Kings that were revered and their histories strung together like a finely woven linen into a single legend. I also found similarities in the Story/Myth of Viracocha which was written over a long period of time and combined histories and myths that connect to the far reaches of the planet.

To be continued in part two of Chapter 4 “The Rogue in Me”
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The Rogue Researcher


Studyine the layout of the "Temple of the Sun" at Ollantaytambo, Peru and wondering where the Pink Granite came from.

Studying the layout of the “Temple of the Sun” at Ollantaytambo, Peru and wondering where the Pink Granite came from that the Inca supposedly just stopped working on. I was speaking to a supposed archaeologist and her answer was the granite came from the quarries above at Cachicata. According to first hand reports there is no pink granite to be found up there on the other side of the river on the opposite side of the valley.


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The Rogue in me (Chapter #3): The USOKS

The Rogue in me

Chapter #3


High Point @ Ankasmarkas, Peru

High Point @
Ankasmarkas, Peru

I eventually was able to get a small band together and I created a Facebook Group for Independent Researchers, the first that I know of that was designed to be serious. I called the group USOKS (The UN-Secret Order of the King Snakes). With a motto of, “Where most minds stop the, King Snake’s keeps going”. Time passed and in just under six years we had become a great group of friends/researchers that shared information and debated issues. Here I was, ready to go and they were too.

If I had of known five years ago in 2009, I would be sitting in Cusco, Peru in 2013 getting ready to take a step into a world I knew existed, a world I had read about since I was a child but was told it was fantasy and make believe, for my first time. How could I know? I guess somewhere deep inside, the idea that was implanted that “it was fantasy” didn’t gel with me very well, because now heading off into this adventure with a team of supporters left me with a question. I wonder if I would do over again? Short answer, “Hell Yes!”!

Where most minds stop, the King Snake's keep going. USOKS

Where most minds stop, the King Snake’s keep going.

A King Snake knows they are a King Snake whether they belong to a USOKS Group or not. They are the ones that are standing up sharing and searching for the truth while the rest scurry around in the shadows like a pack of rodents hoarding away the crumbs of knowledge they steal and hide from others. I see more people all the time now questioning the intentions of the Researcher as well as checking out the research. The day has come where PhD’s are a dime a dozen and I have found most of the PhD’s of today are working in areas they didn’t get their degree in and this is accepted by the unsuspecting and naive researcher because of the PhD after their name. Many of these wanna be “Papered Ones” have the papers yes, but I ask, is the degree they have worth the price of the ink on the document it is written on? Just because that “Degree” says they are something doesn’t mean they are, or ever will be. I admit we need “Papered Ones”, but as Independent Researchers we have to make sure the “Papered One” can walk the walk and talk the talk first, before we follow another set of False Prophets lead us back into a state of confusion. There are divisions of “Papered Spin Doctors” embedded in the History Mafia, doing their dirty deed for the Profiteers, Governments and Religionist involved in this coverup. (Religionist is the descriptive term I use for the hierarchy behind the predatory money for Profit and Control Religions and Super Churches controlling a great segment of the world.)

I was very lucky one day when I went to a wall on Facebook and entered into a discussion with a lady who really impressed me with her analysis and her eye. Very keen in observation and knowledgeable, was my first impression. Over a couple of weeks of running into her comments and being drawn in by her observations, I asked her if she would like to join the USOKS Facebook group. Eventually she said yes, and well, her presence changed the group, now known as The Den instantly. Anne Tittensor added a spark to the Group and since then, it has been an uphill climb for both of us and the USOKS. Anne and I rose from the Grassroots and our research paths connected even though we were traveling in different directions. 

Anne Tittensor @  Sillustani, Peru, 2013

Anne Tittensor @
Sillustani, Peru, 2013

Anne and I had been discussing things we were looking at from the outside in, concerning the age of and the possibilities that something big happened in the Sacred Valley in Peru and in Bolivia. An unusual series of events that had caused a massive amount of destruction in these areas and much of it seemed targeted. We were taking our first real steps into the Peruvian Archaeologist, Alfredo Gamarra’s Theory that the city of Cusco in Peru was Babylonia la Grande or Babylon the Great, the original and true home of the Tower of Babel. There began a joint research project on the subject. First question we had to deal with was, if the Tower of Babel was destroyed as the Biblical texts say then we have to ask ourselves, what was the destructive force that took down the “Original”, Tower of Babel? According to the Biblical texts the destruction of The Tower of Babel was carried out by the hand of god. Which God, I have to ask? There were many “Gods” back in those layers or I should say in this instance “those different times”? I wink as I say, hold that thought.

Okay, back to talking about my favorite researcher. When Anne returned from her visit to Peru and Bolivia, we analyzed and dissected her information, photographs and observations as well as comparing her view with the “Other views” in the research arena at the time. We then came to the conclusion that we both should go to Peru for further study and research. The window of opportunity was open for our 1st trip together. Once the decision was made, we could tell by the silence from some of the other research camps that there was more to the overall picture in Peru and Bolivia that met the eye. Not forgetting to mention the attacks on our characters and research abilities, which I have to add the attacks went beyond the borders of reality.

In our discussions we shared our views of the global stonework and the methods that could have been used to make the stone soft, the numerous theories out there ranged from the ridiculous to the impossible. I asked, “why does this have to be so hard when it had to be simple for them?” Perhaps one possibility was the harvesting of soft stone oozing out of the crust in the early layers of time. We have been told this theory is impossible. Intelligent beings on the planet in those beginning days? and Soft Stone?

During a previous visit to Peru, Anne had photographed an interesting outcrop (which we have nicknamed the “Flow”) in Sacsayhuaman Archaeological Park.

Picture is of the upper left side of the Colina Suchuna, the view is from the crest of the hill on the top of the fortress.

Picture is of the upper left side of the Colina Suchuna, the view is from the crest of the hill on the top of the fortress.

The “Colina Suchuna”, the “Flow” had been photographed many times and shared by a friend and fellow researcher, Jan Peter de Jong, a long standing resident of Peru. Jan had been working on analyzing the sheen/ coating on many of the rocks at sites throughout Peru and introduced us to the term “Vitrification”. Jan’s vitrification theory reminded me of an observation I had made on rocks that had been near a volcanic blast….

This is the back side of the Flow in an area they call the “Slides”. In between the large ridges are areas as smooth as glass and as slick as a wax papered stainless steel slide, remember those? On my first trip down I sprained my ankle so if you try it make your choice of chute one that fits in to your age group. There are fast and slow lanes which I find very interesting too.   (pic courtesy Anne Tittensor)

This is the back side of the Flow in an area they call the “Slides”. In between the large ridges are areas as smooth as glass and as slick as a wax papered stainless steel slide, remember those? On my first trip down I sprained my ankle so if you try it make your choice of chute one that fits in to your age group. There are fast and slow lanes which I find very interesting too. (pic courtesy Anne Tittensor)

In comparing these pictures notice these obvious signs. As you move around the “Flow” you can see where the scraping action begins to become evident. The consistency of the grooves continue over the top and down the backside of the “slides”. Is this the answer to some of the building techniques around the planet that we are just becoming aware of? Is the mystery of the soft stone theory as simple as, “It came out of the crust in a semi liquid, clay like state?” Well, to be honest, I believe there is much more to this mystery now in 2015 to think that the search for answers will be over soon. It is much bigger than what we can see because we are too small to see it.

One of the odd pieces of evidence that suggests the stone was soft at one time is this large boulder. It is almost 6 ft. long and just over 2 feet wide with 2/3 the height at the most showing above surface. There are no signs of this stone cracking the surrounding area where the penetration occurred in that immediate area that are out of the norm. If it were hard at impact there would be signs that just aren't there or it would have just bounced off. Another sign that indicates to me the stone was soft or a grinding device was used to shape this outcrop is that the top surface layers that bear the grooves once removed or has broken free the grooves do not continue into the gain of the stone. I have to believe this was the material source of many of the Diorite stone walls in the vicinity.

One of the odd pieces of evidence that suggests the stone was soft at one time is this large boulder. It is almost 6 ft. long and just over 3 feet wide with 7/8th the height at the most showing above surface. There are no signs of this stone major cracking the surrounding area where the penetration occurred in that immediate area that are out of the norm. If it were hard at impact there would be signs that just aren’t there or it would have just bounced off.
Another sign that indicates to me the stone was soft or a grinding device was used to shape this outcrop is that the top surface layers that bear the grooves once removed or has broken free the grooves do not continue into the gain of the stone. I have to believe this was the material source of many of the Diorite stone walls in the vicinity.

The location of this stone indicates it came from the skies. It stayed in place after impact because there are not any signs of the stone moving or rolling around in the area surrounding the it. It is also located about mid ways up the hill the outcrop creates.

The location of this stone indicates it came from the skies there aren’t any signs of it just rolling there. It stayed in place after impact because there are not any signs of the stone moving or rolling around in the area surrounding the it. It is also located about mid ways up the hill the outcrop creates.

Jan Peter de Jong introduced me to the first documentary he and Jesus Gamarra produced years ago called the “Cosmogony of the Three Worlds”. The documentary presents Alfredo Gamarra’s research based on his sixty years in the archaeology field in Peru. Alfredo defines the three worlds as Pachas, the Hanan Pacha, Uran Pacha and Ukun Pacha.

The Hanan Pacha layers he claims there was a 225 day calendar. The Uran Pacha calendar was 260 days   The present layer we live in the Ukun Pacha has 365 days.

