Steve and Evan Strong

I have chatted with Steven and Evan since 2012 about the hidden history in Australia and since that initial spark across oceans and continents Australia’s ancient links in the layers of time are adding up and a clearer picture is emerging. We have opened doors to times long past and possibilities that just 3 years ago seemed impossible. Australia has shown without a doubt an interesting place to the top independent researchers around the planet. The radio shows were a success in bringing the work Steven and Evan was attempting to get out into the research world for all eyes to see and ears to hear. 

It took some time before the Hieroglyphs at Kariong gained attention but when they did there were the “Tour Guides, New Age Cults and Spins doctors” that blessed the sites first. Then there were the researchers that came to see them also, Graham Hancock, David Hatcher Childress, Michael Tellinger but before all of those mentioned above there was one more, last but not least Mr. Klaus Dona is the man that changed the picture for us big time. (He was on the job before all the above along with Steven, Evan and I.)

The Website is “Under Construction” at this time however here is their Facebook link: Forgotten Origin: The Out of Australia Theory
Website: Forgotten Origin