The UN-Secret Order of the King Snakes was founded in 2009 by me, Bob Newton as a stand of defiance against the lies we have been taught that has allowed the powers that be to manipulate and control us through deception and ambiguity. Which the latter in my definition is lying by omission, telling half the story at the most. What started out as a poke at the Secret Societies and Cults that are all part of this grand scheme of confusion, has evolved into a serious group of Independent Researchers that aren’t into it for the fame or fortune. That is the reason I chose the California King Snake as our symbol of the movement searching for understanding and truth because it is Black & White as is truth and lies.

The King Snake Represents Truth, as the Viper Represents the LIES.
When a Viper attacks it kills or maims whom or whatever it Strikes. Very similar to what lies and cover ups do to us. Yet, there is ONE snake that is immune to the Vipers poison, The King Snake. The Viper, unknowingly attacks what he perceives to be an easy meal to find he has met his end. The King Snake, survives and lives to fight another day.
(Usually with a full belly)
~Where most minds stopped –
The USOKS kept going.~


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