The Hanan Pacha layers he claims there was a 225 day calendar.
The Uran Pacha calendar was 260 days
The present layer we live in the Ukun Pacha has 365 days.

The different calendars in the Gamarra theory as presented, are due to different orbit changes while the mainstream still dwells on Pole Shifts and other catastrophes and then the one we live with, the 365 day calendar. This segment of the Gamarra theory may be a very hard one to prove I think but, not impossible if we consider it may have been a catastrophe that caused the orbit shift. Whether it was internally or externally caused. We also have calendar references found in a few ancient calendars that match the calendar days Gamarra has proposed but I haven’t found any deeper connections beyond that yet, that I can share at this time anyways.

The way Alfredo Gamarra has defined the stonework for these 3 stages, in three simple types of the same names, which does cause some confusion when the Inca definitions of the Pachas are compared or even brought onto the table.

Here we have the three types in one location. The water is flowing out of the boundary line of the Hanan and Uran Pacha layer with some Ukun to the far right. There are many water features to be seen in the Hanan Pacha stone work. Pisac, Peru pic Anne Tittensor

Here we have the three types in one location. The water is flowing out of the boundary line of the Hanan and Uran Pacha layer with some Ukun to the far right. There are many water features to be seen in the Hanan Pacha stone work.
Pisac, Peru
pic Anne Tittensor

These are two different interpretations which I believe to be an attempt at explaining the same concept of 3 worlds but in different ways. It seems the Inca version follows a global pattern of lost history and replacement with myth, legend and some form of deep worship of the sun.

Alfredo Gamarra Peruvian Archaeologist

Alfredo Gamarra
Peruvian Archaeologist 1903-1999

Alfredo believed each Pacha represents the ages and times from a very deep past on our planet and the reasons for the different types of stonework produced in the layers within each Pacha. Orbit changes and lesser gravity densities are major points in this theory that I found hard to wrap my head around until I dug deeper into the mechanics involved and consequent results. The exploration into these facets of the theory requires questions to be asked and answered by the Scientific Community. As un-papered ones we can only use the data available at this time to take the steps forward in building the foundation for the future data to be stacked upon. We are at the tip of this iceberg of global understanding and comprehension of the depths of planetary habitation by a variety of beings from, well you know, from out there. This is an instance where I can say to some degree the biblical texts are correct, because the scientific and archaeological data backs it up.

I find one of the biggest spin areas on the planet at this time are the Nephilim Giants. I mean it stands to reason giants came from outer space because the science is backing that up with the results of testing done on the astronauts which prove the astronauts grew in height during their long term voyages into the weightless vacuum of space. It stands to reason in order for the giants to survive on the planet there was a lesser density of gravity. We do not find signs of humans getting bigger, the evidence points to us getting smaller and or averaging out in height these past ages. All beings on this planet at one time had to of lived in a lesser density of gravity from the evidence we have before us. Stephen Hurrell, a Bio-Mechanical Engineer in the study of the dinosaurs, has written some very good books on the subject of lesser gravity and its influence on the size of the Dinosaurs. This aligns with the Churchward and Gamarra theories and many other indigenous myths globally.

In using the Pacha method of construction classification, I believe I have made a small breakthrough in identifying the different layers within each Pacha mainly focusing on the Hanan and Uran Pacha stonework layers. I hope this alternative option will lead us to an accurate classification system that will reveal which layers the construction style, materials and technical abilities of the being that created it to us. The Ukun Pacha layers are the result of intellectual degrading and knowledge that was lost of the abilities the ancients evidently had as seen globally. Hammer and chisel construction can only accomplish a certain degree of quality and is easily identified in the repairs that the Inca and previous cultures made to the Uran and Hanan Pacha found in the Sacred Valley.

Jesus Gamarra, the son of Alfredo Gamarra and I having a discussion on the borderline between the Hanan and Uran Pacha layers at the Zone-X. Jesus named this site in 1968 after years of exploring the above ground and below ground enigmas of the zone. The large stone in front of me has drawn me back many times to analyze it because I know there is something to this one that makes it different in its own way. Do you believe in Giants?

Jesus Gamarra, the son of Alfredo Gamarra and I having a discussion on the borderline between the Hanan and Uran Pacha layers at the Zone-X. Jesus named this site in 1968 after years of exploring the aboveground and belowground enigmas of the zone.

Various stonework that at one time believed to be Uran Pacha was now being redefined as Hanan Pacha, in my opinion. After a conversation with Jesus Gamarra, Alfredo’s son, on this theory, he said it was highly probable but without further scientific research into the variations in the stone, scientific proof was lacking.Visual inspections I have carried out over a period of a year and a half, has led me to believe that characteristic similarities in the construction and materials used are the key at this time that will lead to the ability to classify the stonework by ages or layers. By adding these possibilities to the equation, it will change the understanding we have concerning the evolution in the stonework, created over what I believe to be millions of years. 

On a recent excursion to the Zone-X with Jesus I had to ask him some very pointed questions concerning the Gamarra theories point of view on the borderline between the Hanan Pacha and the Uran Pacha worlds. It took me some talking to maneuver him into revealing the Gamarra theory that the giants were in these layers.

The large stone I am standing in front of is from the Hanan Pacha layer. With Uran Pacha stonework cut into it. This type of stonework has me questioning the borderline between Hanan and Uran Pacha. I do have to add also, that sure does look like a handprint to me I am looking at. Uh, a Giant one.

The large stone I am standing in front of is from the Hanan Pacha layer. With Uran Pacha stonework cut into it. This type of stonework has me questioning the borderline between Hanan and Uran Pacha. I do have to add also, that sure does look like a handprint to me I am looking at. Uh, a Giant one.

That was a relief to me because I had been observing signs that indicated to me the giants had worked on many of the present day archaeological sites all through out the Sacred Valley. We see a devolution in the size of the Megalithica as the ages wore on. We also see the density of the stonework getting denser and denser before the collapse of the Uran Pacha layers. I will also add there seems to be a very large void in the time span between the end of the Uran Pacha times and the rise of the Ukun Pacha era, globally. We must remember, Hanan and Uran Pacha are found Globally. Commonly called Polygonal or Cyclopean stonework in the Western World. I have been pondering the lesser gravity theories and Gamarra’s references to the different orbits and lesser gravity densities in the two preceding orbits. I believe that evidence is found in the different types of stone within the walls and its density upon construction. Have we found the Layers of the Giants hidden in the stonework of Peru. In the Hanan and Early Uran Pacha times.

We see
in the Hanan Pacha and Uran Pacha layers evidence of molded and shaped stones that from my observations had to be in a semi soft state at construction. I found signs that have made me scratch my head after observing thousands of pictures in different lighting scenarios and from different angles. When looking at the walls in Cusco, Sacsayhuaman, Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Calca and how their precise fits are exactly like walls and stonework found in, Egypt, Italy, Turkey and on Easter Island just to name a few, indicates and proves this stonework was a global phenomena as was the symbology.

Stealing a line from David Hatcher Childress, “It must have been easy/simple for them.” This led me to the question was this stonework the only option they had for construction materials? I have found there is not one person that has the answers I need to hear. However, there are many indicators that seem to be pointing, that way, that way. And by going “that way” I found an open door that has since, never ceased to amaze me. It was then I started digging deeper into the theories of Alfredo Gamarra, his son Jesus Gamarra and translations provided by Jan Peter de Jong. Jan has written many articles connecting the Gamarra research to the many facets the Gamarra theories presented, I hope to write a few myself.

Yes the orbit change theory comes with a few twists and raised eyebrows. Three different calendars consisting of 225, 265 and 365 days. At this time I haven’t been able to add this one into the equation as fact. I do not discount this theory and believe if more evidence stacks up over the years this piece would fit into the puzzle rather well. It is still on the corner of the table.

Researching the theories of the Gamarras and studying the blue/gray limestone found in the Sacred Valley called Entemenanki, the “stone of the earth and sky”. For some reason I was reminded of one of Klaus Dona‘s one liners, “In the beginning, there was Stone”. Which led me to that question, was stone hard upon creation? An easy one to answer I think, no it wasn’t. Entemenanki is the limestone used to construct the massive stone walls at the top of Sacsayhuaman and many of the older walls at sites all over the Sacred Valley. Does the Quechua meaning for Entemenanki “The stone of the Earth and Sky”, have a hidden message within it? Just a thought.

Some of these theories sounded as if they had been pulled straight from a science fiction book!, then I stumbled back into a quote by B.H. Ehrman that changed my whole perspective on what I was seeing and hearing: (The full quote) “The Search for the Truth takes you where the Evidence leads you, even if, at first, you don’t want to go there.” So, I started compiling all my evidence and questions then packed my bags. After all the many months of self-debate and doubt, I was now on my way to Peru, with my metaphoric shovel in hand ready to dig up the truth. Since writing this part I have acquired three real shovels and a pick to add to the arsenal.


I am saluting with the USOKS Salute.  David Wilkinson and I are on our way to Huchuycusco. A very interesting site and one for a future blog.

I am saluting with the USOKS Salute. David Wilkinson and I are on our way to Huchuycusco. A very interesting site and one for a future blog.

