The Rogue Researcher

After reviewing my overall understandings of the voids between, what Was and what IS, I asked myself, does one, an individual of open-mind, have to possess the Higher Educational System’s approval to rationalize this quagmire for themselves based on personal observation and quest? My answer is, “NO!”
Myself, I am not a Papered One nor am I from the Old Guard. Not, that being either of the latter is a bad thing. I just, am not one. On the other hand I am not a sheep of any religion nor do I follow any one doctrine. I am a Human Being/Earthling seeking answers to the mystery of life that surrounds me, us. The mysteries exist worldwide. These mysteries exists for the most part, due to the influences by outside entities and other forms of interference and denials that are keeping it a mystery. It has been said many times, the answers are in Plain Sight. Well, the clues are in plain sight as well. The answers are encrusted with dust, discard and neglect. I am happy to see the actions of the thousands of people all over the world removing the illusions surrounding their piece of the Bigger Picture. Removing the dust and rust will reveal that picture at the end of the wormhole, the wormhole that opens up through the Walls of Illusion that so many do not believe exists. Sadly so few have made it through to the other side of this Void and back to give us a better picture of the past that the rest of us need to see, clearer.

My journey into this realm, started over forty-five years ago when I started to notice large gaps in the time line, lost and or missing history in my view of the world. My personal view comes from an outside angle and to some may not be what they want to hear. We know the old saying about opinions.. especially, coming from an amateur, an “AMATEUR” seeking the answers to a very hard and often ignored set of questions that have been unanswered. I hope my views and opinions will lead to answers we need to find. I don’t have all the answers, but I do present Questions… I mean if there is a question there must be an answer, somewhere. And from what I have experienced along my journey into the past, they seem to be questions we have either never asked or were afraid to before. This journey isn’t one for the weak of heart. Yet, I feel knowing it will strengthen the Hearts of the weak if they would take the time to see it in three dimensions.

I do utilize knowledge and insights passed down from many dead and living Researchers, Archaeologists, Historians, Ancient Religious Liars and Governments to base my views on and the grounds on which I stand. I can see now, reflecting back over these past 12,000/13,000 years, “they” are the Key Holders, to this past layer I call the “Illusionist Layer”. It seems to me the doors to our Ancient History were secretly locked and slowly walked away from… It also seems to me that is when the curtains of Illusion were created to hide these doors, from the ever prying eyes of the Man Kinds. A benefit for the Illusionists, in the future, these doors were only accessible by a “Chosen Few” and what we have left today, as the story of our past, has been translated miserably.

I refer to Keys. These keys are the keys to the doors of our past Life, Existence and Understandings, of whom and what we are. We seem to be a very curious being and many of us now days do not accept the history we have been told and sold. If the History we had been taught was correct, then “THEY”, our teachers and leaders, would not feel the resistance they are getting today. They created a false past for us and we have been following it for thousands of years. We are lucky there were those that stood by their findings and did not buckle to those “Powers That Be” and was able to get their messages through to us in the future. Some of the Keepers of these keys were not bought and paid for but actually paid for their service to humanity with their lives. There have been tens of millions of souls within the last 13,000 years that been culled by the savage barbarian man became after the last “Event” in his quest to rule it all. All this knowledge has led many like me into the world of the past and to become awakened, connecting and seeking the truth behind our existence as Earthlings, to seek the answers to our “Origins”.

The keys to the doors of the past are different elements of the spectrum within the ancient worlds we see and will see. Along the way I have asked myself, “who and what have the powers and knowledge, to hold the keys to our being?”. Why would they refuse to unlock the doors of Truth. I ask myself over and over, why they continue to do so. After years of debating this issue, internally, I pondered the question, “Why was the world flat?”. Have you ever wondered why they thought the world was flat? (Hold that thought)

I find there are many key holders that hold keys to doors that either open the mind or close it. Either they create a clear vision or try to confuse and distort what we see thus create the unbalanced frequencies within the vision receptors that turns the picture into a daze. The human elements that keep the unbalance in the spectrum we frequent are either lost in space or have a very bad case of amnesia. I don’t think the latter applies anymore, the words now have to be “Cover-up”.

There are however those (us) that have found the balance is off and are seeking to find WHY it is so. Then there are those that are maintaining that off balance which we have been led into believing was the “Balanced One”.. Who could “THEY” possibly be, I ask?

In my opinion, there are those that still have the amnesia and sadly are not aware of it. They have been led down a path that has all but erased its connections to that deep past with myth and legend. It is a vast undertaking to understand this past world we are finding all over the planet and the different mysteries around every corner, especially, if you were sent down the wrong track at a young age as I was. With the guidance and wisdom being shared by the Great Independent Researchers in the world of our “ancients and their History”, the men and women that have dedicated their lives and energies reaching out to us, giving us the proof and showing us the trails to “understanding time’s depths”, I thank them all for their efforts over the last 13,000 years in which they have brought forth three things…
The Blue Herring, the Red Herring and the Truth. Two of those three choices have a tendency of really causing a stink when left unattended. I commend the latter of the three, Truth. I am out to make my quest a Battle for the Truth and an understanding of what we have lost and or buried in our past. These words had an impact on me as a kid, “Seek and Ye shall find” I say Hey, “look what I found……”.

I realized my search for answers was being hindered by powers that be at a young age. Free thinking was not allowed, it interfered with the brainwashing. Between family, religious and military influences I had as a child, I was a mess and forced into a shell. For years I read everything I could get my hands on. As time went by, I started hearing riddles which were created by many thousands of questions I had in my mind. I had so many questions and no answers. I then began solving these riddles. It seemed that history and what we were being told it was, had many riddles needing to solved. I guess you would have to go to as many schools as I did to know what I mean. Every school I attended had a different story to tell. I did however learn something that wasn’t taught at the schools in my day, I learned there is a world out there and it is in 3D color. Something didn’t jive between the books and what I was seeing. That was the key. Every religious denomination I also explored shared a connection with the many schools I attended. They all told the same story but from a different and sometimes slanted perspective. The education I received came from a wide variety of sources. Many of these sources were included in the curriculum at the School of Hard Knocks And Dead Ends over at Knuckle Junction. I excelled in many classes and still am waiting for my PhD. They say it is in the mail.

Without deliberately stepping on anyone’s toes, I present my case. Please remove feet from the aisles, I walk around when I talk.
Bob Newton
aka The Rogue Researcher

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