 Kind Regards, The Rogue Researcher
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The Rogue in me (Chapter 2/Pt. #1) : De-Foresting the Forest of Confusion


the Forest of Confusion

100_0560 I don’t need to rehash the beginning of my quest for answers, that was a very long time ago. So cutting to the chase, I would like to pick it up from a much closer point in time, when the pieces started falling into place for me. The picture that was emerging left me without any doubt we were missing time, and lots of it in our historical record. I asked myself “Do we have a case of amnesia?”.  Has the research started producing evidence of the possibilities?  Over this past decade my Spidey senses went off the charts after I realized it had to of been what they call “The Bottleneck” at or about 75,000 years ago when the “present” catastrophic chain of events started. From the day of the explosion to the ending of the Ice Age is what it looks like to me.The reaction to forces unleashed on the planet that it forever changed the world as they knew it and for us also. Is this the event that has followed the masses since? The so called Mt. Toba event? The image I get when we add in the evidence is that, the “trigger event” must be the port of entry into the layers that go both ways in the layers of time.
Measurements below are the obvious points of the base of the exposed area of the crater. Google Earth coordinates
2°50’20.59″N 98°34’46.38″E
Mt Toba measured 2From where I sit, this 75,000 to 80,000 year date is becoming even more important in connecting ancient times with the addition of the carbon dating that has been released on the Bosnian Pyramids. Dating that reveals a window of time which, just ten years ago, the academics denied. There was an Intelligent Civilization that existed on the planet pre-ice age. The low end Carbon Dating of the materials found deep inside the tunnels under the Pyramid of the Sun in Visoko, Bosnia, prove that the pyramids were constructed between 29,200 years ago to 75,000 years ago.

Semir Osmanagic, Klaus Dona, Michael Tellinger, Valerij Uvarov Pyramid of the Sun

Semir Osmanagic, Klaus Dona, Michael Tellinger, Valerij Uvarov


(Picture courtesy Irina Jarc stolen from Klaus Dona’s Facebook page)

In my opinion, based on my research, 75,000 years is a safe number to use that could explain the decline of the Man Kinds into caves and underground cities and into this Amnesiac state induced by what very well could be a case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that comes with the disaster or a global catastrophic event of this magnitude. I do believe without a doubt now that our historical timeline goes much deeper than that when I considering the accepted 6,000 year time line I was indoctrinated to believe. The evidence is now stacking up on the scales which seems to be separating the facts hidden within this lie and deception. Some might find it mind blowing that I would even consider putting my safe number out there. This however, isn’t what I am here to discuss completely.        I think this is a nice write up by the Bradshaw Foundation on the Mt Toba scenario, a window of sorts.

  We now have skeletal evidence of Caucasian Humans that lived in North America up to at least 13,000 years ago and more evidence of hominids that reach back into the far reaches of time being revealed weekly now. Where did they come from, how long were they here? Better yet, where did they go? The answers to these questions will lead us to understanding and accepting the reality that there were many worlds before this one that we exist in today. Following the evidence and keeping an open mind and to the contrary of the religious and academic claims in their attempt to control the information and knowledge, surrounding the depths of time, the “Man-Kinds” have been on the planet much longer than we have been led to believe in my not so humble opinion. The theories and evidence presented by men like Arthur Clarke, Immanuel Velikovsky, Nicolas TeslaKlaus Dona, James Churchward, Alfredo Gamarra, Julio Tello, Father Crespi and a few select others have to be added into the realms of the reality that is before us now. What was this event that could cause such a chain reaction that would echo through the past worlds and be invisible, unseen by our eyes? What caused the amnesia and can we find the cure? Was it celestial or was it a series of catastrophes triggered by a single event? Worse still, was it a war so big we cannot wrap our minds around it? Just when you think it couldn’t be any worse, we find out it could be much worse and probably was. What happens if all the above is on the list of possibilities! In my opinion, at this stage the only thing I see that can heal the wound we suffer from is the truth. We need to face it boldly, learn from it and let it heal. 

I, being an amnesia victim although it was considered a medium to mild case, know the value of regaining one’s memory, one’s being, one’s self and the depth of such a loss. There are memories and knowledge that forever drift into a void of no return unless you relearn it. The memories that do return are a blessing and is what can lead us back into the realm of reality, we once inhabited. It is a parallel universe of sorts.

I consider myself lucky in the partial recovery and while in that healing process I learned the brain is a very strong organ and needs to be protected and fed. The brain does amazing things, I see as miraculous. The brain can actually rewire itself if the damage is not severe enough for it to reconnect through different “Channels” so to speak. Many amnesia victims are not aware they suffer medium to mild cases in many scenarios, however, people that know them and have been around them can recognize the affliction. From personal experience I have found certain people will take advantage of this situation. Sometimes valuable insights can be bought and paid for the hard way.

Another observation I have made about amnesia and recovery that defines what I am trying to say is this, “The severity of the injury determines the degree of the damage that is permanent and the longevity of the affliction”. To some there is no return and without going into the nuts and bolts of it, I consider myself very lucky I was in tune with myself and was made aware something was wrong in the early months after my accident. When I started to regain awareness of the world that had escaped me for those “Dark Months”.

The automobile accident beat me up pretty good and I suffered a major blow behind the right ear… Yes, it does ring and there is a white lightAfter my broken rib and physical injuries calmed enough for me to play my guitar again, I quickly realized the extent of my non physical injuries. I went into the studio and started playing my guitar a bit. I was playing a song I had been recording and was getting ready to make a demo of for an album I was working on. I knew this song inside and out and I made it through the first verse fine, straight on through the chorus and was going into the second verse………. Blank… I knew the music but, not the lyrics.. There was darkness and panic that set in. I was on the phone to my doctor that Monday morning…… that was 23 years ago. So much for my band days. Most of the music and even my jokes stored in my memory cells, gone along with other memories I haven’t a clue what they were.

The point is, what are we Earthlings, the Man Kinds, suffering from? Were these events so big that our memory was lost with the many souls that the Catastrophe’s stole? They call it Noah’s Flood!, there isn’t enough water in the oceans to “flood” the world at its present size…

I offer this scenario which basically is a handful of darts thrown at the board, to be very honest, however the evidence is pointing towards a completely different model in which the Earth evolved. It seems more than a few of these darts have found their mark making this set of scenarios a probability more than just an image we create in our minds.

I remember the first time I realized that the continents were cut clean and crisp on the edges. That first time I realized that South America fit perfectly into the concave section of Africa,  I think it was about eight years old when I made that personal discovery. That curiosity eventually led me to question what I have learned about plate tectonics and if the science model is correct. After checking into the and giving the working model we have today a few years of thought. I believe Pangaea and Gondwanaland “theories” are stages that the planet has gone through. Independent Researcher, Neal Adams presents in his “Expanding Earth Theory” in my humble opinion, a very strong case that our planet has gone through an evolutionary path that is very hard to wrap one’s head around unless they have a very open mind to the depths of time. 

When we take this scenario, that the planet in the earlier stages of planetary evolution being smaller and had formed its outer crust, like the shell of an egg and was cracked, seems very simple. In these past few years I have come to believe it was at this point in the planetary evolution that an event activated what we now call plate tectonics. I have asked myself many times what could the event be that had the ability to shake the planet to its core and crack the outer crust that averages to be 20 to 30 miles thick? I don’t believe the Mt Toba eruption is the original trigger event however, I do believe it was big enough that it opened some old wounds Mother Earth suffered in the past. In all this confusion does the word Tsunami come to mind at all? Earthquakes and mass destruction and climate change that emanated from an event which changed this planet, its orbit, size and its shape forever? Evidence produced in the past few years indicate this has happened more than once but I believe we will find ground zero to that impact. We live on a living breathing piece of space rock, that has changed shape many times in its evolutionary path. The science is starting to back this up especially in the past decade. 

 I believe I see that chain of events differently now. Remember, “Seek and Ye Shall Find.” This leads me to getting back to what I was seeking in the first place.

I was seeking a hole in the timeline, a wormhole if you wish to call it, that would allow me to see through these different layers of mysterious circumstances between what is and what used to be. I asked myself how can I do this objectively without being influenced and straying from my path of understanding of what I see, as I had many times in the past. I chose to rely on my intuitions based on previous input and digestion, (Life Experiences) with as little direction presented to me by the so called Masters and False Prophets, I set out in search for the Ones, that were and are the true Pillars in this world of Research, who with dedication, are uncovering links to the past and sharing their finds to the world. They say if you want to be successful surround yourself with successful people. Who and where are they I asked? After years of research I am very happy to see that there are many who that deserve that title. I also see some that should be stripped of any recognition they have received. No need to name them because you can tell by the look in their eyes and the way they speak from both sides of their mouths, which ones they are. Deceivers and False Prophets are a dime a dozen and we need to root them out and find the ones not corrupted by Religion, Government and Greed.

Using my past determination and desire to get back on track I started using the internet and gathering bits and pieces of information that made sense to me. I have found out after these last eight years of study, that for the most part, the information that didn’t make sense at first, has provided the most sense when placed within the proper sequence. I thank Mr. Klaus Dona for giving me valuable insight on the historical timeline when he said, “It’s in layers and Layers” and not in a linear time model. Klaus, is a man that draws you to knowledge and provides keys which will open the doors that allow you to see the layers of our past, for yourself. Klaus’s one liner strengthened a quote I read years ago, “You must seek truth of your own free will and with courage, even if you are shaking at the knees.” I have revised the quote to align with the state of mind I was in when I took my first true steps in finding the truth on my own.

I feel blessed to have internet technology to step beyond any barriers society and religion has put up in the quest for knowledge and truth. The information is there if you seek the truth and have a real thirst for the knowledge, you will find it. From personal observations and research I have found there are more disinformation links out there than there are honest facts… The facts are there and if you are lucky enough to be part of the good Facebook groups that are around today, you may see how much truth there really is. I had waded through Facebook for almost a year and networked with some very knowledgeable people, I thought. On Facebook I experienced Porn, all kinds of it. Fear Porn, Lie Porn, Religious Porn, Governmental Porn and the like. Where was the Truth Porn?, I thought.

(To Be continued in Pt. 3 )

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The Rogue in me (Chapter 2/Pt. 2) : De-Foresting the Forest of Confusion

The Rogue in me
Pt. 2
De-foresting the Forest of Confusion 

Off the path with Jesus Gamarra at Chinchero, Peru.

Off the path with Jesus Gamarra at Chinchero, Peru.

As I was being drawn deeper into the mysteries of the Ancient Archeology and World History again it seemed to me there had to be a reason for the spin in the History Game beyond the obvious religious distortions. The re-discovery of Troy alone had already upset the History books which led me to think that there had to be more of these non-myths out there. Henrich Schliemann found Troy by matching descriptions and abstracting clues from the books he had researched about Troy. When this find was announced that the site was being accepted as Troy I flashed back and remembered all the books on legend, myth and fable I had read as a young child. In a moment of reflection I wondered if it were possible that I had read something that could break another mystery or two. These thoughts brought me to a point where I had to ask myself about the pile of mis-directed questions that had stacked up in the corner of my mind. As I picked all the pieces of bull shit out that were deeply embedded, only to find the biggie was hidden at the bottom of the mess, the “Creation Myth”. I always felt there was more to this one and maybe this could be one of those myths that could be busted by following the clues. There seemed to be enough of them laying around.

The Creation”, I always found the biblical version of the Creation of Adam and Eve to be very comic book like. So in my pursuit of this knowledge available I started digging into the Dead Sea Scrolls and found my way to the translations of the Sumerian tablets found along the Red Sea, the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Annunaki and other creation myths of similar creation processes from around the globe. There was something familiar in all these myths that gave me a new meaning and understanding of the Elohim. The Sumerian version was one that actually started making sense after I weeded my way through the illusion and symbolism that suggest the Annunaki were Reptilian. Maybe they were reptilian but that is irrelevant at this time I believe because we are or would be the after product of such splicing and genetic manipulation the Sumerian texts suggest. Remember, “They” the Elohim, created us in their own image the biblical texts say, so when I abstract from the kaboodle of creation stories there are many that connect to that sugar coated version we are fed in Sunday School I find myself believing a different story. Just to mention one important item of confusing myth, the Egyptian myth of Horus is a prime example of this rewriting of history too. When I first read of Horus I saidWhat?, no way, not another myth about the “Son of God” being birthed by a Virgin. Excellent plot line that has withstood the sands of time, until the sands of time in that hour glass ran out!

In wading through the illusion symbolism creates, I was introduced to the possibility of Serpent People, but does that mean the Annunaki were reptilian or that humans had a symbolic connection to the serpent? This went against everything I was taught in my life as a Christian. Wow, even though I had closed the doors on the church, I still believed there was a Creator. God must be someone, something else? – that conclusion came later and personally I am now finding it to be true. There is a Creator and there is a God. “The Creator must be the real thing and this man created deity called God came later?”, I remember asking myself. The evidence pointed me to the question, “What am I missing in this Serpent representation?”. That led me back to my beliefs that we are missing something very important in our view of our origins without a doubt and it just isn’t a little history, it is a lot of history. I am sorry for falling back on that line however, it was these suspicions that drove me forward from and through one dead end after another.

These thoughts led me into researching the roots to some of the apparent cult representations in the past. I could see the trails through the layers as these cult hierarchies rose to power by using their cult status and then turning the cult into a religion. Being of Christian indoctrination since birth I was always taught the serpent was a symbol of evil, deception and cruelty and that Eve brought the curse of knowledge upon the man of clay. By eating an apple after being seduced by a snake? Okay, that worked for a while. We can see the truth was hidden for the Chosen Few and the New Testament is proof of that charge because of the way it is written and taught on so many different levels of understanding. How can one find the answers to something so cryptic? It isn’t easy but it is being done. 

While surfing Facebook I found a few really good groups and started researching information dealing with blood types which was among my stack of unanswered questions. I am one with Rhesus Negative (Rh-Neg) blood, which once I found out what that meant I knew I had to follow up on that because Darwinism states we are all related to, you know, monkeys and apes. In my search for answers I ran into a researcher who had published some basic works on blood types and the migrations of the various Rh-neg blood lines over the past 36,000 years. That year mark is when the Rh-Neg. blood lines first started appearing in the human blood types, they claim. I knew this information had to apply somewhere as there are still big holes in the accepted knowledge we have of our timeline and our genetics. Tens of thousands, millions of years seem to have vanished from the records. Or did they? No, I do not believe so, the signs are right here, in plain sight under our noses.

The massive 40-kilometer diameter circular structure in the Sahara Desert of Mauritania is also known as the Richat Structure or the Eye of the Sahara.

The massive 40-kilometer diameter circular structure in the Sahara Desert of Mauritania is also known as the Richat Structure or the Eye of the Sahara. My first experience of absolute amazement after months of using GE was when I saw this. Until I found it on Google Earth I had never see not heard of it before. I wondered why.

When I discovered Google Earth in 2011, my research path widened and allowed me to study areas around the planet that connected to the information I was sifting through. With all the spin surrounding the mystery of Puma Punku and Tiwanaka I decided to check the area out. I posted a couple of Google Earth shots of Puma Punku, Bolivia on a Facebook wall because it was part of the discussion at the time. In one of the shots there were a couple of piles of dirt or a rock outcropping in the confines of the ruins. The piles are in the what they now call the Gate of the Sun. I asked if anyone knew what they were because Google Earth does have its limitations? The response was, they believed it was debris from a flood that had been responsible for the destruction of Puma Punku. I further researched as to the cause of such a massive flash flood, which was the image I saw in my mind as I studied the debris fields. I found some videos on Youtube where they presented there was a city buried under the south end of Lake Titicaca, named Wanaka. After identifying the debris field I came to a conclusion there had been more than one massive Tsunami style flash floods in the past that all but erased the previous culture that inhabited the Altaplano of Peru/Bolivia.

I had been using Google Earth to see these cool places they were talking about and was impressed by the new light being shed on the Tiawanaka / Puma Punku construction techniques. Via Google Earth, videos and pictures, Youtube and Facebook I knew I was seeing evidence in the topography of Peru and Bolivia of inland tsunamis that had taken on the guise of a series floods I felt the need to dig into some old books from Arthur Posnansky and Wendell C. Bennett’s work on the area and found out the piles of dirt were from excavations into the Akapana Pyramid at Puma Punku., In my opinion based on the findings of Arthur Posnansky’s in his research on Tiwanaka and Puma Punku it really is much older than ever imagined. I believe the layers under Tiwanaka and Puma Punku are very old, possibly in the region of thousands if not millions years older than previously thought. As time went on I saw many connective influences like the reed boat for one from around the world that now seemed to have spread into Peru/ Bolivia. Looking back in reflection I wonder about the direction this influence spread, in or out of Peru and Bolivia?

The Reed boats of the Uros at Lake Titicaca are found in many cultures around the planet. Construction techniques are almost identical The Uros culture live on islands made of mats of the totora reeds that float on the lake. (wiki commons)

The Reed boats of the Uros at Lake Titicaca have many Serpent figureheads that adorn them. The Uros culture live on islands made of woven mats of the totora reeds that float on the lake. Which I found very interesting when I connected that possibility to the Hopi Indians migration myth of the southwestern United States, they say they arrived on the leaves of the palm tree. Islands made of reeds?
(wiki commons)

So, getting back to the serpent representation, on the trail I have found the serpent symbology from the ancient street corners and temples of Peru to ancient sites across the globe. The Symbol of the Serpent is represented by almost every Ancient King of the Sea also – the Phoenicians, the Vikings, the Tahitians and the serpent is also represented on the reed boats on Lake Titicaca in Bolivia the Uros culture construct. How could there be so many similarities thousands of miles, oceans and continents apart? What did that symbol represent and was there a connection? The Serpent/Snake symbolism has to be a link through the layers in our so called unconnected history. I have since nick-named the Titicaca basin, “The Valley of the Serpents”, Tiawanaka and Puma Punku can be the heart and lungs and Lake Titicaca is the soul of a time gone past.

The Valley of the Serpents

The Valley of the Serpents

Lake Titicaca truly is a living soul, sea horses and sea shells and big frogs? There has to be more to it than sea horses and sea shells. There is! Water and evidence there was a lot more water in the past. There is a ton of evidence staring us in the face and more questions emerge. If the evidence is there then where did the water go? This history is very old and is of major significance to our understanding of the past we share.

I started using Google Earth with a different eye and went digging deeper into the Puma Punku and Tiwanaka Flood Mystery from a mile up. Of course, this is just a theory and to present this without on sight inspections by me at the time was not possible. This fact didn’t hinder me.

As with the serpent representation, we are lost in the mis-representations of symbolic language genericly, why? Symbolism is the first language according to many sources, two sources of which stood out at the onset of my research into symbolic language were, the translations of the Naacal Tablets, discovered hidden in a dark corner of a temple in India by the explorer, Col. James Churchward along with the more than 2,500 stone tablets found by geologist, William Nivens in Mexico at the turn of the twentieth century. I have asked myself a hundred times, why was the first language symbols? The New Testament says we shouldn’t have symbols, idols or false images before us, how can this be if symbology was our 1st universal language?

Our lost history whatever it is, is being found under dirt and dust, in stone, metal plates, cliff walls, in caves under and above the seas that are overshadowed by the mountains of artifacts hidden away in the vaults of “the Sacred”,“Historical Institutions” and “Private Collections”. We have seen by the translations of the Sumerian, Naacal and Nivens tablets of carved stone and clay there is an ancient story to tell in deciphering Symbology. A story so magnificent we all should know it from birth in a manner we can all understand. The reason the ancients inscribed their symbols on stone and metal plates made of gold and alloyed metals was to insure it would last forever or as long as possible. At least that was an intention, I believe to show the future generations they were here and not to forget them. Time has shown us that things have been forgotten, lost or destroyed and we should as inhabitants of this planet, make an honest attempt to know and understand the meaning and learn from the messages that have been left for all of us, by the very Ancient Ones. Seemingly just voices and dust blowing in the wind, just seemingly.

One of my many moments of digestion and reflection of what I am seeing but not grasping. It is in plain sight or in this instance,,,, Just under the surface.

One of my many moments of digestion and reflection of what I am seeing but not grasping. It is in plain sight or in this instance,,,, Just under the surface.

The Researcher in me, has taken me to many places within my mind I never knew existed.  I seem to be grasping an understanding emerging from the history and information presented before us I didn’t have before and I can see the reality before me. I am not the one that painstakingly worked with the masters to translate these texts that James Churchward, William Nivens, Zecharia Sitchin and John Allegro did, just to name a few that have translated these ancient texts, I learned from their work and toil. I also have the work and research I consider reliable information and direction that comes from people like; Klaus Dona, James and Jack Churchward, Alfredo and Jesus Gamarra, Jan Peter de Jong, Steven and Evan Strong and some select others that I allow into my database. I am not saying any one of these researchers are absolutely correct about it all, however, each one in my opinion hold and have presented valuable pieces of information, knowledge and new possibilities to the overall picture contrary to the resistance their research has received. There are many more Men and Women dedicated to this cause. Many have taken their wounds, inflicted by the sentinels surrounding the truth and live to fight another day. Again I thank them all for their friendships and support so, out with the bad and in with the good. Welcome to the world of Cyber Space and its far reaching abilities. We are in good company, now.

I am saluting with the USOKS Salute. David Wilkinson and I are on our way to Huchuycusco. A very interesting site and one for a future blog.

I am saluting with the USOKS Salute. David Wilkinson and I are on our way to Huchuycusco. A very interesting site and one for a future blog.

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(to be continued in pt.#4: The USOKS)

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The Rogue in me (chapter one)

The Rogue in me
Chapter 1

I had a dream I was swimming in the shallow layers in the seas of the Protos and I saw the tentacles from past worlds reaching up from the depths swaying around like the kelp in their beds, in tides, calling out, calling to find theWilling” that will take the dive into the depths of their reach. To show us what is between each layer of history that is submerged in the darkness below.

I followed that dream.

~The Rogue Researcher~

   DSC04396One day over a decade ago I was analyzing my view concerning the voids between what was and what is and I asked myself, “does one, an individual of open-mind and intelligence have to possess the Higher Educational System’s approval to rationalize this quagmire for themselves based on personal observation, research and quest?” Do I, as an Independent Researcher, need their approval to reach rational conclusions that contradict what I have been taught by them?” My answer was, “NO!”.

  My journey into this realm, started over forty-five years ago and along the way I started finding large gaps in the timeline, lost and or missing history in my distorted view of the world and its history. (Childhood Indoctrination and Brainwashing)
Myself, I am not a Papered One nor am I from the Old Guard. Not, that being either of the latter is a bad thing, however, it seems that many in the Old Guard and the Papered Ones need to be sorted into piles of good and bad. I am not one nor am I a sheep of any religion and I do not adhere to any one doctrine. I am an Earthling seeking answers to the mystery of life that surrounds me, us. The mysteries are abundant and they exist worldwide. I want to show why I believe these mysteries exist and to reveal the influences from outside entities, official denials and various forms of interference that are keeping it a mystery. I have heard it said many times, the answers are in Plain Sight. In my mind I felt there had to be clues still intertwined in plain sight also, that would lead me into envisioning the deeper layers of time. Clues that hadn’t been hidden, destroyed or relocated, but had gone unrecognized and missed by the destroyers, the Langoliers.

The answers to our questions are encrusted with discard, dust and neglect. Removing the dust and rust from these clues will help build the picture at the end of the wormhole where our answers lie. This wormhole opens up through the Walls of Illusion that surround us, walls that so many do not believe exist. Personally I have found beyond those walls a world that is best described as a mirage. It is there but, is it? When we put the evidence on the scales from around the globe, the evidence says, “yes, we were here”. To this day I see only a few have made it through to the other side of the wall and back to give us a better picture of the past that the rest of us need to see clearer. It seems we are in the age that puts Humpty Dumpty back together again. The pieces of the Cosmic Egg are scattered into the four winds and we are close to reconstructing Humpty Dumpty and knowing what that Nursery Rhyme is all about.

My personal view comes from outside the box. What I question is what “they” do not want to be questioned on. We know the old saying about opinions.. especially coming from a serious researcher to some but regarded an amateur by the others. Why do “they” underestimate the Independent Researcher’s ability to seek the answers to a very hard, often ignored set of questions that have been unanswered by them? Is it underestimation or the fear of being exposed for what “they” really are?

I utilize knowledge and insights passed down from many dead and living Researchers, Archeologists, Historians, Ancient and present Religious Liars and Governments to base my views on and the grounds on which I stand. I can see now, reflecting back over these past 12,000/13,000 years of history, “they” are the Key Holders to this layer I call the Illusionist Layer. It seems to me the doors to our not so Ancient History were secretly locked and slowly walked away from… As they have done to our very deep history. It also seems to me that this was when the curtains of Illusion were created to hide these doors from the ever prying eyes of the Man Kinds. A benefit for the Illusionists in the future, these doors were only accessible by a “Chosen Few” and what we have left today, as the story of our past, has been translated miserably.

I refer to Keys. These keys are the keys to the doors of our past life, existence and understandings of whom and what we are. We seem to be a very curious being and many people nowadays do not accept the history we have been told. If the history we have been taught was correct, then “THEY”, our teachers and leaders, would not feel the resistance they are getting today. They created a false past for us and we have been following it for thousands of years. We are lucky there were those that stood by their findings and did not buckle to the “Powers That Be” and were able to get their messages through to us in the future. Some of the Keepers of these keys were not bought and paid for but actually paid for their service to humanity with their lives. There have been tens of millions of souls within the last 13,000 years that have been culled by the savage barbarian man became after the last “Event” in his quest to rule it all. All this knowledge has led many like me into the world of the past and to become awakened, connecting with and seeking the truth behind our existence as Earthlings, to seek the answers to our “Origins”.

The keys to the doors of the past and the knowledge behind them offer different elements to the spectrum of the ancient worlds we see and will see. Along the way I have asked myself, “who and what have the powers and knowledge to hold the keys to our being?”. Why would they refuse to unlock the doors of Truth? I ask myself over and over, why they continue to do so? After years of debating this issue internally, I pondered the question, “Why was the world flat?”. Have you ever wondered why they thought the world was flat? (Hold that thought)

I find there are many key holders that hold keys to doors that either open the mind or close it. The newly opened door can create a clear vision or one that is designed to confuse and distort what we see, thus creating the unbalanced frequencies within the receptors that turns the picture into a daze, in other words “to confuse us by creating the “Wild Goose chase” through the Herring schools scenario. All this is designed to short circuit and close our minds. We are either lost in space or have a very bad case of amnesia and for some reason I don’t think the latter applies anymore, the words now have to be “Cover-up”.

There are those (us) that have found the balance is off” and are seeking to find why this is so. Then there are those that are maintaining that “off” balance. Who could “THEY” possibly be, I ask?

  It is evident there are those that still suffer from amnesia and sadly are not aware of the affliction or they just accept it. They have been led down a path that has erased the connections to a deep past by hiding this past and naming it myth and legend. It is a vast undertaking to understand this past world we are finding pieces of all over the planet, especially if you were sent down the wrong path at a young age as I was. The guidance and wisdom that is being shared by the Great Independent Researchers in the world of our “ancients and their history”, has allowed us to step forward into this world that supposedly never existed. I wish I could personally thank the men and women that have dedicated their lives and energies reaching out to us giving us the proof and showing us the trails to “understanding time’s depths” over the last 13,000 years. They have brought forth three things…

The Blue Herring, the Red Herring and the Truth. Two of these three choices have a tendency of really causing a stink when left unattended. I commend the latter of the three, Truth. I am out to make my quest a Battle for the Truth and an understanding of what we have lost and or buried in our past. These words had an impact on me as a child, “Seek and Ye shall find” I say Hey, “look what I found……”.

  I realized my search for answers was being hindered by the powers that be at a young age. Free thinking was not allowed, it interfered with the brainwashing. Between family, religious and military influences I had as a child, I was a mess and forced into a shell. For years I read everything I could get my hands on as a method of escape, including encyclopedias, myths, legends, science fiction and an assortment of fictions one might say. As time went by, I started hearing riddles in my mind which were being created by the thousands of questions I had accumulated over the 5 years I spent in Germany as a young child. I had so many questions and no answers. Then one day I started solving these riddles and actually many started solving themselves as time went on. It seemed that history and what we were being told it was had many riddles needing to be solved. And of course I kept them to myself. I am finding one of the first nursery rhymes we are taught to be one that may have one of the most complex mechanisms and series of events behind the meaning and researching it, that once understood, please tell me if you had a sit down moment.

  To give a full view of my position and how I draw my conclusions, I guess you would have to go to as many schools as I did to know what I mean and how I came to this state of mind. I found every school I attended had a different story to tell and a different way to teach it. One of the few benefits of being an Army Brat was that I learned something that wasn’t taught in the schools of my day. I learned there is a world out there and it is in 3D and color! As the schools stacked up something didn’t jibe between the books and what I was seeing. That was the key for my first door to be opened. Every religious denomination I also explored shared a connection with the many schools I attended. They all told the same or similar story but from a different and sometimes slanted perspective. The education I received came from a wide variety of sources. Many of these sources were included in the curriculum at the School of Hard Knocks and Dead Ends over at Knuckle Junction. I excelled in many classes and still am waiting for my PhD. They keep saying it is in the mail.

  I make up my own words sometimes, “descriptive terminology” I call it, in an attempt to keep the message simple and I do say this step has its challenges. How to explain my view in a way that creates the picture for you, that reveals an understanding of the depths in our collective past and their layers within time. The connectivity between the ages of time when spread out on a linear scale can’t be done without great difficulty. I believe I see we are spanning voids of unaccounted for ages lost in time and woven into the fabric most historical and religious texts are written on. I also have found when viewed upon in the layer method it reveals the voids I speak of. Because there is no way, according to the evidence these pieces fit together the way it is presented.

Without deliberately stepping on anyone’s toes, I present my case. Please remove feet from the aisles, I walk around when I talk.

*Note: I have broken the timeline into three layers.

The Illusionists- These are the layers from the thirteen thousand five hundred year marker to present. The days of the Illusion.

The Protos: The middle layers that are simply guessed at and ignored by the religious and the mainstream archaeologist due to the implications that would dismantle all modern religion and throw the planet into chaos.

The Muvian: These are the deepest layers of time. Where the origins of the Man Kinds came from and most of the mythology of the ancient gods from the lands of Olympus, Asgard and Babylon the Great. (just to name a few)

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A Time Un-explained

by: Bob Newton

The Rogue Researcher

  In my 62 years on this planet there is one thing I have found out over this short time span. When one chapter is done the new one begins, of course I am speaking of chapters in the book of our lives. The fine line between a new chapter and the last chapter in the book of life, is not as definitive as one in the written text which became evident to me along the trail. I reflect back over the last six years and I find myself the author of a few short chapters. The King Snake in me calls it, “shedding a skin” which does relieve the itch I have found also. Shedding the skin involves a few steps for it to come about and once done it is the end of a period of time, however short or long it was still a period. This time I find myself on a threshold, at a crossroads and I want to go all directions of course, however, I have seen the results of what happens when the two headed snake has different ideas on which direction to go. I saw that in the Frankfurt zoo back in 1961 poor fella had a bunch of stitches. If you catch my drift.

  When I first came to Peru two years ago my list was long, questions in particular to be answered or added to my list that I came here with. Reflecting back on that list, well-thought-out one I thought that at the time, LOL, well at least I was thinking, I thought. Now I find I didn’t even scratch the surface of what I would learn or come to question. One of the last things in the world I ever thought I would actually see is, a layer of time that I am finding it’s very hard to explain much less clarify. Alfredo Gamarra calls this layer the Hanan Pacha layer and in the Naacal tablets, James Churchward points to these layers as being one or more of Narayana’s heads represent the same periods of time.

Mu Series Ancient comparisons.

  I have been researching on the ground on two continents looking for layers of time that were deeper than the ones we have been deluded into believing were the beginning and the end, but this possibility opened a whole new can of worms so to speak. Let me begin with the with the picture I am trying to draw, at first I thought I was seeing things but the shear amount of what I’m seeing in natural rock, mountainsides and the ridges tell me a story that has a very deep beginning. Profiles and sculptures of faces, animals, serpents and reptilians are scattered throughout the Sacred Valley in Peru, in the Cusco department.

  Narayana is the seven headed serpent that has had a name change to Kali it seems, raises eyebrow on that change. Narayana depicts time as the seven headed cobra, that represents 7 different periods of time and their spans of “Time” we do not know. It is said that some were shorter than others and that some reached Higher Levels of intelligence and ability than others also. Alfredo Gamarra describes different periods of existence with his breakdown of the ancient Peruvian Cosmogony into the three Pachas. Two different references among the many that referred to times this planet has been inhabited however ignored and dismissed by present-day Mys-Storians. From the writing on the wall I see and sense the Mys-story is about to be solved to a point where the haze is lifted and a clear picture of our true past will be revealed as we continue the struggle in finding our true origins. It seems one of the biggest controlling factors the Mystorical Societies have at their advantage to distort and delude the facts surrounding these true roots is, time itself. I personally have found once I eliminated the linear timeline model and removed all the religious interjections mixed in the trail of breadcrumbs they have laid out for us to follow, it’s amazing how the picture cleared.

Let me step back a bit and reveal a little of the trail I have taken and how the first steps into this world of ancient imagery began. The first time I saw this phenomenon on a large scale was in a documentary I saw on Markawasi, Peru about 5 years ago, where they highlighted the images in the stone so the images were easier to see. The stone here in Peru is not picture friendly when taking pictures of images on them unless under the perfect lighting only available during certain times of the day or even limited to the season of the year. Sad to say I haven’t been there yet, but Markawasi is a site located on a plateau in northern Peru at about 14,000 feet in altitude in the Andes Mountains. This documentary made claims that the images on the rocks and formations are some fantastic reminders left to us by someone. Or should I say “somethang” in our very, very distant past? I was intrigued and I was reminded of thoughts I had in Colorado Springs, Colorado, when I visited the Garden of the Gods my 1st time in 1967, which over the years has become a special and sacred place to me.

In particular, the Garden is well known for a geological formation with an image that has been named the Kissing Camels that supposedly was formed by Garden oGods RG 3nature, raises eyebrow again. After seeing this documentary I knew I had to go back into the Garden and investigate it because I never thought they really looked like camels. So in the summer of 2011 and 2012 I made numerous trips and scoured the park for signs, signs of what I didn’t know for sure at first. I had my suspicions and have to admit again some of my ideas seemed pretty far out there at the time, but I walked the Garden and found images and was shown some that I could not explain. Garden oGods RG 6I use the word shown because some of the images were not pointed out to me by one of us but I was drawn to them like a nail to a magnet, I reflect back on all of these images on these pieces of stone on both continents I have been drawn to and the images on both have a very big story to tell. The Garden of the Gods and the Pitusuray are places filled with energies and vortexes I can’t explain either. Visit my Facebook page, The Rogue Researcher or the USOKS group USOKS Global Connections for more postings.

Over the years since I have studied Vicki’s and other pictures from probes Anne and I did, zooming in and out collecting up all the different angle shots from the various trips into the folds in my brain and that video clip was complete it has revealed the wear of time in the erosion on the so named camels and other sculptures in the garden. I am sure the paper ones will brush off anything I had to say because I don’t have the papers, my answer to them is geology is not rocket science. There is a clear path in the images that show the age, subject matter of the sculptors that is leading me to believe in the possibility the “Sculptures” had knowledge from other points around the globe and different layers of time. Also, I don’t believe we will ever find a date in time we can put a number on but we need to accept it was thousands if not millions of years older than the Biblical illusion.

I am only going to show the images of the camels right now because the rest belongs in another book. The experience in the Garden has led me to look at the view outside my window with a completely different eye. It’s called the Apu Pitusuray. The Pitusuray is tucked away in the Andes here in the Sacred Valley between Pisac and Urabamba and has taken on complete new significance, not just my research, but in my life. If half of what I see between Pisac and the next community over from where I live in, Huran, about the halfway mark between the two, is not an illusion then we have something very sacred, mystifying and frightening to many including most locals. Just to mention, all this I am speaking of at this time in Peru can be seen on this 12 to 14 mile stretch of Highway on the Sacred Valley floor and I am hearing reports from all over Peru to be factual. I have found speaking to the locals it does frighten others not just outsiders but the locals too. I have to say it doesn’t frighten me and in so many ways it’s very calming for me to see something that is so old and sacred, speak to me. I’m not sure if the Earth Art can ever be dated in time the way we measure it but there is one thing I do sense, it is from the near beginning of life on this planet.

When I started looking around for possible contributors to this Earth Art, for the lack of a better description at this time, I’ll use that one. Who could possibly do this Earth Art on such a large scale? So large most can’t accept that it is shaped because of the size alone. I fall back on Anne’s line, “We are just to small to see it”. I can thank Google Earth for being the Equalizer in a facet of this work. Using Google Earth for 5 years has produced some very fascinating images that can only be seen from the sky, in the altitudes where I can focus on shape without size being the factor in not recognizing the obvious.

This is where I started thinking I was seeing things because I was, you know, uh seeing things. I have to add there are a bunch of people think I am under the influence and in an Altered State but I assure you, I am not. I had to fall back on our year and a half’s worth of observations and conclusions Anne and I reached while studying the Hanan Pacha layers stonework cut into the stone. The Pachas represent time also, however they also do not have a length of time attached to the heights in the steps of the pyramidal representation. Nor do we have any correlating evidence that the science community will accept due to their attachment to the linear timescale.

Our research indicated there were small people and Very Large ones living here in Peru at the same time, side by side and for a very long time according to the evidence in the stonework we were seeing. The evidence is in the stonework and stone outcrops all over the places I have been studying in the valley. Stairs, Chairs and Thrones cut next to each other in ways that suggest they were seats in a natural open-air arena and the space shared equally. I never in a million years thought I would be seeing, evidence of Giants and on a scale so large I am still having a hard time wrapping my head around it but, I will stick my neck out again and say that is what I am seeing. Who else could have done this Art and this Megalithica on such a scale? Aliens, I am sure is most people’s answer. It just had to be, right?

Why can’t we open our minds to the possibilities there was a very long time span where the giants lived and existed on the planet and not this embellished version we have been fed in the religious teachings? Fellow USOKS researcher Cecilia Hall has been doing extensive charting of giants around the planet. And we are seeing from her labors that the Giants were on every continent and they came in many shapes, sizes with seemingly a wide spectrum of intelligence levels. We have reference and records that come from many cultures from the so called Four Corners of the planet of giants, big ones, especially here in South America, and giving credits to our hard-working Cecilia for the map she made and picture she provides reinforces my inner feelings about what I see. The picture I get from the erosion I see on these formations reveals to me they’re from a time, before time that we are either failing to see or someone just doesn’t want us to. I honestly cannot see the indigenous people in Peru carving these images and shaping these mountainsides, that belief comes from the sheer size and number of these and their locations. The Quechua, Wari/Inca cultures did mimic some of the Earth Art and some is even being created today however, it is very noticeable in its scale comparison when compared to the ancient Megalithica works. Some of these monuments are so old they’re barely recognizable but the image is still there hidden but revealed by the different lighting throughout the day, however, some cannot be denied as worked landscape or being sculpted into solid rock, in my opinion. The ancient lore that is well known and accepted among the indigenous people here in this valley, they know about the Giants and have many myths to explain to themselves the existence of these large sculptures, of course the myth will have some truth to them once fully understood. I have found something that was much to my surprise, the locals I have managed to speak with agreed with me that it is highly possible the 1st three Sapa Inca’s were Giants. Manco Capac, Sinchi Roq’a and Lloque Yupanqui and possibly the fourth one, Maita Capac.

(I came to that opinion after studying the Inca Mythology that it was a possibility because, the Inca migration story is less than 200 miles from point of origin to finish. Well, that isn’t the only clue there is in the myths. We also have another emergence myth that doesn’t have a submergence one to explain the length of time they spent underground. We have to start accepting the fact that there was a global phenomenon where humans, used that description lightly, moved into the crust of the planet for various reasons mostly due to some form of catastrophe that was global.)

  One of the reasons I extended my stay in Peru was to go back up into the Pitusuray and verify my earlier findings from the previous trip I took up via the Calca side of the mountain. In reflection I believe if my hair wasn’t already grayed it would’ve been by the time I came down that slope. Some of these images just can’t be explained, how can you have an image of a Gorilla, when I say Gorilla I mean plural high in the Andes Mountains and not just the images of a gorilla either.

DSC02924Some of these images just can’t be explained, how can you have an image of a Gorilla, when I say Gorilla I mean plural high in the Andes Mountains and not just the images of a gorilla either.

How can you have dragon, gorilla, crocodilian, reptilian heads, elongated skulls with faces fully featured with chins, noses, eyes and even brow ridges? Yes, I do admit some of it is very eroded, I feel though if you have the Eye for art and understand that was a different time a different world, you will see it. DSC02072 Pitusuray old manAnd I do admit right up front some of this is natural, however, as a matter of fact it’s all natural except for what has been added or shaped into the stone outcroppings we see in the Pitusuray and the Garden of the Gods. Oh, don’t let me forget a pachyderm type elephant profile complete with trunk and eye, cheek lines and other images carved into the stone face up there. At this time I will not provide any pictures of this information to protect its location until documented properly and that is something we hope to achieve very soon.
Stay Tuned.

Kind Regards; the Rogue Researcher

The Rogue Researcher - Garden of the Gods

The Rogue Researcher – Garden of the Gods


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The Writing on the Walls

right wall top

Hand sketch of a section of the Kariong Glypha with the Mysterious Anubis character. Widely known a Wile E. Coyote at this time, in some circles. Pic courtesy of S&E Strong.

As a child I read a gambit of the old mysteries, the old B&W movies and Science Fiction movies were the icing to the cake when it came to the scenarios arose there was a breakthrough in the plot line. The clues always pointed to the mysterious writing found on the wall. At that time the writing on the wall was something that stuck in the back of my mind as I grew up. I kept looking for it and in those years my dad was in the Army so most of it was guns and cannons and that kind of stuff. When we moved back to America in the mid 60s I did notice a change. Heck there was all kinds of writing on the wall. Amazing billboard ads and “Buy My Suntan Lotion” ( I must note that back then that little girl’s butt being exposed by the dog was not considered child porn) Lots of stuff on the walls, but not mysterious… Then as I grew up and started going into some places where the boys hung out I found the writing on the bathroom walls,,,, like Speed Kills,Kilroy was here and I found out there was no way he was in 7 places on the same day hundreds of miles apart. You see I traveled so much I started a journal tracking his journeys. I was quite disappointed to find there was a conspiracy behind Kilroy’s escapades to confuse his actual location. Very stealthy fella if you ask me.just kidding but he reminds me of some of the characters we meet and hear of in life. Jack the Ripper, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid come to mind instantly because they well, kinda vanished and rumors still persist surrounding them. They didn’t leave any writing on the wall that has been found yet, unfortunately those mysteries have never been solved, in my opinion.

Mu Series Australia Gosford zoom A

Kariong is nestled in a bay that has an excellent system of inlets and inland harbors. The access could be monitored and the terrain provides excellent defensive positions.

I need to backtrack about 8 years for all this to make sense, that is when I first heard of the Hieroglyphs found in the Bambarra Basin at Kariong, NSW Australia. Which is on the East Coast of the continent. In my search for more than one source of information that I could consider reliable I found many dead ends and disinformation. A little over 5 years in my search a video happened to drop in my lap by Steven and Evan Strong and Steven was presenting what he had found out about the glyphs through his research. I was gobsmacked to say the least.

Colin Hayter

A screenshot from Colins video explaining the connections between the Westcar Papyrus and the hieroglyphs found at Kariong. He seems to be happy the time has come to share his efforts with all that are interested. I am.

 Steven was the 1st person I had seen stand up and say something positive about the hieroglyphs and since I was interested to know more I contacted his son Evan via Facebook. After a few lengthy Skype sessions and them explaining their position and depth of their research, which they shared openly and honestly with me. These insights led me into deeper investigations that led to evidence of an apparent cover up that had happened to the site. I go into detail about the process in my book coming up for publication. Here is the link to this video Colin made that is very down to Earth and like the Rogue, himself:

My search that led me to researching Australia began while I was in the ancient Anasazi lands at Mesa Verde, Colorado in America. The symbology and their descendants showed me some very ancient people. Their migration and survival legend turned out to be closer to reality when I discovered while researching that in april 1909, G. E. Kincaid  made announcement of his discovery of a massive tunnel and cave system hidden in a wall in the Grand Canyon. The discovery was published in the Phoenix Arizona and soon was forgotten about because Kincaid couldn’t find the cave again or wouldn’t. Out of all the information I could find of his descriptions of what he saw, was the Writings on the walls of the tunnel system that led into various chambers that intrigued me. If anything was left of the artifacts the writing would still be there, I think. True or not it sent me on that search over 20 years ago to see if there might be more found on the planet. It seems Australia has some and they have a story to tell that has been put forth by a Colin Hayter. Colin is a Local Independent Researcher that has learned to read Proto Egyptian from his years of research into the “Egyptians” their mysterious Stories within the Westcar Papyrus. Which leads us to another character in history that seemed to have vanished without a trace. One that Colin points out, Khufu, the Egyptian Pharaoh that Vanished and was all but written out of history. SO, at the end of the day and a week later I say, give Colin a chance to lay out his story and present his case. I must say it has been a mind expander and one that might take the work done by the Strongs and the Rex Gilroys in Australia into consideration even more now.

Thanks for your time in reading this link to a possible world full of answers.
Regards, The Rogue Researcher

The Rogue Researcher - Garden of the Gods

The Rogue Researcher – Garden of the Gods Colorado kicking back and enjoying Natures air conditioning. Somebodies laid here for a long time. And some of them were pretty tall….

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The Skulls remain the same; Julio Tello vs Brien Foerster

It has been over 50 years since I first heard of the Paracas people in 5th grade history class in Germany. It seems we were taught from books that were confiscated from the Nazis after the war that amazingly enough were in English. I had long forgotten that segment of education until about 5 years ago when I saw this image again. The flashback was very interesting and has led me into a loss for words many times.Paracas Burial I noticed many differences in the way I was educated from 1st through 6th grade compared to my counters in America. Upon returning to America I had a very hard time adjusting to the teaching methods and the contexts of information shared in class but,,,, eventually it overwrote what I was taught in the schools on our Army base in Aschaffenburg, Germany. When I saw this picture again there was an addition to the scene. There were skulls in those mysterious sacks we made fun of in class that the hand drawn sketches didn’t show. I mean we were sayin’ What? they didn’t use coffins and buried themselves in a pit wrapped in cocoon made of sewn ropes…. Oh well what do 5th graders know right? Reflecting back I wonder if American 5th graders of my time were taught about Julio Tello and his groundbreaking research into the Paracas people. I have yet to find any so far and that puzzled me, why were they teaching their children in Germany about the Paracas people and in english no less? Anyway that question has been answered for me but the one about the origins of these people has not and will not be for some time. First we must work our way through the cover-up by the History Mafia as to why these people have not been added to the species list and next to dispel all this spin going on surrounding them at present.

julio-tello Julio Tello 1880-1947 the father of Peruvian Archaeology was born in the humble surrounding in the deep Andean mountain culture the Quechua. He showed great signs in his studies and convinced the Peruvian Government to further his education and went on to create his own University. Julio was awarded a full scholarship to Harvard University where he learned his English and Masters Degree in Anthropology. He then went on to Europe to study Archaeology. Point being this man was a dedicated researcher and invested years of his life into his education. Which brings me to the point I am writing this blog. It was brought up again in the past few weeks through a couple blog articles about the misconduct by an Independent Researcher based in Peru, Brien Foerster concerning the handling , acquisition and transportation of organic-decomposing bone, flesh and hair among other things to DNA labs and “Others” in the United States, illegally.
There is more to this than the ones he has admitted to.

The Rogue Researcher - Garden of the Gods

The Rogue Researcher – Garden of the Gods

I have to step forward here and say I believe it was me that started this Fiasco rather innocently when I suggested we get a donation drive to get the skulls tested on one of the radio broadcasts the USOKS hosted Brien on one of our journeys Outside the Margins some 4 years ago.(All episodes have been removed from Youtube, supposedly for copyright infringement. We know differently as to the “Why” and I still have all my copies provided by the station so no worries there)

We didn’t know then what we soon learned, confirmed that is. At that point in time I terminated all contact with him and started speaking out against  and the USOKS paid the price for that exposure, but those were the early stages of what has grown into a movement to expose this guy for what he is. His fraudulent claims of being an Expert in the field of Anthropology and to have acquired a degree in this field are catching up to him. (We cannot find any University or College that has issued him a diploma nor has he ever produced one. We know he has a Bachelors degree in Marine Biology)  This farce has to stop and the “Audience” is speaking up more it seems and the assembly is starting to take on a tune with background singers.
Birdie ChoirIt took a couple years for the list of victims to start adding up and the game got better… When people really started challenging Mr Foerster on his Facebook page and in his many groups that he is behind, secretly of course. It was fun to watch as he deleted one after another and the same in the other groups, Especially in Megalithomania, Hugh Newman’s group where there is a No Truth allowed line in the fine print when joining that group. They don’t have a sense of humor either. I was enthralled at the qualified and papered ones he was removing because of a polite question, jaw drops. It seems they were questions he just didn’t want to answer. This led to a confrontation between a Jason Colavito to which he wrote this blog that went Viral.
It seems that there is a threat to sue everytime someone brings up damaging evidence against him or to confront him. Holy shades of the “Threatening Goddess” (inside joke) For some reason I don’t fear a lawsuit threat from him. A knife in the back would be more like it.

The main reason I am writing this blog is this second one posted by a Monte Aldone, it says edited by, however… He took a thread from the USOKS Global Connections Facebook Group I founded and used it without permission. Not that he need to because Global Connections is an Open group, the point is, I did not pass that onto him.
(That song, “Somebody’s watchin you” comes to mind)
It was a heated thread and drew out some very knowledgeable individuals in the know and to me shows the victims of the Ancient Aliens and Foerster connection continue to stack up and how gullible some of them are. This duo of errors have created a world of suspicion surrounding the honest and dedicated Independent Researchers assembling around the globe that are making a stand against this nonsense and these people. Here is the link to the original post that started this Second new wave of standing up for truth by the Audience. The reason I use the word Audience is, In my last conversation with Foerster, I told him his “Audience” would hold him accountable someday… He Laughed….
(Please note this is the full thread that was copied and the Author has taken it upon themselves to transliterate it and twist it out of context somewhat. Lets try to be fair here)

I will prove there is more behind the Skull fiasco because I have 150 pictures provided to me by Lainie Liberti, the photographer of the Paracas skulls which we see posted on the internet by Foerster and others. I have studied these photos for over 6 months and have come to my own conclusions based on my observations.  One is, They are holding back valuable insights into these people and their ancient links to the Peruvian landscape. They are hiding a path of evolution that is being ignored by them and the mainstream. I once made a suggestion in the name of humanity which has been bastardized and I will right it. Because we have the right to know and this Man and his cohorts are damaging our reputations by allowing this fraud to continue.
Stay Tuned, I’m off to watermark some pictures I own. Lainie Liberti provided these pictures to me in lieu of payment for my two days work with her Project Un-school. A job Mr Foerster turned down…… Thanks Lainie and Kids for an Interesting and Educational outing. I was an experience I’ll never forget.DSC01445
Thanks for your time in reading this blog. I will be adding more as time goes on because this is a project that has fallen into my lap not one I looked for. I had actually laid this to rest in many ways. I’m not out to make this an attack but to show how gullible we can be in our pursuit for the truth. That we included me also..

Chau, from Calca, Peru
Bob Newtonthe rogue
Global Connections King Snake Rogue Researcher

PS, here is the last Blog sent to me, this fella don’t know his skulls but he is trying to expose the game.
E for effort.

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A Rogue view of Pyramidal Evolution

A Rogue view of

Pyramidal Evolution

I was having a conversation with my friend, Zach Royer a few days ago on one of our favorite subjects, pyramids and the many theories surrounding their uses and possible functions. There among the stack of theories I see several that stand on their own as far as the possibilities of them being functional within context. I mentioned that there has never been a point of origination pegged and the wheels began to turn again, I mean where did the practice of constructing pyramids come from and when? The conversation drifted on when an old question came to mind that had been buried along the way. Was it possible to sort pyramids out by various common, uncommon and unique traits? The question was put on hold until the dating was complete on the Bosnian Pyramids. I had a feeling the dating of organic materials found inside the pyramid would show pre-iceage dates and if so would help us define the evolutionary path of the pyramid through the layers of time.

Since 2010 I have been doing my homework on pyramidal functions and I see the crossroads before me. I seem to standing at the crossroads of comprehending a facet of ancient pyramidal tech that Miracleology has failed to produce an answer to that everyone can understand. How can we not believe there was a system somewhat like we have today, in the past? As it is suggested by many well known researchers in the field, this technology was based on the harvesting of planetary energies. But belief isn’t enough to prove it. So where is the proof, is all I ask?

I would like to put forth a bit of my theory on one of the possible functions of certain pyramids utilizing planet based technology placed in the right hands that produced amazing things. I have to say in all honesty I don’t believe it took rocket science for the ancients to achieve the end results either. Even though there is evidence that the ancients did have a few on the payroll at one time or another. I believe Crystal Radio Technology (CRT) was used in more ways than one by the ancients. Just take into consideration Crystal Radio Technology just 150 years ago was a phenomenon and we can see has come a very long way since its supposed discovery. That isn’t the point though, when you look at the simplicity in the construction of the CRT transmitter and receiver we would be insulting the ancients abilities based on the evidence we have that they could not have figured this out and used it globally.

I have been on a tangent path of research that has brought me back full circle to standing in front of a pyramid and surrounded by many cut into the mountain peaks in the Andes in Peru. The Fortress of Sacsayhuaman as it is called today, sits atop a very large step pyramid that has been covered up by the ages of time, man and illusion. I have found that visualizing the site and understanding the probabilities of what it once was however are two different arenas of thought. When I look at Sacsayhuaman and try to fathom how old it is without anything concrete to balance out that variable, I have to add in the dating that has been recently released on the Bosnian Pyramids of 29,200 years old to 75,000 years old to the scales. That dating in particular I waited impatiently for over 2 years, because it was necessary to blow away the illusion created by the smoke over the pyramids found globally and their possible ages. We are also lucky because that date comes with a bonus package overlooked and ignored by the Egyptian mainstream. The Bosnian pyramids are not only older than the given dates of the Giza structures, there is still a functioning unit inside one of them that is sending a low frequency beam from the top of the Pyramid of the Sun, into the cosmos. Bosnia PyramidWhat this beam’s function is, we don’t know at this time however, just the existence of that beam proves pyramids have and had function that goes beyond our understanding. 376I have to add Teotihuacan into this scenario too because it is known that there is a low voltage charge being produced and stored under the surface of the complex in the layers of mica below. Its purpose and function also is a mystery for us to solve and when solved it will change our views on the levels of intelligence the ancient ones had.

I believe when we take the possible functions of all the pyramids found globally and classify them, that effort will clarify the reasoning behind the many different construction styles, shapes and materials used to construct them and to identify the function or effect they produced. Combining all these characteristics into the elemental usage in the construction process will lead us to the point of origination and the evolutionary path will expose purpose and function. We know Crystal Radio Tech can be amplified using a combination of natural building materials, Stone, Crystals and Metals and a low voltage charge. Who knows what the end results could be or the endless uses of the technology when combined using the forces they harvested. What we do know is what we have done with our technology based on a more complex method of achieving the end results. It would be absurd to think with what we know about the ancients today that they didn’t possess these abilities, just on a different scale. Maybe if we find out how we lost the knowledge to use this tech will help us remember how it was done?

Since the Bosnian pyramids have been accepted as authentic I think it is safe to ask, was the shaping of mountain peaks and natural formations the birth of the pyramid? And accepting the conventional timeline has led us into the confusion that surrounds shaped pyramids found around the planet? Taking into account the size and alignments of these altered peaks and mountain formations I can’t see the evidence that backs up the present day understanding of pyramidal evolution. It is backwards methinks.

Kind Regards,

The Rogue Researcher

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